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White or black

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In Russia, Easter coincided with the Walpurgis night. Well, I love trains too.
Quick drawing on the theme of the day.
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"Бабы с яйцами": фигурально и буквально...

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Excellent work!
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i will start black and ream my way thru to white
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White or black, good or bad, naughty or nice.  So much meaning in this picture.
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The nun furthest looks turned on.
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So good. Tradeable art
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Can't help notice the paradox in the image of the chaste nuns holding a basket of Easter eggs - a symbol of fertility!;) (Wink) 
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I like that the nuns appear not to be looking directly at the other train's occupants, but seem to be pensively gazing up (to the heavens?).  The harlots, however, are looking directly at the nuns, and seem to be amused with the irony of the situation.  As to any theological metaphor - I wonder if the two trains are headed in the opposite or the same direction?
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I think the trains are standing still. On neighboring railways, trains usually travel in opposite directions. So this is how you can carefully consider what is happening in the next train, only at the station, when the trains do not move.

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I think one of the nuns is in love :-)
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Wait? Which train are you on?
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Really really cool artworkLlama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] 
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a dead cat hanging from the top shelf!!!!
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:icondatassplz: She has a hot butt.
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Simply Fabulous !
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те, кто "white", ещё какие "black" внутри, и наоборот... хотя всё зависит от субъективной интерпретации данных понятий =)
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I also live in the same shithole that you do, msk, but I know english perfectly well, and some french — what's your secret?  (no pun intended and nothing personal)
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what secret you're talking about? i guess i don't understand you at all... but i like what you've said about the place where we both live...... shithole - yeah, that's true = )))) 
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oh nevermind, i just meant living in sovok doesn't mean you can get learn some languages, it will be easier to get the hell out of here:)
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oh, i've got it. then, actually, i have learnt English for about ten years in sum.... and i have no idea, what my secret is. i know you won't understand me, so let's leave this point.
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