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Soviet racers

Let's go!

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Привет! Отличная работа. А ее можно купить (эл.версию) в высоком качестве и разрешении?
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This made me join, just to comment! What an amazing concept and execution. It is one of the few works that truly inspires me to be a better artist and try harder. 
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Its turns on my nostalgy and reminds me soviet poststamps from XX century, you making wonderfull art
DimKa-Minsk's avatar
Ню-ню. Желаю Вальдемару в следующей жизни пожить рядом с Джугашвилли.
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In soviet Russia, car drives you!
Lol sorry, I couldnt resist.
Awesome car btw.
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Нет, уже приехали !
Ashoof's avatar
feels like time travel in some ways looking at your art. love it.
Vertisat's avatar
""Stalin Arrows'"??Nice(and tragic, also)name!
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very nice :D (Big Grin) Love Clap 
прекрасно, но при чем тут шлем Гагарина
Waldemar-Kazak's avatar
Это ирония. Не принимайте близко к сердцу.
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Wow. Just. Wow. Your detail work is utterly phenomenal. Consider me an instant fan :kiss:
I particularly dig the coordination in design between the car and the suits; I want one of those suits! AND THE HELMET! :love:
Beautiful work!
TinCoyote's avatar
Good Gravy, this is exceptional.  Well done.  Do you sell prints?
Waldemar-Kazak's avatar
Yes I sell prints!
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Awesome work! The car look amazing and the chicks are very hot.
I like the contrast between the strong red color and the bleak background.
WriteNRun's avatar
I absolutely love this ! The retro touch is perfect.
menapia's avatar
First rate illustration, it could have come out of one of those 50's magazines - Stalin's Arrows +fav 
Your work is very classy. I set it as my desktop, so it must be good :-) I would love to learn how to accomplish this result. Where to begin??
alexguru's avatar
Если бы в Советском Союзе был бы секс ))))))))
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