A guide to submission difficulty *UPDATED*
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This original guide was written by :iconspaztique: and has been updated by :icongreenjake: and :iconishingoyabuki:

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Having trouble submitting stuff to the Station Wagon? Think I'm being mean rejecting your stuff? GOOD NEWS: Here's another nifty guide to getting into the WSW!

First you need to go what foes where - > spaztique.deviantart.com/art/A… <- this will help

And ze diffuculties per folder are the following

Easy: There are folders such as SWLC (Station wagon love children), Table flipping, comics, and meme folders (Such as animu faces, How do we really look like, huggles etc) that are great for starting out and even getting your strings on how walfas and the community works and getting youself known, these folders often have low on standards so you shouldn’t have much trouble submitting thinfs in them. Most meme folders are quite self-explanatory on how they work so don’t fret!
Also, presentation comics are welcome!
We also support videos! So if you made a video and want some views and feedback on it you can take a screenshot, submit it to the “DVD Bonus Content” folder and voila!

Normal:  These are the folders where the main works go to.
-Comics - Touhou-related/Completely Original Series: This is where most of the regular content goes into, random comedy, stories/series (be it from vanilla Touhou stories or completely original ones. More info on that here: <link>) and pretty much most overall of the creations.
-Other: This is the best place for one-shots and all sorts of off-key stuff, just remember there is always a limit in terms of quality and unrelated thinfs, so do be wary about this. If a submission here gets rejected, an explanation is going to be given as in why, logically.
-Station Wagon Love Children - TouhouXAnother Member or Known MemberXNew Member: These are harder to pull off because it requires some knowledge of the members, but they're not as hard as TouhouXOC. (a more detailed explanation can be found in this comic guide and can give you a good fair share of examples: <link>)
-Original Touhou/Persona 4 Art/Fanart Submissions: If you can draw, you'll more-than-likely get accepted into the Touhou, Persona 4 or Fanart Submissions. It is really that simple. It is mostly a folder for drawing works.

Story related stuff like 100% original stories, comics and fanfictions (Even if there is no admin approval in the fanficiton folder, you will get feedback on it, so be prepared.)
Custom props: Making a prop isn’t as easy as you think, so please before you submit one at least be sure it can be used in create.swf properly (good sized and no white pixels)
Tennis matches with other people: In a tennis is important the collaboration between the two people doing it, so you should plan it out well rather than just throwing a “here, have a part one you continue it” type of thing.
Also, if you are going to make a tutorial of some sort be sure it's organized, and it explains everything perfectly, a crappy tutorial is like having no tutorial at all! These ones will be carefully looked over, they must be relevant and organized for the most part, so they might not get accepted right away.

-Station Wagon Love Children - OCXOC: Two original characters require people to know the series beforehand.

Note that our standards have grown and therefore we won’t accept everything that you submit, this doesn’t mean you have to stop submitting stuff, and if we reject your stuff YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to ask WHY it was rejected, so if something you made didn’t make it inside don’t be upset and see this as a chance of asking for advice and improve your work.

But enough with the preaching, there are a few things that will be rejected on sight, some of them are:

- Submitting to the wrong folder: This is self-explicatory

- Station Wagon Love children between 2 OCs that are unknown: We are actually doing  a favor here and saving you a “Who are these people?” comment.

- Aggression towards other members: We are all friends here, if you have a problem with someone discuss it in private with him/her or talk to an admin about it, no need to make a comic and submit it to the group so everyone knows about your problem with such member.

- Unrelated to Walfas, Touhou or Persona stuff: The name of this place is Nitori's Mysterious Station Wagon of 東方, Fsteaks & Tables, which means that we accept all works related to all three aforementioned (if it wasn’t obvious enough) so submitting something, let’s say Team fortress 2 related that has NOTHING to do with the things previously mentioned, will get rejected.

UNLESS your work from another series is in Walfas form it can be submitted and accepted, for an example, there have been Custom Walfas characters from other characters of many other series such as Team Fortress 2, Naruto and others, then you can submit it since it is still a Walfas work, just not any outright raw fanwork of another series. It would be like submitting an infographic on economics to a Homestuck club. On a side note if you want to show us your fancy drawin skills you are not limited to touhou or drawings of other walfasers, you can submit sketches of characters from another series! However the standars on these are high with that said if you submit a drawing you made in 5 minutes and it gets rejected you should know why.

- Badly made props: Props are oftenly useful and used by most members for videos, comics etc, however it’s important to keep it clean since we only have one of these folders, so if you made a bad prop (poorly sized, poorly colored, etc) it might get rejected.

- Announcement things: Did you know that you have a journal? Journals are used to announce stuff and other things so making, stuff like “Hey I’m back” made into a one panel and submitting it, will get rejected. Don’t take this as an offense but there is really no point for these things to be in the group.

- :icongreenjake:  :iconishingoyabuki:
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LordIxisHobbyist General Artist
My potential reaction to SWLC - Unknown OCxUnknown OC: "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE"
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PokirbyHobbyist Filmographer
Two things. One a question, the other a concern.
1: Is advertising allowed? (To things like an underrated YouTube channel you know or a product/system that you find very useful)

2: I understand that there's no need to make a comic for an announcement when you could make a journal, however there's no folder (unless 'other' counts) in the group for those journals to go and if we didn't submit it to the group, only our watchers would see it which can be a huge problem if the announcement is extremely important.
Also, there's the annoying issue that people are more likely to click on something if it's a comic instead of a journal.
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Nagae--IkuHobbyist Artist
I found a misspell
Youself -> Yourself
Never mind, it's just missing one word so it's okay ^u^
Very useful anyway!
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Um... are my customs good enough?
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RumiflanStudent Writer
Yeah, about time somebody reminds about the submission guide. I personally find the low quality of some works utterly disguting!

*In Francis' voice* I hate...
1. ...poorly-sized bubbles.
2. ...OCs without stories.
3. ...Mary Sues.
4. ...overused fanon jokes.
5. ...poorly-made customs.

I seriously hope that WSW's admins will be more "strict" about the submissions. Seriously, why those submission standarts are overlooked by so many?
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I'd add one thing: it should be noted that the fanfiction folder can accept non-Touhou and non-Persona Works.
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