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Fans of the comic, fans of the TV show, fans of the games, all are welcome to this Walking Dead fan club. We are all about supporting the Walking Dead and try to keep the Group fun and active and up to date with everything that is based off the Walking Dead. We have folders all the way from submitting your original characters to accepting Walking Dead themed as My Little Pony.
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Welcome to the Walking Dead Fan Club! This is the place to show your love for the amazing comic that inspired the greatest TV series and video games.

:bulletblue: Be nice and show respect towards the members.
:bulletblue: No comments 'flaming' another user or their OC.
:bulletblue: If a folder is full, kindly tell us on our page.

Please submit your artwork in the folder that best describes it.

The Dead
This folder is dedicated to the original walkers, both random and memorable.

The Characters
The characters from the comics, the TV series, and the video games are placed in here. Pictures of the characters as zombies are accepted in this folder as well. If there's only one or a group. If it focuses on two characters then see the Character X Character folder.

Cover Art and Posters
Artwork that looks like or is based on cover art or posters for the Walking Dead franchise.

Any type of animation is accepted into here. Unless if it is a stamp with animation, that will go to Stamps.

Fan Fictions
Stories based on the Walking Dead are submitted here.

OC Info
Only info of your own Walking Dead character goes here. Newly added characters to updating your character to fit the new season.

Original Characters
This is just for your drawings of your characters.

Only for current contests.

Past Contests
Only for artworks that were for past contests.

Comic Strips
Either comic strips you have done or even pages colored over or redone of the original comic belong here. Short, long, funny, or even crossovers. One based or ten, as long as it looks like it's a comic strip or has wording on it, it is considered a comic strip.

As long as it is a stamp, it belongs only in this folder.

Character X OC
May it be just friends or lovers, this is where you place pictures of your characters with any of the Walking Dead characters.

Character X Character
If its friends or lovers, if the picture focuses on just those two and they are expressing their love, hate, or friendship to one another, then that picture goes here.

The Walking Dead VS _______
If the picture shows any of the characters or zombies from the Walking Dead versing someone or something from another movie, TV show, book, etc.

Anything funny or humor filled. Zombies or the characters. Even if there are crossovers from other movies, TV shows, etc.

If your picture is based on a holiday, it goes here.

If you made a birthday present for a anyone, let it be a friend or an actor from the TV series, it all goes here.

Zombie Survival Gear
Books, vehicles, guns, anything that is focused on surviving a zombie apocalypse, all knowledge of it will go to this folder.

Rumors -fact or fiction-
Heard any rumors that you wanted to share that's about the game or the TV show? Then come share it with us here.

Dressed as Rick, Carl, General, Lee, or even a Walker? Present your amazing cosplay to us. Either it was for fun or for a festival, it is welcome here.

The Trotting Dead
This is for anything based on the Walking Dead that is in the form of My Little Pony.

Dead Yourself
Only pictures that you have done on the website go here.

Game Play
If you have any screenshots from the Walking Dead games, or anything that is related, belongs here.

Franchise and Accessories
Anything from shirts to toys that resembles anything of the Walking Dead goes to this folder.

The name says it all. This folder carries icons that are based for anything related to the Walking Dead.

Which character are you? If you take the character test and if you have the screenshot of your results, you are more than welcome to post them in this folder.



I'll make this a quick blog entry but I'm gonna go ahead and say that I just love Michonne. She has really opened up this season and has brought in some much-needed humor.
As for the people that almost caught Rick, I flinched each time one of them plopped down on the bed and landed on his back. I could only imagine how painful that would be for someone your size, if not bigger, to just plop down and hit you. I do love how he left a zombie surprise in the bathroom, but what about the guy in the bedroom? The man killed him (even though I did see some slight movement but that just could have been an error on the actor's part) but he didn't make it official so that he wouldn't come back as a walker.

"Claimed" finds the survivors confronting no small number of horrors: Michonne discovers a room full of corpses, Rick gets trapped in a house with violent strangers and Sgt. Abraham Ford’s squad is forced to think quickly when the dead emerge en masse from a nearby cornfield. Tense moments, all of them, but which terrified you the most?
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The Dead
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The Characters
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Cover Art and Posters
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OC Info
TWDG OC by uberhaxorerin
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Original Characters
Horse of the Apocalypse by punkarooney
Rosita Espinosa by uberhaxorerin
Character Design 5: Pooh by bmbbaby4
Character Design 4: Eyore by bmbbaby4
Comic Strips
It doesn't have to end like this... by DaxProduction
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Colour Comic Series: The Walking Dead 2 by NaczosowyPoniakPL
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Character X Character
The Walking Dead - Still - Epic Dots by BalthaZarDragon
The Walking Dead VS ________
Joanna vs The Walking Dead by thejoannamendez
Living VS Dead
Maggie Greene by WhitePhoenix43
Zombie Attack by FLASOK
X-mas Daryl by MadHatters-Wife
BDAY Norman Reedus by iza-chan
Zombie Survival Gear
Zombie Hunter Necklace V2 - Walking Dead by 4thWallDesign
Rumors -fact or fiction-
The Last Of Us by Jak25R
Carl Grimes - The Walking Dead Season 5 by ElTanitoGrimes
The Trotting Dead
Rick vs the Governor by bdehkte
Past Contests
Dead Yourself
Franchise and Accessories
Daryl Dixon...( Doll) by juli1612
Dead Shane by ThatDeadGirl


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