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Want an affiliation? Send a Note to the group. If it's growing, positive, and shares the same values of growth, cooperation, and group camaraderie, you can be an affiliate! Members of affiliates may submit stuff and freely submit things to contests.
We will mainly go over the topic of websites to use for our media uploads going forward like last time. At the current moment, Pixiv seems to be what most people prefer and we will be discussing how it will work if a better option is not suggested.
The meeting can watched via livestream link here: on Youtube or on Twitch
We hope you folks are prepared and will be there when the hour hits.
Recording can be found here.
A condensed version can be found here

Town Haul May 8 2020 Minutes

Community Topics
  • Moving the Community: Since the Eclipse update is now here, we're planning on using another site for the group's artworks. We in the administration feel that is a good alternative as comic making is much more streamlined and its tagging system is quite good. Forums such as Reddit were mentioned but they have the drawback of allowing any post to be seen without submission.
  • Continuing Walfas: Flash is just about on the way out, the good news is the fact that we do have a flash player projector, a standalone flash player, and the create.swf source code. Some people are looking into finding an alternate way to continue walfas, but our use of flash will not last forever.

Project Announcements & Publicity

Community Projects
  • @SuperDragonite2172 and @ferdyferdy9 are working on their implementation of walfas that does not require flash. They currently do not have the github open yet, however. For anyone with some background in software development, send a message their way!
The next Town Haul will be on Saturday, May 23rd, 2020 at 4-6 pm EST.
Town Haul's coming up today, the reason why will become apparent in the topics list.

The meeting will be taking place in the Walfas Station Wagon's Discord chat as well as through a livestream hosted by me at roughly 4 - 6 pm EDT.

Community Topics:

  • DeviantART is Forcing Eclipse on us All: The group will not be shut down or removed. Eclipse, however, removes some of our admin tools with no viable work around in Eclipse when forced.
    The change will happen sometime on May 20th -…
    With this in mind, do people want to stay with forced Eclipse? If not, what sites should we think of?
  • The Future of Create.swf, Flash, and Walfas Media: Flash will be discontinued, if it hasn't already. What will this mean for everyone who creates walfas media going forward?
  • Projects Announcements and Publicity: Got a project you or anyone else needs publicity for? Now's the time to bring it up! General rule of thumb for bringing up projects during the meeting is that you wait until an admin declares we have moved on to this topic. You must link the project/announcement, a basic synopsis of the project, and a link to the relevant announcer's DeviantArt account both in chat, and to the admin receiving your announcement for the minutes (so if someone else announces for you, they can get a mention alongside you). Basically: Have something to show, and make sure it's ready to present for the meeting.

If you aren't able to attend the town haul, please leave a comment if there is anything you would like to bring up during the town haul whether it is a concern, announcement, and anything in between.  In any case, we do hope that you will be able to attend the town haul, and remember to please remain civil in Town Haul.  There is a time and place for the memes, jokes, and of the like, but during the town haul, it isn't the time to use that.

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A Touhou Doujin Circle, featuring comic makers, animators, musicians, and writers from DeviantArt and Youtube, specializing in Walfas stuff. For community guidelines, the creed, and policies, read the About Us.

Vital Guides - START HERE!!!:
The WSW Rules/Submission Guide 2015 Edition
create.swf User Manual (Recovered by rsgmaker)
rsgmaker's Start Guide and Essentials
GreenJake and Shingo's Guide for Starters
Vachvell's Create.Swf Guide For Beginners
Difficulty Submission Guide
Creator/OC DNA

We are currently using a voice chat application called Discord to do voice conversations. This is our latest public voice chat for the WSW, Affilliates, and fans of Walfas/Touhou. The fastest way to contact our active admins is through Discord. Get help with projects, do collaborations, report problems, or just plain hang out with the community is to join this! We'll get a setup tutorial out on how to get Discord working, so hang in there!

NOTE: Please don't ask us for a Discord instant invite in the comments below if you just made an account. Spend some time in the community and make content for it and one of the admins will send you an invite via DeviantArt notes. Bear in mind that your invite links will expire after a while, so you will need to accept the link preferably within a day's time. Discord Instant Invites are on an ask-an-admin-only basis, and you will have to go through a brief screening process.

Archived Communications:
Public Chatroom:…
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Create.swf Creation Tool

Here is our regularly used tools of trade, create.swf extended, which is a modified overhaul of the version 3.39 of create.swf.

This mod is managed by rsgmaker, and this mod includes a number of features to enhance Walfas, including dynamic hair coloring, skin color changing, additional objects, more backgrounds, and much more! You'll get the full idea here:

Click on these images for a fresh download of:

We also recommend you use these with
Adobe's "Flash Player projector" found here.
It is highly recommended you avoid the browser based ones.


Note: Despite appearing as founder for opening the DA page, Spaztique is only the tech-stuff admin. All admins share equal power.

In the event an admin violates the rules or is not doing their job (i.e. missing in action, not enforcing the rules/policies), please report it to one of the other mods. If they don't do anything, report it at the next Town Haul meeting. Please remember that any active member of the group (regularly posts content, is around enough to know what’s going on, and regularly interacts with folks) can call for a Town Haul.

Gallery Folders


Mature Content

Walfas Anatomy Multiview Template by TheCurseWatcher
Walfas Tutorial - Advanced Shading (For Create) by TheCurseWatcher
Scaling by DipoTheTem
[Walfas] Tutorial ~ Advance Panels by gervin51
Comics - Shorts and 4Komas
(Walfas) Writing lines by PsyKoTMK
(Walfas) OMO_2 by PsyKoTMK
Revolution by Vanilla-Nishiki
(Walfas) Bad handwriting by PsyKoTMK
Comics - Long Comics

Mature Content

Dusk vs Damian by Fidens9
Walfas Comic: Elemental Disturbance by stkpro11
Walfas Comic: One Lucky Popsicle for Two People by stkpro11
Walfas Comic: When you say PKMN don't hurt flies by stkpro11
Comics - Ongoing Series
Divine Ambitions 2 by Fidens9
Divine Ambitions 1 by Fidens9
Dusk a Live Epilogue by Fidens9
Dusk a Live Part 30 by Fidens9
Other - Posters and Edits
Parody: CnC Generals - TouhouHour by Midian-P
(Walfas) Stuck in thoughts by PsyKoTMK
(Walfas) Maid combat practice by PsyKoTMK
(Walfas) Afternoon Nap by PsyKoTMK
Other - Single Panel Comics
(Walfas) Post This Naz by PsyKoTMK
Tank Army Invasion by Midian-P
Lunarian Military Outpost by Midian-P
Walfas (OVGmTH) Mother's Day Special by JaphethStuff
Fanfiction and Prose Works
Flash, Animations and Videos
Town Haul 5/8/2020 by ORT451
Mistress, Are you Okay!? by ferdyferdy9
(Walfas/.gif) Haircut by PsyKoTMK
[Walfas] Reimu shooting stuff by ferdyferdy9
Contest Winners
WSW Contest #18 Entry: American Dream by MikiBandy
[WSW Contest 18] Scarlet Devil Mansion's Garden by LostRey
WSW Contest Entry - 9 circle of hell by JaphethStuff
[WSW Contest 18] Skeletron Battle by Darkstar-001
My Intro to the Walfas Station Wagon by ZeeTheZebra
Inside the Station Wagon
ITSW(?) - THE ORIGINAL FIC BUSTERS by HikaruBaskerville-0
Questions And Answers
Question 3.2: Novastartherapter by awesomedude2011
Station Wagon Love Children
SWLC-ish: Fusion by Enderking152
Table Flipping
A Missing Book and a Flipping Fairy by TheAuthorOfExile
Touhou Art
Fixation by ferdyferdy9
Touhou Life Results
my Touhou life comic by creepypasta67
Character Art Generators
Legacy: Blue Moon - A Typical Dinnertime by HikaruBaskerville-0
Pretty Pretty Pony Contagion

Mature Content

Pretty Pretty Contagion: Insurgency by Cryotic762
Spell Cards
{Spellcard Saturday} Rocket Jumper's Final Waltz by awesomedude2011
Original or Non-Touhou Art
Smol Yuyucat by Bluyidark
Touhou Hijacks
2hu Jeep. by user524
What We Look Like
(Camera) Hid in the flower field... by PsyKoTMK
2019 Art Compilation by ferdyferdy9
Touhoumon Custom Sprites - Tan Cirno by ShinyRaichu94
Props - Recolors and Edits
(Walfas/Prop) 'Fierce Hatchling' Moonshine by PsyKoTMK
Props - Original and Custom
(Walfas/Prop) SS3 Beheaded Kamikaze by PsyKoTMK
Prop Art
ALCO 4000 Class by ORT451
Another Lego Reimu Hakurei by StubbornVirus
DNA Gallery 2015-2017
Meet Suzumiya Kaoru: ~Heavenly Nostalgic~ by SuzumiyaKaoru
Twilight of the Hakurei Season 1 - Ongoing
TotH- Yumi Hakurei Unofficial Trailer by TouhouShake
DNA Gallery Archive 1
Game Grump DNA by SuperMario1550
Other Archive
Marriage Certificate: Rabbits by WodanYmirthe2nd
Comics 2012-Mar 2014
China is Falling Down by BiCOV
Comics Archive 2

Mature Content

The 'age of rebirth' ends? by Michael-777
Custom Walfas Archive 1
Hidamari Sketch (Create.swf Prop Package) by Feraligono

Random from Featured

Nanahira! by sparklidream Nanahira! :iconsparklidream:sparklidream 21 10 Walfas - History of the Moon by Plucky-Nova Walfas - History of the Moon :iconplucky-nova:Plucky-Nova 93 24 Walfas - Mastermind of a Thousand Borders by Plucky-Nova Walfas - Mastermind of a Thousand Borders :iconplucky-nova:Plucky-Nova 76 21 Walfas - Bloom Nobly, Blossoms of Sumizome by Plucky-Nova Walfas - Bloom Nobly, Blossoms of Sumizome :iconplucky-nova:Plucky-Nova 73 19 Walfasloid - YumeYume by Plucky-Nova Walfasloid - YumeYume :iconplucky-nova:Plucky-Nova 31 2 Walfas Edit - Manami in the Deep Blue Sea by Hazama-Yuutou Walfas Edit - Manami in the Deep Blue Sea :iconhazama-yuutou:Hazama-Yuutou 22 8 Walfas - Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird~'til When? by Plucky-Nova Walfas - Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird~'til When? :iconplucky-nova:Plucky-Nova 70 24 Walfas - Reverse Ideology by Plucky-Nova Walfas - Reverse Ideology :iconplucky-nova:Plucky-Nova 54 5 Seija Kijin -WIP- by Plucky-Nova Seija Kijin -WIP- :iconplucky-nova:Plucky-Nova 36 12 Super Paper Walfas - Intermezzo by Plucky-Nova Super Paper Walfas - Intermezzo :iconplucky-nova:Plucky-Nova 35 15 Adored by Many, Despised by Heaven -SUPER LUCK- by Plucky-Nova Adored by Many, Despised by Heaven -SUPER LUCK- :iconplucky-nova:Plucky-Nova 38 11 The Rose without her Garden by Youkai-Minori The Rose without her Garden :iconyoukai-minori:Youkai-Minori 48 6 Triple-Bodied Goddess by BiCOV Triple-Bodied Goddess :iconbicov:BiCOV 58 6 Walfas Props: Adjustable Rate Mortgages Remade! by ShinKong Walfas Props: Adjustable Rate Mortgages Remade! :iconshinkong:ShinKong 61 44 New Year, The Year 2017 by Bluyidark New Year, The Year 2017 :iconbluyidark:Bluyidark 19 3


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Question: What is the distinction between a One-off comic series and an Ongoing series? If a one-off ends up becoming an ongoing thing, would we have to move all the parts to a different folder?
DeityDiz93 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, though it can stay if you do a complete revamp and make new uploads, you can formally request a move here, and if it happens to be an older series in one-offs, just link us the page each piece is on for us to move.

Alternatively, a much easier way is for you to simply remove your submission manually, rename the upload to the desired part, and resubmit.
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Hello and welcome to the walfas station wagon!
xShadowKitsune Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2019  Student Artist
I'm gonna need some voices for my Halloween sketch this year. Any volunteers?
SuzumiyaKaoru Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2019
I'm interested in participating, but what is needed?
xShadowKitsune Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2019  Student Artist
Just some voice actors other than myself, I will voice act too though.
SuzumiyaKaoru Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2019
mmm, what options would there be? and I mean that if it is more than 1 person, what would the dialogues be?
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SuzumiyaKaoru Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2019
After many years of inactivity, I have returned and the only question I have ... what happened?
ORT451 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
a lot.
Omegastar1997 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2019
So is the station wagon going to have an Spooktacular 2019 or is there not going to be one this year, asking cause usually it would be announced by this point
ORT451 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
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If I were to submit OC art here, which folder should I submit it to?
ORT451 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
it depends on the medium. If primarily walfas, then comics/posters.
EchoLuminescentKirby Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2019  Student Digital Artist
DeityDiz93 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you'd like more proper descriptions, head on to our gallery and click on the various folders, they highlight in their internal descriptions exactly where OC art over Walfas art will go.
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Thanks for allowing me to join!
Kuro-No-Robin Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2019
It's been a while since I talked in this comment sections.
Anyways, How's activity in the discord server going? Because I'd like to sit back over there.
AvalonianSky Featured By Owner Edited Aug 16, 2019
Hello there, I'm just making this post for confirmation reasons, but I feel like it's about time that I should announce that I am officially leaving this community. Not due to any bad reasons, but considering I haven't done anything Walfas related since early 2016 and now knowing what I want to do with my future, I feel like it's appropriate now to just move on.

A lot of the reasons why I'm no longer doing Walfas is simply for the fact that I lost interest and grew out of it. I don't find Walfas appealing anymore and to put it bluntly it's an outdated medium. I'm not saying Walfas is bad by any means, and if people still enjoy doing it then more power to them, hell, I had fun with it when I did. However, due to the reasons above, and with my now drive to make other content like more of my artwork and videos, I must let this place go for good.

I do want to thank everyone who I made friends here and I do NOT regret my time being here. We had our ups and downs, but it was fun as hell while it lasted. This journey I've had within this community had been a major stepping stone in my life, and I am truly grateful for the lessons I've learned being apart of this community. I am a better man now because of the people I met here in this group, and there isn't enough words I can say to truly show my gratitude. All I can say is thank you.

Thank you :icondeitydiz93:. Thank you :iconspaztique:. Thank you :iconminiwitch3:. Thank you :iconceej39:. Thank you :iconchibiochen:. Thank you :iconort451:. And I also want to say thank you to all of the wonderful people who I have met from being apart of this community. I've met one of my now best friends from this place, I've had a great relationship with a wonderful girl from this place. I will truly never forget this place and I really do wish you guys for the best of luck in the future!

However, I WILL still stay in the Discord server because I still want to have connections with people in there and just for memory sake as well. You guys have been a big part of my life, and now it's time for my next chapter. I will still be in contact with y'all, but for now, it's time to move on.

So once again, thank you guys for everything, and I really do wish you all the best. So 
please, do take care.

~AvalonianSky / TheGuyNamedSky
NtheUltimate Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2019
Thank you guys so much for letting me in! I may not be a content making machine but I will try to reach that title to a certain extent! I'm way more active on Discord so may I ask for an invite to the server? I'm happy to be a part of this community!
DeityDiz93 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome, thank you for joining!

Since you're new, it's important to share the About Us page we have here as that goes over a lot of important details and ideas, but given what you're asking for, it must be stated that we do not hand out invites to people who don't actively create.

Thankfully you don't have to be a content making machine, but we need posts of some form to be on here so we not only have an idea that you have continued interest in the community, but aren't just going to drop off in the Discord and take a backseat to what we're all about here.

That being said, if you want to join our Discord, it's a good idea for you to get in touch with the community itself here, many people who post here are so too active on the Discord, so commenting on other people's works and making an example of what you can do is a great way to tell us how much you take the Discord, something we take ourselves, seriously.

To put it into perspective, we have 875 members here on dA, but only 154 members on the Discord, and while that sounds bad for chances, the reality is that way more than half of those people here on dA aren't even active, but as those who have got in as initiates, it's not hard to be a member at all, it just takes some dedication, not even everyday, but ever so often.

So to sum up:
1. We don't hand out invites to freshly made DeviantArt accounts with nothing to show yet.
2. We need those who just arrived to make a presence and post content to the group to show they'd be happy to create Walfas for the group with more or less good activity.
3. We take entry into the Discord seriously, asking activity on Discord and DA in terms of content to be as steady as can be; it's a cross-community thing.
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