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PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
This is hysterical and so well done too!!!!!!
Shazycrit's avatar
Good one, made my day ;)
kimsol's avatar
hahaha ... fabulous idea!
WalkingGedis's avatar
Thank you !!!
Squee! Crazy heavy tf2 Dancing Pumkin head 2 
killb94's avatar
Is realLucifer's icon a picture of Jack Nicholson? Witches of Eastwick reference, perhaps?
Afroformer's avatar
Ha! That's interesting! 😆
Those are grim issues.
Varon1999's avatar
"Bruh why you keep making mac and cheese in my house in Sims 4"
I died from this
WalkingGedis's avatar
yea thats my fav =P (Razz) 
kevinbrunt's avatar
I love that the Grim Reaper needs reading glasses.
InkyCreatour's avatar
I started to watch you because this made me laugh, it's rare for art to make me laugh. Haha! Good work!
WalkingGedis's avatar
ahh thanks m8 I really appreciate it 
IsTheArtist1298's avatar
He he, this is funny :D people always saying other things instead of helping.
By the way, I'd destroyed a Nokia and roaches dies with radiation, a really strong one, but is faster use pesticides.
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ZanieWolfie's avatar
Really nice idea, it looks great too :)
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