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Harmonious Nightfall
it's those
simple pleasures
when the pastimes
of daytime
fall away within
an advent of night
underlit it seems
to become this dreaming sky
within shades of blue
framed by silent fireflies
dressed up I am
amongst a multitude of masques
with colours on my face
sparkles alight in my hair
in harmonious nightfall
it is here
that I will always
feel real
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 7 4
can you see
how hard it is
to feel you
from a colder side of this pane of glass
now always between us
where inside you are
arms wrapped around cushion
I bought in a life
such a short time ago
beside crackling fire
its edges bedecked by strings
warm lights become stars
in empty silence
a time after your crying
has ceased this night
there is just me
late into the hour
watching you
as cold stars flicker above
then begin to fade
one by one
as cloud passes overhead
heralding snow flakes
their descent brings me to life
helping me to hold out
as long as I can
hand pressed to glass
a cold palm print made of frost
hoping this moment would last
as long as it could
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 2 0
Through a Window Pane
partial eclipse
sometimes alight
mostly by sunlight
moonlight shining
through a window pane
though sometimes a cloud or two
drifts by outside
heralding the rain
in wet streams
over crystalline sheets
where to dance
can be found rainbows
born of translucent light
to play across features
unmoved by outside concerns
a manner unknown
for its silence whispers
an internal muse
that becomes eternal dream
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 2 2
Sisters of Autumn
we were born
moments apart
lived our lives together
next door
held hands through
both the good times and the bad
"Sisters of Autumn"
we called ourselves
a partnership
that never faltered
over the years
ever questioned itself
when life itself denied us love
like leaves on trees
on winds
not meant to be
other than when together
upon cold ground
with sounds of life
at its end
a leaf to each face
we again understood
what we always knew
that we were
harbingers of a truth
where love outside of us
didn't stand a chance
nor was chance needed
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 4 0
a smile inside
is rarer
than a pretty face
an exterior
that knows itself
to be misunderstood
by eyes unwilling
to go deeper than
surface layer seen
if you're searching
for some kind of perfection
within unblemished delight
perhaps you will miss
a heart that smiles
that walks on by
in unfamiliar sight
there's a reason
that we hide in bodies
our heart inside unseen
for a light so bright
can only be felt
to be seen
by eyes
it would blind
this misconception
we somehow hold onto
within our mind
that the surface
is love found
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 5 2
Author Unknown
can it be possible
to be afraid
so much
within waking moments
when outside a grubby school window
sunlight shines
as pain inflicts its incessant desire
upon flesh clothed
arms held behind back
held by breath
its sigh scared against my neck
in time
it ends for a day again
sagging to tiled floor
as laughter some funny
some forced
trails away below me
it ends with banging doors
in a home
within a room
darkened corners beckon
their silent need calls to me
as the moon
bright white
presses against glass
before the dream flood
sweeps me away
to a place where no tears live
it was in art class
that I first understood a kaleidoscope
with its need to be seen
do you know that patterns within colour
hold my heart with rapture
as my eyes and mind are entranced
but ahh - to hold that colour to sunlight
I know then that the world can be alright
disclosed can be pain and torment
when in a moment all that matters
is this new truth I have found
it was always here it seems
I think it was waiting
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 4 6
so many
were spent
telling me
what I wanted to hear
sounds mere made
from a mouth that spoke
even though ears didn't listen
perhaps it was best
they were used to learn
tell me then
why do you want
what you see
when even the lies you speak
are sounds
we cannot see
but both know are real
I find
that I deserve
for myself
a beauty with hidden 'fragile' sign
only wanting
to be held by knowing hands
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 4 1
Once Looked This Way
finding a way home
to rest this weary heart of mine
I have carried around for such a long time
inside a chest broken many times
wrenched apart by uncaring hands
its untrusting nature has become
locked inside a cage
which over time became smaller
harder to find
this beat has grown quieter
its breath now understands silence
welcomes it like a friend
like it knew once upon a time
in a place far away
when it was young
still remembering those first flutters
when bright eyes with a nice smile
once looked this way
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 1 0
A Love That Cannot Be Spoken
all those times
we talk
with colours
even writing
can be made
to speak
in languages
that cannot fathom
an under reliance
to soothe this caress
inside my mind
simply found to be
haunted by you
unable to move away
even though
your eyes talked the most
a love that cannot be spoken
with words alone
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 5 8
Holding the Beat In
those words
you say to me
when I build
back your heart
layer by layer
holding the beat in place
with warm hands
that have always
been for you
after the tears
after the pain
you always seem
to walk that way
why this attraction to hurt
it draws you forward
step upon step
without a pause
knowing such destination
can't be safe for your heart
yet you return
to be mended
with eyes
that stare afar
as I fix you once again
wondering what you've seen
that makes your smile
turn upside down
in a world
this room
this moment
in a time
when carpet is wet
with teardrops met
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 1 1
To Fade Behind
it all began again
when you turned
to face the daybreak
with some memory of night
still within sight
where so many fireflies
begin to fade behind
your back is growing cold
as you stand in middle of road
undecided it seems to me
your heart does not know
some way in which to turn
yet again
it may be
that you have always known
so could the indecision
be always mine
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 1 0
sometimes in moments
there is a clarity
which can not be seen
with only wide open eyes
it can only be felt
by submergence
in another world
where thoughts
even dreams
are more than clear
they are more than real
an experience
we were all born to feel
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 4 1
Memory of Stars
do you sometimes feel
that you stand between
nightlight then daylight
in all the empty hours
filled within a silence
which knows your reality better
than those you hold dear
during all those early hours
with no one around
yet somewhere nearby
where you dream a realism
found incomplete elsewhere
when you breathe truth
in that time before sunlight
before the world brightens
then awakens
when the known you
must walk a familiar path
once again
though in your mind
is a memory of stars
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 8 3
hope is my wish to you
before the days that will come
when all the grey sky falls
amongst everything once known to us
dissimilar shapes they will become
unknown sounds lost to a sight
less touch which will know fear
reach the inside of us
that we once knew so much
more than this lie
had ever shown in any form
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 4 1
Empty Air
why did all
of our conversations
always end with a battle
where nobody won
where only our love
fell victim to the onslaught
with so many bad emotions
I think perhaps
we were happier
when we only saw each other
now and again
before we moved in together
which was when I felt most alone
we were better
than this disquiet which often upset
a delicate balance between two souls
always meant to be free
here I am
in a motel doorway
empty room known
with rumpled bed
discarded clothes
your walking boots gone
into empty desert air
it was just a shame
I had to lie
become so unlike me
to help set
both of us free
like the spirits
we were always meant
to be
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 2 0
Between Shy Eyes
so much more than this
is a kiss between two lips
that never knew each other
in a time before we met
one such step
with another step
when an empty hand
touches softness embraced
by bracelets with tiny icons
a deception of decoration
where I knew even more truth
than that first look
between shy eyes
as yours met mine
and I became yours
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 2 0


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