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Oh hey there!  Are you new to the community and you want to start making comics, fanfics or other things you have in mind? Well I recommend that you spend a few minutes of your time reading this, it might help you out while doing things.

Length =/= Quality

This is one of the most common mistakes done by people when they are creating something, the fact that the comic/video is long doesn’t mean that is good.  You can have a direct 4 – 8 panel comic that gives the message straightly or a 30 panel comic with just unnecessary things in 23 of those panels. Same goes with stories, a good story can give a message, explain a plot in 1 – 15 chapters (maybe even more but that depends) there is absolutely no point in having a whole page or chapter full of pointless facts and actions.

Don’t let your feelings/opinions on a character affect your development of the story

Just because you like/dislike a character doesn’t mean you have to make him/her look like a) An Idiot or asshole b) A completely epic being.
Try respecting canon as much as you can.

Story > Quality

Trying to make something look good isn’t bad, that is of course, if you have a proper story behind all that editing magic. A good example for this is: You have a chocolate bar with a really fancy cover paper, but what do you care about more? The paper or the chocolate?

On asking for help in any way…

It’s ok to ask for help if you don’t know how to do this or that, but sometimes I have seen people recurring to the same user because he’s so good and/or so successful at everything he does and it’s an instant win, etcetera. Point is, that person is not always available, and they also have their own projects, agendas, lives and so on.
There are always so many other users within our community that are also good and willing to lend a hand to you, whether it’s that first thing ever that you want to publish, you don’t know something about anything and the list goes on. Maybe you just found that other user who is also good and such, has following and good feedback as well, well my good fellow, that’s for a reason! He’s also good in his own right and I bet he’s completely willing to help someone who wants, don’t be shy to try others! They have no reason to say no until after you explain your situation or ask for their actual help in any way! You may also end up making new friends and such! Don’t be shy! However this doesn’t mean you have to ask him/her all the time about your stories and ideas, it’s useless to ask for advice and then don´t use the tips people give you.

Don’t make hype on something that isn’t written yet.

We all have projects/stories in mind that like everything else needs patience and time to be created, but what you shouldn’t do is tell everyone that the story will BE “SO AMAZING IT WILL BURN THEIR EYES DOWN” when you don’t even have an outline for it.
It’s good and basic to be motivated to start out with this big project we have in mind already, but take it slowly, don’t make any previews or start announcing everywhere of your super awesome thing to come. Free tip, only give previews on whatever when you got at least one nice chunk or whatever amount of actual progress done with this big project, that is a different story but still a tip about hyping up something that isn’t really done in another way as well.

Start small

There is no point in trying to create a huge project with no experience before hand, even if you read some guide/tips or even other stories, doesn’t mean it will work perfectly at first, we all have our personal styles and preferences, and you will find your talent the more your practice.
We all have to start somewhere, start by only using the canon cast with the things you have learned so far and take it little by little, this will also give you time to get yourself known, because if you start with something big without really being known and you are worried that you’re not getting the feedback you wanted or getting any at all, this is the answer. You didn’t give yourself the time to let everyone know at least who you are or what your style can be in terms of creation.

Do not overuse jokes/memes

We all can agree that some jokes and memes are funny, however if multiple people use it at the same time it will lose its punch, try giving things a twist. Same goes with characters usages, if you use a character in a creative way that everyone seems to like, but you use it over and over it will also lose its punch line. Be careful and do try to moderate not to burn out a joke or one of your jokes that were liked.

Not getting much feedback? Take it day by day.  

We don’t become famous as soon as we start, it’s a matter of time, the thing is “how” to become noticed, trying different things is a great way to see what people like the most, comedy, drama, etc. you can test it, see the results and then make other things with that base.
Always keeping a varied style is also advisable, at least when starting out, this way more people will watch more of your creations for sure as you keep growing because there is always something that interests that one person the most. Interacting with the community, spread and introduce yourself, not standing still is also a great way of gaining attention and more views and the sort.

You’re doing this as a hobby not as a job, wanka

Remember that the whole purpose of Walfas is to help you relax, let your nerves out meet new people, work in collabs and most important just4fun, not as a sport or a job, so don’t take seriously or don’t get frustrated when something you made doesn’t get that many views or someone gets more views than you. We will all gain popularity it’s just matter of time, so be yourself, be nice and remember you are not the boss of anyone and no one here is more/less important than you.
We all deal with that feeling of not wanting to work at all on our stuff because it feels more like a chore, like something you are obliged to do, not because you enjoy it, let me tell you this could be caused because you are doing it like if you owed it to everyone, if you feel you’re doing it like it’s some sort of work, you should stop, take a break, step away completely from the thing you’re working on and go do other stuff.
It can also happen if you really burn yourself out on your works, if you don’t moderate you’re really going to feel lazy at a point that the same feeling kicks in, that you’re doing it because it’s some sort of chore and not enjoy it anymore.

Written by :icongreenjake: and co-written by :iconishingoyabuki:

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