Like A Leaf Come Away From The Tree

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September 28, 2020
Like A Leaf Come Away From The Tree by WalkinginDreamlight
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Literature Text

this loss

it feels

like a leaf come away from the tree

which once held it safely



by the promise of an age

just one step

away from eternity


to be borne away

by wind without sound

without the promise

of a soft landing


Enjoy! :heart:
© 2020 - 2021 WalkinginDreamlight
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This poem evokes in me the ideas of both life & death, it's amazing how we can relate so much with nature around us

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I love nature and one of the things I regretted seeing the most last year when we had the original 3 month lockdown in the UK (and we had to stay at home), was that I missed an entire season...Spring. We were able to go back out in mid-summer, though to see those new buds open after Winter and unfurl into Spring with all of their glorious shades of green...I really missed that.

I remember once a few years ago, I was waiting at the bus stop during autumn and the wind created a dance of swirling brown leaves that flowed and spiralled across a park and then rested on grass, only for another breeze to come along and start the dance again...magic! :heart:

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Congrats on the DD! This flows nicely

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Thank you, I'm pleased you enjoyed the poem. Thank you for the Watch :)

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Reminds me of an old hymn my chorus did back in high school:

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Thank you for saying it reminded you of a moment in your past.

It's always interesting to see how one artist's work reaches out and communicates with another artist's mind.

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Dear WID, congrats with your DD on this poem! :hug: It's well deserved :heart:

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Aww, thank you, Hannah! *hugs* :)

It was such a lovely surprise and very unexpected.

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The piece is exquisite!🥰 You’re a wonderfully skilled poet!

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Aww, thank you kindly! :)

I like to play with words and imagery and see what is created. I'm pleased that you like the poem.

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I very much do! Poetry is such a wonderful thing. Short stories can be quite fun to craft also.😊

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Congratulations on the DD - i especially like the softness ofthe last line here.

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Thank you! :)

When it's autumn, I love to see the leaves blowing around where I live and it's a blessing when they land in gardens or on soil, because even as they pass into dream, they also release nutrients into the ground that helps the trees and plants to grow again the following spring.

I always feel sorry for the leaves that get caught in gutters and on roofs. Their nutrients eventually make it back into the soil, though this can take longer and they may feel that they become forgotten. Not so...

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Packs a big punch! Congrats on your well Earned DD! :clap: !!!

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Aww, thank you! :hug:

It was a very nice surprise and most unexpected.

I'm glad you liked the poem :)

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Little poem? Meingott this poem she is beautiful being!

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Aww, thank you very much! I'm pleased you enjoyed the poem :hug:

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