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A well-respected veteran inker with a wide range of experience in the industry, Walden Wong has worked with all of the major studios, including many high profile projects. Of the generation of inkers to enter the industry in the wake of the Image Comics formation, Walden is one of the few top inkers who does not owe his development to time spent at a studio. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Walden has worked for practically every publisher out there, including DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and even VIZ media. You can see his name on a variety of titles every year. He can currently be found working around the clock at his studio inking.

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Hi Everyone! I’ve been informed that I’m nominated for two Inkwell Awards; Favorite Inker & Most Adaptable, along with many very talented peers. Please vote for your favorite artist. Voting ends this Saturday! Here’s the link. https://inkwellawards.com/inkwell-awards-2020/
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Ask and you shall receive! My new Full Tutorial on how to draw/ink in REAL TIME. No background music, just me explaining all the way. This time, Marvel Comics The Punisher. Lots of tips, tricks and useful information in this one. So if you're an aspi...
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My new video is up! Drawing Inking The PUNISHER! Can you believe the inking part only took 6 minutes and 49 seconds? If only I can do that high-speed in real life. haha! Please Like, Share and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel! https://youtu.be/jbA9qu5...
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Just what are the chance of DC and Marvel doing another team up

Hello there,

Thanks for visiting my deviantart page before. If you liked what you saw, then don't forget to give me a watch!

I also have a youtube channel where I make videos about my beautiful motherland, Bangladesh.

Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg-7ZSUKe0CL6IM6yEY5KgQ?sub_confirmation=1

And if you can, please click the bell Icon too :D It will really help me out.

Stay home, and stay safe.

I pray to god for a better new year.


How long does it take to ink an artist's drawings on a page?

I've been checking out your inking in comics over the years, you're a very phenomenal inker.

Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate that. You should check out my YouTube channel for free tutorials about inking. Here’s the link... www.YouTube.com/WaldenWongArt

Huge thanks for the watch+! :w00t: It's much appreciated! :)

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