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July 10, 2024
The World That Surrounds by WalkinginDreamlight
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surrounds me

arms and legs encased


even chest

a simple oval opening

in the mesh

around face

is all that is free

to be seen

though my face

is painted rustic

in symmetrical spaces

are glitter studs

that reflect candlelight

held by iron candelabras

a circle placed around me

for life was too much

of a distraction each day

when an inner journey

beckoned me to be

where dreams showed me

what was needed


there was peace

people came and went

some stayed

some left

they looked at me

some understanding in eyes

was seen

some puzzled


shopping bags in hands

they watched

then left

until I was alone

wanting so badly

to begin the next journey

face my fear with embrace

by not running away

so with soft voice

I let the words be born in song

I could not be

what I wanted to be

in a world that went by too fast

for I was of a slower pace

that liked light that loved colour

music and words that had meaning

which sped like shooting stars

across the expanse

of my mind

that opened me to wonders

that gave the heart ecstatic joy

ascending me to beyond reality

where I finally found

the words with my voice:

"learn to let it go

go on and give it a go

somewhere known

is a good place to start"

"then come back

and tell me what you found

when you rediscover the known

that you long thought was forgotten"

"this earth holds me in its embrace

the breeze that cools my face

the scent of flowers drifts upon air

from within cracks in walls"

"these simple little things

belong to you and me

memories they can be

of a life that waits to be born"

"these simple little things

for you

for me

these simple little things

is the world that surrounds"

Enjoy :heart:

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Linaewen28's avatar

Beautiful written! :heart:

Congrats on your DD! :clap: