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Want an affiliation? Send a Note to the group. If it's growing, positive, and shares the same values of growth, cooperation, and group camaraderie, you can be an affiliate! Members of affiliates may submit stuff and freely submit things to contests.

Publisher's Note:

Due to the changes in DeviantART, @DeityDiz93, the maker of this journal post, had his account shadowbanned for unstated reasons. He is no longer able to post any content to DeviantART, be it uploading, making journals, or posting any comments. Anything he makes is immediately deleted. Therefore, I will be contributing his post for him, and responding to comments in his stead:

Adobe's Flash has come to its end on December 31st of 2020 and will be blocked on browsers come January 12, 2021. What this will mean is that the mainstream use of Flash is coming to an end for good, and as the create.swf of Walfas uses shockwave flash, this to is coming to an end of usability. Is it the end for the creators on this group, or the Walfas Station Wagon itself?
Thankfully, no, it is not. All this will mean is the end of using Walfas within the confines of the browsers specifically. Indeed for a couple years now we've been propping up a piece of software that's featured on our front page download of create.swf and create.swf extended, the Flash Player Projector. What this had originally been was a way to have our creators get off the browsers when using create.swf, but for Walfas, it has now become an absolute requirement to run any form of Flash content post Dec. 31st.
What will you need to have the utility to run Walfas now? Well, for the cause, this is a download link to the user pack that has been compiled to allow every one of our members a chance to run Walfas in the year 2021: https://mega.nz/file/clkSnCRR#DKnW1iTWUE9hiovUb_3qSPeXVrQeI-5S0fTY3sHlfGg
This pack includes the following, create.swf extended by @rsgmaker which is our modern standard and comes with the user manual and extra dictionary function, create.swf original by @KirbyM and @ThiefKnight which also comes with the original manual. This is the bare minimum of what our creators can use together running the create.swf files in the "flashplayer_32_sa.exe". Under the transition, this pack could see and exclusively Discord updated download with a lot more free-to-use resources for video creation, comic making, and editing guides and softwares. For now, this is the bare minimum everyone can use to get started with Walfas.
Now, because of the end of Flash, and KirbyM's departure from Walfas itself which happened a while ago, it has become quite obvious to most that Walfas as a creator's medium will not only end up as niche, but outright abandoned by the forces that let it happen, but as for our camp, we most definitely think Walfas will have its place in the modern day and we would rather it be in a new avenue that lets it flourish under its new niche. The fact of the matter is the website of DeviantArt itself is also not as privy to our medium as it once was with the enforcement of DeviantArt Eclipse, a blow that has seen much of our previous user-interface friendly aspects in falter, making it more of a chore to keep up with submissions and other various levels of much-needed control.
Therefore, the Walfas Station Wagon itself is in need of adaption to make room for changes that have come with the website's changes. So, yes, it is time to not just another announce to throw out play around with the idea of a complete move to Discord and Pixiv, but an actual move is needed, so we will make good on our last Town Haul's minutes and set that as a priority for 2021 as an officially executed effort.
For this group, it will be the end, come our next announcement, we will be no longer be accepting submissions to the DeviantArt Walfas Station Wagon. What this will mean for the group is that we are NOT closing it down, simply moving to Discord and Pixiv for access to a new voting system and uploading medium that will see the admin team have much more flexible and technical control, and the new site uploaded to will have much more sound systems for our community creators than the current state of DeviantArt does for our way of doing things.
While the group will stay up, it will no longer be managed, and will exists purely for archival purposes. Keep in mind that the group will still be managed after this announcement is live as we need time to enact the plans we have prepared for the move which will include updating our roles, and adding a bot which can act as submission accepting system similar to what is needed on this site. Due to the need to customize our group for the change, submissions will still be accepted until the next DeviantArt Group announcement is made, so your creations will still have a place to go until then.
So, when can you expect our next announcement here? We will largely be showing our progress of this move on our Discord to allow these changes to come into play. You can keep up with our announcements on Discord with the link here: discord.gg/cgrR4aC
The announcements we make there will not mean the end here, it will serve as the place to go to see in the leading days what progress we have made and when to expect the end of submission accepting within this part of our group.
To everyone who has followed us for all these years on this website, we sincerely thank you as without Walfas, many people wouldn't be where they are today. And while we are here to say farewell to the legacy we have had over the years on this page of the web since our origins in 2012, it's been a blast to experience Walfas as it is and was. With this announcement, we hope everyone will be happy to join us in our future direction and exploits.
See you next announcement, Walfasers.
We will host a Town Haul for a state-of-the-community address on January 18th for 2021. We have a doodle poll with the set time to get the Town Haul done, feel free to leave a comment, note, or Discord direct messages with any other suggested dates: https://doodle.com/poll/hqbc9hv9nd4wwrrd?utm_source=poll&utm_medium=link
The current date is subject to change whether or not we get enough Noís or Maybeís to suggest not enough people can make it on the 18th; otherwise, we will hold the date of January 18thto be the date of the meeting henceforth.
Town Haul topics for the month to go over in order:
  • The End of an Era for the WSW here, so what do you believe should be done?
Simply said, we have a variety of ways to make our move that we don't want to be limited to just the Discord/Pixiv route if something is better. We are open to hearing anything from ideas and suggestions; it can range from websites/resource suggestions we had yet to consider that would make a huge difference and added convenience to our members, or ideas like a repurposing of the DeviantArt group itself to kept it from being unused and useless. We want to hear your voice if you want to make a passionate argument or simply let us know your concerns with the plan, let's here it now so that none my have held their piece if they like things the way they will be now.
  • Moving the Walfas Station Wagon YouTubeís channel to another video uploading medium.
Part of the reason we havenít had as much creative minds able to congregate for last yearís Christmas sketches is that quite a few limitations are put in place to try and avoid the infamous copyright strikes coming to the channel. The lack of Fair Use protections, false flagging and report abuse, and vague YouTube polices, it is prudent consider the future moving to alternative websites to host our channelís contents.
We will likely be moving to BitChute as it has been discussed already, and it isnít against Googleís Terms of Services to share accounts with another on there. For now we would simply be reuploading all our works there in the event our channel is taken down on YouTube itself, but as for the merits of whether we use it as purely our backup off YouTube, or as our new place of uploading, that is what is up in the air. Come into our Town Haul to discuss the logistics and the meaning of a switch like this. Either way itís a topic born from the undesirable state of YouTube, and all the fundamentals of allowing the community to again use otherwise copyrighted clips, soundbites, and material to make content that falls under Fair Use and new guidelines the group makes post-full transition.
  • Revamping the Rules and Channels for our Discord group.
There is a lot of necessary changes that will come with this move, one is a retooling of our channels to allow for full integration between Discord and what was originally DeviantArtís old set of individual standards. Likewise, Pixiv usage and Discord submissions need their own set of standards apart from our original DeviantArt basic set of guidelines. Come to this topic to discuss the merits of the what this system is now versus what has to change to allow for this integration. Many ideas can be allowed and suggested, one of which is opening up more avenues for the many artists that draw within our server to have their place more prominently, as well as a revamp of community contests and if we could incentive them with community prizes or not.
  • Projects Announcements and Publicityís Future?
WE WILL NOT BE DOING PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENTS AND PUBLICITY THIS TOWN HAUL. Instead we will be talking about the future of this section of the Town Haul and where to best put it. In the past, weíve had talks about making these itís own monthly community event while leaving Town Hauls as needed, unfortunately we created a community chat, but itís largely gone unused and is in need of reform, come to this topic to share your ideas and views.
  • Anything we neglected to mentioned or ought to talk about.
If there's something you'd like to address in the Town Haul, this topic during the Town Haul is the time! Feel free to suggest a topic mention in the comments here ahead of time if you feel there's something to be addressed, whether it's a negative happening or something that can improve with the group. Please keep issues mentioned on the level in which the group as a whole is mostly aware of since in front of everyone, issues on an individual level are not as easily remedied, so bring up any individual issues in private with one of the admins before or after the meeting.
That should be that for the announcements. The we hope for a healthy, productive discussion on the future of the group as it pertains to Walfas and the Wagon. Be well, and we hope you all have a good year.
Walfas Station Wagon-Diz
It's not really an end, is it? Let us do well with the new.
For those who want to move to Pixiv.net but feel a little overwhelmed, I wrote this little guide for you. Using Pixiv is pretty simple, just follow along and you'll get the hang of it.
Dealing with R-18 Content:
After creating your account, go to settings found in the drop down menu of your pfp (It's where your user icon is).
Under "User settings", change the viewing restriction to hide both R-18 and R-18G (which stands for gore).
Then look for the "Feed settings" tab along the top and make sure your browsing settings are only set to "Everyone (E)".
Uploading Works:
At the upper right side of the webpage is a button labeled "Post your work". You can select Illustrations, Ugoira (meaning an animation), Manga, and Novels.
Since Illustrations and Manga share the same base requirements, the only difference is that Manga asks what series to add to or create when the list is empty as a new account, we'll use Illustrations for our example.
You press "select files" and navigate to the file, you can also drag and drop, and select up to 200 files so long as the files do not exceed 32 MB for all files combined. Uploading multiple files at once puts them under one post instead of several individual posts. Give your work a title and optional caption, then you need to add a tag and an age restriction.
Lastly, there's a check mark box to denote if it is an original work or not. For anything in walfas, Do Not Check "Original Work". It's up to you if you want your post to be public or not.
One thing that should be noted is that it isn't possible without a premium account to truly edit what you've already uploaded, so if you made a mistake and chose the wrong file, you'll have to delete the post and try again.
Finding the Right Tag:
Usually, English and Japanese tags coincide with each other, so long as the correct term is used.
If the term doesn't look right, look it up using Pixiv's search bar. If that still yields nothing, and you don't know enough Japanese, tag search through different uploads until you find the right one.
So long as you obey Pixiv's rules and use the right tags, you should be fine. We hope this guide was helpful to you.
Recording can be found here.
A condensed version can be found here and here for the announcements.

Town Haul May 23 2020 Minutes

Community Topics

  • More websites besides DeviantART: We thought it over and Pixiv was still the best option as the rest were portfolio/social media based.
  • Where will assets/props/etc. be stored: A GitHub repository was decided on, though archive.org is a viable option.
  • A New, Decentralized Walfas Network: We plan to take inspiration from the Touhou community's Gap Network and create our own network to connect the existing Walfas community together.

Projects Announcements & Publicity

Community Projects

Individual Projects

  • @stkpro11 has his series called Touhou Hotels and a second series coming soon involving his OC, Beatrice.
  • Though there have been a lot of behind-the-scenes personal troubles, the first draft of @Spaztique 's Wrath of the Amanojaku is still available for anyone who wants to preview it.
  • @ORT451 plans to expand on a story seen in one of his QnA comics, it will be posted to his pixiv once a basic script is written up.
  • @Choon-Iweleth shared on behalf of a friend the release of Servants of Harvest Wish. Follow the link for the download listed on the page.
If there are any other project announcements, mention it in the comments below.
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A Touhou Doujin Circle, featuring comic makers, animators, musicians, and writers from DeviantArt and Youtube, specializing in Walfas stuff. For community guidelines, the creed, and policies, read the About Us.

Vital Guides - START HERE!!!:
The WSW Rules/Submission Guide 2018 Edition
create.swf User Manual (Recovered by rsgmaker)
rsgmaker's Start Guide and Essentials
GreenJake and Shingo's Guide for Starters
Vachvell's Create.Swf Guide For Beginners
Difficulty Submission Guide
Creator/OC DNA

We are currently using a voice chat application called Discord to do voice conversations. This is our latest public voice chat for the WSW, Affilliates, and fans of Walfas/Touhou. The fastest way to contact our active admins is through Discord. Get help with projects, do collaborations, report problems, or just plain hang out with the community is to join this! We'll get a setup tutorial out on how to get Discord working, so hang in there!

NOTE: Please don't ask us for a Discord instant invite in the comments below if you just made an account. Spend some time in the community and make content for it and one of the admins will send you an invite via DeviantArt notes. Bear in mind that your invite links will expire after a while, so you will need to accept the link preferably within a day's time. Discord Instant Invites are on an ask-an-admin-only basis, and you will have to go through a brief screening process.

Archived Communications:
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Create.swf Creation Tool

Here is our regularly used tools of trade, create.swf extended, which is a modified overhaul of the version 3.39 of create.swf.

This mod is managed by rsgmaker, and this mod includes a number of features to enhance Walfas, including dynamic hair coloring, skin color changing, additional objects, more backgrounds, and much more! You'll get the full idea here:

Click on these images for a fresh download of:

We also recommend you use these with
Adobe's "Flash Player projector" found here.
It is highly recommended you avoid the browser based ones.


Note: Despite appearing as founder for opening the DA page, Spaztique is only the tech-stuff admin. All admins share equal power.

In the event an admin violates the rules or is not doing their job (i.e. missing in action, not enforcing the rules/policies), please report it to one of the other mods. If they don't do anything, report it at the next Town Haul meeting. Please remember that any active member of the group (regularly posts content, is around enough to know what’s going on, and regularly interacts with folks) can call for a Town Haul.

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[Walfas Tutorial] Speech Bubbles by ORT451
Walfas Tutorial: Importing Custom Character bases by Midian-P

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Walfas Anatomy Multiview Template by TheCurseWatcher
Comics - Shorts and 4Komas
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Casual Sunday by Bio-LuminescentKirby
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Totally Canon SS 5 by kidowa
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[Walfas]Hololive Vtubers Gathering by tsunetake1012
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Fanfiction and Prose Works
Megumu's BetOn a cold autumn evening, the tengu were warming up over potato soup and lamb chops. Meals were always a happy affair in the crow hangar, and the topic of conversation soon turned to a perennial favourite subject. "I'm telling you," Aya told every soul in earshot, "Hatate's a hack! She doesn't even go out and take pictures of things, she just looks them up. There's no artistry!" At the far end of the table, Hatate angrily swallowed some lamb. "At least I get results. Which one of us broke the news that Sumireko had dyed her hair?!" "You got the picture off her own cosplay page," sneered Aya. "It was dreadful! I'd make a better Ruby than her. Um, do you-?" She cast a worried glance at Megumu, who was just finishing a bottle of wine. "How was that? Better than the first bottle?" "Delicious," said Megumu breezily. "Waiter! Bring me another!" "Wow..." Two bottles of strong booze was Aya's limit. Hatate mellowed out a little as the potato soup flowed down her oesophagus, enough to realise something was wrong. She leaned past the stocky tengu on her right and shouted down the table. "Lady Megumu, you've been very quiet this evening! Is everything all right?" "Well, since you asked." Scowling, Megumu took another gulp of wine. "You and Aya are getting me down. Every evening it's the same thing with you! 'I'm the best reporter!' 'No, I am!' 'I'm the best reporter and so's my wife!' absurd." "Oh, I-I had no idea! I didn't mean to upset you!" Aya said earnestly. "All I was trying to do was establish the objective truth, which is that I'm clearly the best reporter!" "Sure, if you count fiction as reporting," scoffed Hatate. "Hatate, I'm trying to offer our leader some words of comfort." "You're trying to puff up your ego as usual." "No, you need to work with me-!" "You need to get off your high horse-!" "SHUT UP!" The hangar fell silent. Aya and Hatate froze on top of the table with their hands at each other's throats. A blonde tengu tried politely to get Aya's foot out of her soup. "Neither of you are the best reporter. I am! I'll make you a bet," Megumu declared. "By this time next week, I'm going to accomplish something neither of you ever could. I'm going to take a picture of the Lunar Capital!" "The Lunar...?" breathed Aya. "...Capital?" Hatate finished for her. "But that's impossible! Not even thoughtography can get through their wards." "I don't need thoughtography," said Megumu sweetly. "The Lunarians are stronger than anything! Don't you remember what happened a few years ago?!" cried Aya. "I don't need to fight them," said Megumu sweetly. "Then how?" said Hatate. "You'll see," said Megumu, now radiating the kind of smugness only a youkai could withstand. "More wine, please!"============================ "Is she coming? I don't think she's coming." Aya had been waiting at the mountain's peak for five minutes, and she'd been fidgeting like mad for the last four and a half. "If Lady Megumu isn't here soon, we're legally allowed to leave. I shall be putting my name down for her position, assuming she's got lost or been executed-" Hatate bonked Aya on the head. "Shut up! She's coming, look!" A faint twinkle in the sky quickly turned into an oncoming blue-clad tengu. Aya and Hatate waved as Megumu slowed her descent and touched down on the rock. "Lady Megumu, you look... completely uninjured!" said Hatate amazedly. "Did you get the picture?" despite herself, Aya was eager to find out. Megumu smiled. "Ladies," she declared, pulling a small, glossy cardboard square from inside her coat. "I present to you the Lunar Capital!" Hatate and Aya leaned in closely and examined the picture. Megumu was there, and so were two armoured men. The three of them were posing cutely on a white stone courtyard, Megumu a little awkwardly since she'd been managing the camera. Behind them, the gleaming spires of the Lunar Capital stood proud like a cluster of lanky chess pieces. Aya's jaw dropped. "No way...!" "How did you do it?!" squeaked Hatate, clasping her hands over her mouth. "First," said Megumu proudly, "I applied for a tourist visa." "Tourist?!" gasped Aya. "Visa?!" cried Hatate. Megumu nodded. "Then I practiced free-diving until I could hold my breath long enough to fly to the moon. When I landed, these two were assigned to show me around." She gestured to the men in the picture. "They were a great laugh, especially when they started panicking over things I shouldn't have seen..." "So... Is that it? You went to the Lunar Capital as a tourist and took pictures?" Aya pouted. "I thought you were going to pull off something truly amazing." "But I did. Think about it, Aya. I didn't have to use violence or thoughtography, just plain common sense!" said Megumu, still radiating deadly levels of smugness. "And that's why you'll find that I am the best reporter. And Rinnosuke's the best at forging Lunarian diplomatic credentials." Hatate snorted a sudden laugh. "All right, I've got to hand it to you. You are the best reporter!" "Yes," sighed Aya. "The best reporter and spy."
Love is a Black, Black RoseMarisa was hard at work one morning when she heard a shout."Marisa! You have to see this!" It was Reimu, hoofing it through the forest. "It's an amazing likeness! I've never seen one like that before!""Reimu?!" Marisa dropped her chalk and looked up from the half-finished pentagram. "Slow down, okay? What do I have to see?""It!" Reimu clarified."Oh, so THAT'S how it is." Marisa rolled her eyes and stood up. "All right, show me!"Reimu grabbed Marisa's gloved hand. "This way!" she shouted, taking off beneath the trees.A couple of minutes crashing through the undergrowth brought them to a tiny river. Its clear water tinkled over a bed of stones, weaving between tall trees and waist-high bushes.Waist-high, that is, except for one. Reimu squatted down in front of the silliest-looking rose bush Marisa had ever seen and gave her an expectant smile."Um," said Marisa, peering down at the bush. It consisted of one tiny, thick stem, not much longer than a pumpkin stalk, and a gigantic black and white rose."See?" giggled Reimu. "It's you and your hat!"Marisa was silent for a moment, then she burst out laughing. "Oh, my gods, you're right! It's like looking in a mirror!" she gasped, clutching her sides. "Reminds me of that red butterfly I saw sleep for three weeks..."Reimu shoved her into the stream, where she fell on her bottom with a splash. Marisa pushed the stream on top of Reimu, drenching her. After an eventful minute of splashing and screaming, they staggered back to Marisa's house for tea and cake.
Boast with the Most"So what have you been up to, Marisa? I bet you've had some real adventures today!""Well..." Marisa sipped her beer and smiled a dashing smile. "I did root out a coven of futakuchi-onna in the village last week. And this morning, Alice and I had to wrestle a huge, spiky mass of flesh-eating vines. It was touch and go for a while...""Flesh-eating vines, here in Gensokyo?!" Sumireko's eyes were as wide as chocolate coins. "Wow!""It happens." Marisa shrugged and leaned back, making a panicked grab at the wall to avoid falling off her stool. "Probably youkai messing around. But that's not all. I went fishing with Tamamo no Mae this afternoon! We caught a huge sea serpent, then I took her behind the bait shack for a roll in the reeds."Sumireko spat out the sip of ramune she'd just taken. "Y-you-?! You did-?! W-with Tamamo no Mae?!"Marisa winked. "You can have a lot of fun with nine tails!""Wow...!" breathed Sumireko, wiping her mouth on her sleeve. "Do I even want to know what-""Oh, and I also forged a knife that can cut through the heart of a star," Marisa added nonchalantly. "In the twin goddesses' sacred oven.""Is there anything you haven't done?!" cried Sumireko. "What a day you must have- Oh!" A familiar red Alice band was coming towards them, a familar blonde Alice wearing it. "There's Alice now! Hey, Alice, Marisa was just telling me about the spiky plants!""A- Alice?!" Marisa's face went red. "Um, Sumi, the thing is-""Well, good evening, Sumireko! You were talking about the gardening?" Alice said, oblivious to Marisa's discomfort. "I didn't think it was that interesting, to be honest.""Of course it's interesting! You two must've been so brave!" Sumireko gushed, pulling over a third stool for Alice. "I've never dealt with that kind of thing before!""Really?" Alice blinked, then she giggled. "I suppose we did have to be quite brave, weeding the begonias and trimming the hedge! It was a bit muddy. But Marisa's not afraid of anything, are you?""No, nothing! Anyway-"Alice leaned over and planted a kiss on Marisa's forehead. "You look great in dungarees, too," she giggled. "Sorry I can't join you. I need to hurry home and give my dolls their bath. Enjoy your drinks!"Alice wandered off. Marisa moodily downed her beer. It was a long moment before Sumireko broke the silence."You didn't fight the-""No.""So you were just-""Yes! We were just gardening!" The words exploded out of Marisa. "There were spiky weeds! Then I was at Kosuzu's book club! We were reading 'The New Adventures of Tamamo no Mae'! And I didn't forge anything, I just helped Minoriko bake some sweet potato pies! Are you happy?!"Sumireko burst out laughing. "I can't believe it! Marisa, you're such a dork!""Well, what've you done today that's so impressive?!" snapped Marisa.Sumireko froze. "Um...""Well?""Well... I went shopping with Mum. We bought a bunch of food. And, um, tried on lots of hats," Sumireko sheepishly recounted.Marisa smiled. "Go on.""When we got home, I had a bath," said Sumireko. "Dad brought some Peking duck home for dinner, so we ate it. Then... Then I sat around in my pyjamas reading RWBY fan fiction, all right?!""By the gods," Marisa crowed over her, "what an adventure! I can't believe you survived!""Shut up! It's not my fault there wasn't much going on..." sighed Sumireko. She slumped down in her stool and promptly fell on the ground with a soft thump. "Ow.""If 'dork' is a real word, you're a severe one," Marisa sighed fondly. "But if I'm one too, it can't be a bad thing really. Listen, Alice taught me a few watering can tricks, so do you want a spell-card duel?"Sumireko's face lit up. "Ooh, yes!" She picked up her hat and stood up in a flash. "I can show you my new scythe technique!""But you don't have a scythe. You've never used a scythe. I don't think the scythe shop's open today.""A mere technicality! Let's do this!"
You Can't Fix what Isn't Broken~You Can't Fix what Isn't Broken~A late Gensokyo Festival entry for Day 9: "Tomboy"Tenshi lay alone on her soft patterned futon, bored out of her celestial mind. It was a perfect day, much like every day had been since her family ascended; a day where nothing could go wrong. Tenshi couldn't stand it. Why couldn't some terrible catastrophe take hold in Bhava-agra? Just once, to break the monotony of her life?With a louder grunt of exertion than was strictly necessary, Tenshi rolled over onto her front and wedged her arms under her chin. A dull ache built in her jaw until, with a scream, she swivelled her head as far as it would go and rested her right cheek on her wrist. Then her cheek started to hurt. She sighed heavily and turned her head the other way."Tenshi! Tenshi! Wake up!" Two painfully cheerful voices broke through the monotony in Tenshi's chateau. With another heavy sigh, she got up and peered out over the garden below."Mother's having a poetry competition tonight! Oh, what a marvellous time we shall have!" a Celestial with sky-blue plaits and a fancy patterned waistcoat shouted up at her. Tenshi realised with a heavy heart it was her sister Emiko."Wow, a poetry competition?! Oh, joy!" Tenshi feigned excitement. "Let me just see if I've got a spare toss to give. Come on, there has to be one tucked away here somewhere... Nope, sorry, can't give a toss!""But-but there's a special theme today! The coming of spring!" the other Celestial pleaded, her chin as pointy as her eyes were bright. It was No-Relation Yamamori, lucky enough to be Emiko's fiance and the biggest wet blanket in the sky."Come on, Mima, there's a special theme every time! They're never any fun," Tenshi pointed out."But it won't be the same without you! We all miss you, Tenshi! You have to come!" protested Emiko.Tenshi's good mood had run out. "How can I be what makes a poetry competition worth having?! I'm hopeless at poetry and I never have any fun! Just do it without me!""Oh, Tenshi, you can't just stay home and be miserable all day!" Emiko slid into Responsible Big Sister Mode, putting her hands on her hips in the way that always made Tenshi want to kill her. The fact that Emiko was younger than her made it especially maddening. "If you would just try to enjoy it you'd love poetry! You're a Celestial, aren't you?"Tenshi glared at her. "Well, maybe I'm no good at being a Celestial. Anyway-""Then let us teach you!""What?""Let us teach you!" Mima's voice was as sweet and earnest as ever it had been. "Spend the day with us and we'll show you how to be a proper Celestial. We'll teach you dancing, flower arranging, poetry, embroidery and everything! Oh, we shall have so much fun!""She's right, Tenshi! If you could only stop wallowing in misery and let us show you what you're missing out on, I'm sure you'd have a marvellous time!" agreed Emiko, full of confidence.Tenshi was about to give them a piece of her mind followed by a barrage of keystones when a thought occurred. As painful as it was to admit, Emiko and Mima had a point. She never had tried any Proper Pastimes for Well Brought-Up Young Ladies, had she? Maybe some of them would actually be fun. Maybe some of them would be more fun than moping around with nothing to do."Tenshi? Hello?" Emiko gave her a wave. "Anybody home?!""Forget it, my love. She's a lost cau-""I'll do it.""Eeeeeeeeeh?!""I'll do it," Tenshi repeated. "I agree to let you show me how a perfectly delightful little Celestial should behave.""Really?!" gasped Emiko."Oh, Tenshi, that's marvellous!" squeaked Mima, her face lighting up. "We'll just wait in the garden while you get dressed-""On one condition."Mima's joyful spiel was cut short. "Con... Condition, Tenshi? What is it?""You can have me today. Tomorrow, it'll be my turn to teach you how to be IMproper Celestials!" Tenshi smiled. "Sound good?"Emiko looked at Mima. Mima looked at Emiko."It's a deal!" declared Emiko."It is?!" cried Mima."She'll come around long before the morrow, my angel. Even if you cannot believe in your wisdom, believe in me while I believe in your plan," said Emiko, her eyes shining. "All right, Tenshi, let's not waste another moment! Get dressed in your finest clothes and we'll get started. Come on!"==========================Tenshi emerged half an hour later and gave the girls a less-than-enthusiastic wave. She flumped down on the doorstep and started lacing up her tall brown boots."Um, Tenshi," said Emiko, "you won't be wearing that to Father's competition, will you? It's what you always wear.""And what if it is?" Tenshi stood up and did a twirl to show her iridescent blue dress, rainbow-buntinged apron, soft white blouse, black hat and boots so recently laced. "These are cute enough for you, aren't they? Why would I wear anything else?""Because-! Because, er..." Emiko frowned. "Tell her, my angel!""It's for fashion, Tenshi! You need to wear different clothes every day so... So, um... So it looks like you're... Well, it's what people do, isn't it?" Mima trailed off."Exactly." Emiko nodded smugly and put her hands on her hips again. "So why don't we both come in and find you a fresh new look?""Fine," sighed Tenshi, picturing Emiko with a spiky mace rammed into each ear. "But no heels."==========================After an eventful half hour, Tenshi emerged once again, flanked by Emiko and No-Relation and looking deeply unenthused. She was tripping along in black doll shoes with a short sea-blue dress flopping around under a white apron."Must this be so tight?" groaned Tenshi, tugging at the lacy corset built into her dress."Oh, Tenshi, it's simply divine! It truly makes the most of your figure," Mima reassured her.Tenshi scoffed. "My figure?! Who cares about my figure?! We're going to a poetry contest!""They'll care whether you've made an effort, Tenshi. Do you want to look sloppy?" asked Emiko."I don't see your effort-showing corset, sister." Tenshi gave Emiko's waistcoat a meaningful pat."This is fashionable! Elegance comes in many guises, the precise details of which I shan't bore you with, but I put no end of effort into my outfits. This skirt, for example, I wove from scratch!" snapped Emiko, kicking up a short riding boot to twirl her pleated tartan skirt."If you say so..." Tenshi could see a long, pointless conversation stretching out ahead. "Anyway, what's first on the itinerary for today?""I think we'll start with flower arranging," said Emiko. "Then dancing and embroidery.""Ooh, how about calligraphy? She'll need to know how to shape her kanji to have any chance of winning tonight!" Mima piped up."My dearest love, you are a genius! Calligraphy is the most fun anybody can have with ink!" Emiko squeaked with delight. "I can hardly believe I forgot about it. Oh, what fun we shall have! But first, flower arranging. Don't drag your feet, Tenshi, we have so much to fit in today!"=========================="What an utter waste of effort. You should be ashamed of yourself, Tenshi! Not only did you spend the whole day dragging us down with your constant moping, you refused to enjoy anything!" Emiko's mood had soured a little over the course of the day, and now, as she led Tenshi and Mima to their parents' castle, she was in full cry."What was I supposed to enjoy, Emiko?! All you've done all day was show me new ways to be bored!" snapped Tenshi."You never even tried to have fun! All you did was mope and whinge and sigh and pout and-" Emiko took a deep breath. "You stomped on my foot, you spilled ink on the floor, you tried to embroider your own skin and you glued my best begonias to a canvas in the shape of a stupid bloody dragon!""Oh, that was fun!" said Tenshi, brightening up a little."It was NOT fun! It was childish and stupid!""You know what else is childish and stupid, sis? Your face!"Emiko screamed. "Damn your face! You should've been a- a jiang shi or something! A demon, a vampire, a maid, anything but a Celestial!""Emiko, my love, please calm yourself! It's only an hour until the competition!" Mima piped up, her voice tremulous. "I know Tenshi bothers you, but we tried our best with her! Couldn't you leave it for now?""All right," Emiko pouted furiously. "But our father will hear of this.""Let's change the subject!" smiled Mima, her eyes betraying how desperate she was to avoid any more conflict. "Tenshi, what have you written for the competition? Mine's a set of tanka about the harvest!""For the competition? Written? Me? What have I?!" Tenshi tried not to panic. "I, um. I haven't written anything."==========================The servants, poetry fans and dozens of cousins milling around the Hinanawi-jo castle's courtyard were expecting Emiko to be well turned-out as always, so more than a few eyebrows were raised as she stormed down the garden path with Tenshi slung over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Ignoring the looks she was getting, Emiko slammed her cargo down on a bench. "Wait there," she barked, storming off into the castle.Emiko returned a couple of minutes later with a pencil and several sheets of paper, still wearing a terrible scowl. "This was all I could find, so it'll have to be enough," she barked, shoving them into Tenshi's hands."Oh, I'm sure it will be plenty for a few poems," said Mima politely."A FEW?! It's not even an hour until the competition!" cried Tenshi."Just- just write a poem! One stupid poem! Anything that comes into your head! Anything at all! About anything! It's easy! Just do it!" screamed Emiko.Tenshi breathed a deep, heartfelt sigh and looked over her materials. The paper was the weighty sort they made from rice, printed with rectangles for spacing out kanji. Tenshi remembered those boring evenings she'd spent being forced to write out every character over and over again until she could do it 'properly', until she'd realised she could just stab her tutor, torch the schoolhouse and run off to play football. That had got her kicked out of heaven for the first of many times.Giggling at the happy memory, Tenshi smoothed down her sheet of paper and got ready to engage in some serious poetry. What could she write about? No brilliant ideas sprang to mind. Peaches, maybe? She liked peaches. What was there to say about peaches, though? Round? Pink? Orange? Sweet? With stones inside them? When she got down to brass tacks, peaches were surprisingly boring."Um, Tenshi? Don't be shy about writing something less than perfect. It is a friendly competition, after all, and nobody expects you to come up with a masterpiece," Mima encouraged her."Nobody sensible expects one sentence from her," sniffed Emiko."Oh, Emiko, don't be so horrible!" Mima chided her. "You know Tenshi can speak perfectly well, so I wouldn't be surprised if she wrote TWO coherent sentences, or even three!"Mima's words brought Tenshi little comfort. She sat there, writing nothing, as the hour of the competition drew closer. It was pretty much settled; she was going to be embarrassed in front of her parents, insulted by her parents, then she'd hide away and not talk to anyone for at least twelve days. Maybe she'd finally watch that Ultraman Max video Sanae had given her. Episode 17 looked good.=========================="Thank you all so much for coming! As you know, today marks the beginning of Spring, the season of renewal, of new life, when even the oldest life can find itself in bloom once again!" The venerable Masumi Hinanawi, long-suffering mother to several children, was in her element. She was speaking to about thirty guests from the noh stage in the east wing as usual."Some new life may not be long for this world, but would the cherry blossoms be half as fair if we could see them every day? Oh, speaking of 'new', it seems we have a rare guest among us! Tenshi, darling, I am so glad you decided to join in this time, I was so worried you were growing isolated in your little house. Oh, and that dress looks simply marvellous! You're simply radiant when you make the effort," Masumi went on."Kill yourself, you stupid, arrogant, miserable, pudding-faced old fart!" was what Tenshi was tempted to say, but she settled for "Thank you, Mother. You're also all right when you make the effort to appreciate me rather than giving me passive-aggressive compliments which, despite what you may think, I can see through with ease.""Quite." Masumi laughed nervously and changed the subject. "It is a rare pleasure to have all my children gathered like this! Yoko, Tomo, Emiko, Hayato... It is a shame your father was too busy to attend this time, but duty calls, as they say. Now, who else is..." Her expression soured when she caught sight of Mima. "Are you lost again?"Mima flinched. "W-well, you see, Lady Hinanawi-""I took the liberty of inviting her," said Emiko. Her voice was calm and steady, but it had an edge Tenshi had quickly grown used to over the course of the day. "Poetry is a passion my beloved and I share, so she should be right at home here."Masumi exhaled angrily. "A Celestial should know her place, Emiko, and yours is much higher than... Never mind. The least said about her, the better."Tenshi hadn't heard any of that before. She gave Emiko a curious look. "What was she...?"Emiko silently shook her head. She squeezed Mima's hand and fixed her mother's knees with a glare."Anyway, let's not burden ourselves worrying about the future. Now, the time is ripe to celebrate the coming of Spring with words spun from our hearts!" said Masumi brightening up considerably. "Tenshi, why don't you start us off?"Tenshi's eyes widened. "I- I'm up first?""Yes! Read us your poem, Tenshi!" Masumi nodded."Well about that," Tenshi braced herself for a frosty reception, "I didn't really write one. I hate poetry, and if that wasn't enough I'm dreadful at it, and I'm only here because Emiko and No-Relation talked me into it. So I've got nothing for you.""You... You didn't?" Masumi's face fell. "But you must have written something! It doesn't have to be perfect, Tenshi, as long as it came from the heart.""You don't get it! None of you get it! All that comes from my heart is things like not being a poet," sighed Tenshi. "I hate poetry. That's never going to change."Masumi was horrified. "But Tenshi, you're a Celestial! We all love poetry!""Well, I do hate-" Tenshi took a deep breath. "Listen. The fact that I exist, am a Celestial and don't like poetry is objective proof that not all Celestials like poetry. So stop acting like I'm some kind of freak when I just don't like poetry!""...You should like poetry.""Up yours.""Well. Since this is a poetry competition and you have failed to provide a poem, I must inform you that you are disqualified." Masumi's tone was severe, but there was a hint of sadness in her eyes. "Now, moving on. Emiko, has fraternising with a commoner dulled your mind, or will your poem be-""Oh, wait a minute! Wait a minute!" Tenshi gasped, her eyes shining. "I've got one!"Masumi gave her a look. "I have already disqualified-""Shut up!" Tenshi had never felt so alive. The anger she'd felt towards Emiko was now aimed at their mother on Emiko's behalf, and with it came new determination, new possibilities, that begged to become words. While Masumi stewed and the audience looked on with trepidation, Tenshi launched into her poem."They say a Celestial has to be sweet"With nothing but buckle shoes gracing her feet"They say in her heart must be naught but vanilla"And what of her head? "Just kittens in bed"She can't be a knight and she can't be a killer"They say a Celestial poems must bear"Singing sweet sentences out of the air"They say she must love it, no room for her taste"They say to love shouting or blades is a waste"If she's not a priss, why then she has failed"A job she'd not took, but found to her nailed"They say many things that look badly on me"I'm not cute, I'm not sweet"I don't perfume my feet"I'm not kind, I'm not gentle"Don't pray every night...le"But I'm not the worstmost, not even in here"You all have your problems you're soon gonna hear"If I am too stroppy then what of my sister"Whose rage since this morning just smouldered and blistered"At every word I wrongly said"And every slip-up I ever made?"And what of my mother, o highest-born dev"Are you kind, are you fair, do you live and let live?"You sneer and you sniff"You always get miffed"If we should be kindly, who said you might judge?"Who said a Celestial should hold a grudge?"But wait! Are we not also knights of the sky?"There's 'they' and there's 'they' and the other they say"We're born to defend, all brave and all true"The best of us when there's a rumble is me"So what's it to be? Strong or just twee?"Then what of dear Mima, so pure and so sweet"The lover, the artist, who never gives grief"Who can't bear a sword or drop-kick like Tenshi"So delicate, never to fight as a senshi?"Is she not the sweetest Celestial born?"Is she not the kindest of all?"Is she not sufficient for what she's for?"Brave and true"Fancy and cute"Shy and demure"Or nobly born"Pick two, no more"Why tell us we're bad when you can't be all four?"If none can be everything, why pick on me?"And if Mima's so rubbish, no queen is so great"Who o'erlooks all their flaws and sees mine with hate"Sweet kid sister Emiko"Why can't you just let it go?"And Mima unrelated"You should never be hated"And know this, dear mother"I can't fit your cutter"And nor can Emiko"The image you cling to we'll never come close to"A top-tier Celestial I may not be"But I'm the best Tenshi, for Tenshi is me."Tenshi dropped her pencil with a faint clatter and strode back to her chair, leaving a heavy silence in the room. Her eyes were shining, her cheeks flushed with joy and exertion. The gathered Celestials were staring at her, some beaming, some shaking their heads."I'm not stroppy. I just say what's on my mind," Emiko was muttering furiously."I do actually know how to use a sword," said Mima.Tenshi caught her mother's eye and smirked. "Well? What did you think?""It was a nice attempt," said Masumi, wearing a slightly pained smile, "especially since you made it up on the spot. That being said, I fail to see how the coming of Spring fits into your poem, so you shan't win today.""Um..." That wasn't close to the fury Tenshi had expected. "Okay! Good. I'd better up my game for next time-""Oh, there's no need for that!" Masumi cut in. "Sorry, but you do hate poetry, after all, and I would hate to force my hobbies on you. So don't come again.""Fair enough." It wasn't much of a loss. Tenshi had a feeling her newfound talent would be more appreciated elsewhere."Right, then!" Masumi swiftly changed the subject. "In keeping with the principle of saving the best until last, perhaps the Yamamori girl would like to go next?"==========================As the first morning rays set her room aglow in orange, Emiko was awake enough to wish she wasn't, so she lay there and loafed in her silk futon. She could hear soft snores from the patterned pink blanket cocoon beside her, which figured; Mima had been reciting her favourite poems long into the night. Sighing fondly, Emiko rolled over and draped an arm over the warm lump, hoping to entice her back into the land of the living.After a couple of minutes, Mima shifted and gave a muffled yawn. "What time is it?" she murmured, snuggling closer to Emiko."Just after sunrise," replied Emiko.Mima groaned. "It's too early to be just after sunrise! I should write a petition...""I did say it was time we were in bed when Father turned up with that sake," said Emiko, adopting a softer version of her usual scolding tone, "but I remember a certain sweet maiden wanting to us to finish the Un'you Wakashuu with voices.""We were having so much fun! I couldn't bear to leave," sighed Mima. "I hope I didn't impose on you, my love.""You were definitely imposing on Mother," said Emiko, "but she needs to get used to it.""Come to think of it, do you know where Tenshi...?" groaned Mima, wriggling her head free from several blankets. "She left rather early. Where do you suppose she went?""She will have arrived home safely. It is Tenshi, after all," said Emiko reassuringly. She yawned and gave Mima a kiss on the nose. "Do you think we should go and see her?""After breakfast," declared Mima. "I could just go for a peach..."At that moment, the door flew open and smacked into the wall. Emiko's handful of naginatajutsu trophies fell in a heap as the room trembled. Through the door stepped Tenshi, back in her tall brown boots and rainbow sash and wearing the smuggest of smiles."Up and at 'em, little sis, little wife-in-law!" Tenshi barked while Mima and Emiko clung to each other in terror. "It's time to talk pheasant about that deal we made.""Turkey," whimpered Mima. "Not pheasant.""My life, Tenshi, you're supposed to knock!" screamed Emiko. "What do you want?!""You had your day to turn me into a proper Celestial, right? So now it's my turn!" declared Tenshi.After a moment's tired recollection, Emiko put her head in her hands."I knew that was a †silly promise to make," groaned Mima. "So, what do you... What do you want us to do, Tenshi?""Well, I've been thinking," said Tenshi. "I just spent the whole of yesterday trying to hammer it into your thick skulls that I'm perfect as I am and no-one can change me, so I shouldn't really try and turn you both into bad bitches, should I?""Sh... should you?" Mima blinked. "I mean, no, of course not!""Good! That's settled. Now, is there anything else we can help you with?" Emiko demanded. "If not, we'll get back to our... loafing."Tenshi shook her head. "Oh, no. You're not getting off that easily."Mima and Emiko shared a nervous look."I said I wouldn't try to change you," said Tenshi sweetly, "not that I was letting you out of the deal. I must at least broaden your horizons, mustn't I?""Yes?" said Mima timidly."Well, come on, we've got the whole day ahead of us! I'll teach you how to fight, climb things, spit, skateboard, jump in puddles, steal food and commit acts of hubris! Oh, what jolly spiffing larks we shall have!" squeaked Tenshi, hopping up and down and clapping her hands in a way which just oozed sarcasm."Spare me," groaned Emiko.
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Hi, I'm new to this group, also a first group I joined
ORT451 Featured By Owner May 3, 2021  Hobbyist Artist
Hello then.
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