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moscow subway

Danger! Pigs around me!
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Must be a fanart of that famous Georges Orwell book...

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Pretty much any subway at some time really. 
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interesting, you see all men pigs, there must be at least 1 rabbit out of 4 :D
Who said "all men?"
And who didn't?:D
There are two ways to look at it, either all other passengers are pigs(in the eyes of another pig which isn't the case here:)), OR pigs represent the opposite of "not pig" here. Relax, author has a kink.
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another winner!
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Exactly how women feel about men who stare and holler at them. 
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A vantage point.
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Russophobe? That could be the NYC metro... or anywhere else for that matter.…

That is a Moscow Subway.
No, I dont take it as Russophobe. Its an artists interpretation of a specific scene or experience or story.
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Link has gone 404.
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Whatever you do, don't make eye contact!
This comment section made me cringe.
So much flame.
Great painting though.
Why did it make you cringe?
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im in love with your art!!
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Awsome Picture!
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Very nice, creative, and I like the composition, bravo!
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stop dressing like a prostitute
don't ride the subway

2 important lessons
What is dressing like a prostitute? And why cant someone take PUBLIC transport?
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