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Seremuppety Part 8: Showdown

Serenity as told by the Muppets
Part 8 of 8
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So that explane  lot.

W & S were the ones that close the show....

River was right "Two by two. hands of blue...."
chasedbyhandsofblue's avatar
i always thought they were more the "hands of blue" type, but those guys weren't in serenity. :P

but in all seriousness, pretty shiny job, i say. :)
mizutamari's avatar
NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Cancelled?!?! *cries* KILL THE EXECUTIVES!!!! XD
feroce's avatar
I'm a little dead from hilarity now.
MPBoruff's avatar
Seriously, this was great. Mixing almost all of the nerd things I love into one? AWESOME!
MaValse's avatar
That was both beautiful and disturbing.
Thank you.
spiral-dust's avatar
I was randomly linked through an LJ to this series and the first part, I sort of.. said in great apprehensiveness, "Oh noes."

And at the same time I was laughing my ass off. Great job xD!
Too bad it got canceled! ;_; Ugh, aw. Just like the series, it starts to get really good and then

Execs. :l
=D Thanks for making me smile today!

ps Ballad of Serenity = Kermit's Voice. Going to be stuck in my head for quite some time.
shiverz's avatar
Excelent job! Serenity was amazing, the whole series was friggin' fantastic, so extra kudos! You've done a kick ass job - Hooray for web comics!
niaskywalk's avatar
Highlander, Star Wars, AND Serenity all Rolled into ONE tiny little section! I LOVE IT! :jedi: :highfive:
IrukaYuywell's avatar
Shiny Shiny Shiny!!! ^___^

I'm not going be able to get the sound of Kermit the Frog singing that theme tune out of my head for days.

I liked the way you used close ups and distance shots to give a different "feel" to a scene, kind of like comedic timing but with stills :)

Nice one, thank's for sharing.
DeviDarkWolf's avatar
Aww, the studio execs... that makes me sad. T_T But that was hilarious, much applause for you!
awitchkitty's avatar
Oh my goodness! They so should not have cancelled that show! Those bastards! Nice muppets though! Kudos to you!
Conekiller's avatar
There is something so wrong about Kermit holding a gun ^___^

funny series, no Inara?
JadeCat9's avatar
This is great! adding as a fave. :-)
sibhreach's avatar
LMAO This was most awesome. Fantastic job! Squeeeeeee!
Slaygirl's avatar
Awww, tryin' to shut Joss down. How dare they!
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hope-this-is-goodbye's avatar
This was absolutely brilliant! I don't think I've laughed this hard in a while.
phentilus's avatar
Haha, genius! Makes me think there should be a song of Kermit singing "It's not easy being a browncoat." And I love the insinuation that there may be more. Frelling cool and gorram awesome. X3
KissMet's avatar
you. are. brilliant. and quite possibly hilarious.
redheadjenn's avatar
Serious love for this. Serenity and the Muppets. Life is good.
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