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Even Sapphires Fall
stirs the fallen leaves
into the sublime
and silence is found
around my feet
these dust motes swirl
upon a stage
long gone dark
where generations of shadows
became married to my flesh
silk curtains have drawn upon my eyes
though sometimes I can feel
a crack here
solidity in its unmaking
it will be slow
though if not
pleasure can still be found
within an immobile pause
as the blue light moon rises
once again
as it has before
light falls through rafters tall
sparkling cold water droplets that fall
from some unseen broken pipe above
resembling sapphire diamonds
or so it has always seemed
where I was once seen
by so many eyes
with only the moon now
an audience for my voice
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 2 0
So slight its poise
contemplation does breathe by
such stillness from fluttering
to dream away a wish
for some bright place
dissimilar it seems to be
to this gift brought
from an elegance found
within shadow
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 4 2
In This Waking World
is this silence
by still tree branches
under air
that has ceased to breathe
its reality will become known
as motion stopped by heart
in pause
to be seen
by eyes that dream
even as light
in this waking world
keeps you awake
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 4 0
To Touch Something
it's always your way
can it ever really be said
to mean anything
this love that we define
two disparate souls by
even when one of us
I'm not too sure why
chooses to make a wall
between us
out of reams of old love letters
where such feelings have faded
more than ink on paper ever has
so up the wall goes
with glued pages
push pins in deep
taped corners yellowed with age
old ghosts of words now lost
below fresh pencil lines
marker pen strokes
with that memorable
pungent whiff
somehow not so unpleasant
like a reminder it seems
when intoxication
once meant something
more than just two people
taking their turn
to touch something
so fragile
yet it can stand alone
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 6 2
The Ghost of Sunlight
no matter the meaning
of words kept inside
it always began with
"Dear Diary"
embossed upon
soft leather cover
an innocence seen
that covered over
depths best unseen
inside my heart
a journey once began
with little trick here
a prank there
an audience of laughter
making me feel real
that for the most part
I began to believe
that those I played against
wanted this state to live in
why did they allow
unpleasant things to happen
why did they stand
meekly by
a punchline in a joke
of my own making
why did I do
these things I did
what did I want
from these scenes
played before strange eyes
that laughed in unison
was I a part of the play
as much as the victim
on a stage without cues
when improv was what I knew
this audience had after all
paid their dues
it was curious
to wonder
why no one stopped me
by word or deed
a touch
just a simple touch
maybe that's all I really needed
it was not meant to be
with the path before me
growing darker
with sounds in the da
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 4 0
a fluttering heart
touched upon
is love found
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 6 0
It Will Always Be
for you
my dear
when we are
tomorrow's worries
will fade away
under that feeling
that has no words
just meaning
held by two hearts
it will always be
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 9 4
when the first snow falls
my eyes will see the world
as it truly is
for it has always sparkled
in harmony with the unseen stars
above our lives
this night
every night
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 2 2
when I can't seem
to remember
in all the things now found
what once felt
so very clear to my eyes
upon a time
though now unfamiliar shapes
try to tell their tale
once again
to eyes that have unknown clarity
ears that hear far away tidal sounds
more clearly my heart feels like a step too far
beyond a reach that I don't feel a need to touch
my heart likes to remain silent now
its last beat has not even become an echo
that something once sown may again grow
though for now
it seems wise
to look without feeling
whereupon one day
there may be a change
in me
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 1 0
eyes that meet for that first time
to reach out and touch that hand
a breath that stops between two lips
even following all of the moments
that carry us into tomorrow's dream
I will never not remember all those things
that only you have meant to me
for you are my everything
while awake and in dream
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 2 0
As Seen
as seen by you
sometimes I fail to discover
this image seen in mirror
when I stand all alone
as seen by you
when words of praise become
as fleeting as shooting stars
around the cage inside my heart
as seen by you
with each day that I feel free
I can feel stars that surround
always shining upon me
as seen by you
I try to believe
in the hope and light that you see
glowing within me
as seen by you
my song within
only needs a voice it seems
with which to sing
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 3 0
Whispers Upon Air
do you remember
before the sad time came
when you lay inside my arms
wrapped around your outside
head against my chest
humming that sweet lullaby
whispers upon air
you made all of me smile
love is a word
used to describe
feelings that cannot have words
that define their being
with inadequate meaning
so we smile
using the word love
as hope
as shield
as breath
as dream
understanding in its belief
that we never knew anything really
I knew in the beginning
as this is now the end
arms wrapped around you
your head against my chest
as the soft sigh of lullaby
leaves your lips
one last time
that love is
more than a word
more than a feeling
it is that moment
when everything
comes to an end
when a belief in love
has true meaning
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 1 0
statutory love
is not
or can ever be
a required precision
expected to be
inside of me
a guided heart
whereupon its path is
all defined angles
that remain sublime
in their peaceful time
a duality shown
such is
a sad synchronicity felt
maybe not so
for I do not hold
in a heart so burdened
by a love
you say I must have
inside of me
all of the time
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 1 0
A Forever Unknown
can it be today
when a moment
without you
is too uncertain in its feeling
where many thoughts
are now flowing
in new directions
that were previously unknown
to either of our minds
once thought to be
compatible it seemed
where our forever
was supposed to be
a long way away
from tomorrow's dream
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 1 0
Harmonious Nightfall
it's those
simple pleasures
when the pastimes
of daytime
fall away within
an advent of night
underlit it seems
to become this dreaming sky
within shades of blue
framed by silent fireflies
dressed up I am
amongst a multitude of masques
with colours on my face
sparkles alight in my hair
in harmonious nightfall
it is here
that I will always
feel real
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 7 4
can you see
how hard it is
to feel you
from a colder side of this pane of glass
now always between us
where inside you are
arms wrapped around cushion
I bought in a life
such a short time ago
beside crackling fire
its edges bedecked by strings
warm lights become stars
in empty silence
a time after your crying
has ceased this night
there is just me
late into the hour
watching you
as cold stars flicker above
then begin to fade
one by one
as cloud passes overhead
heralding snow flakes
their descent brings me to life
helping me to hold out
as long as I can
hand pressed to glass
a cold palm print made of frost
hoping this moment would last
as long as it could
:iconwalkingindreamlight:WalkinginDreamlight 2 0


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