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Sky buttle

alternative war
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do you sell digital file for composites?

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Nice artwork. Well done.
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Get to the sky-trenches!

Oh, wait, that's Doctor Who...
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C'est magnifique ce dessin .... il est beau =) j'n'ai pas mots de dire !!!!! 
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some of this looks like a game called turning point fall of liberty 
FeaturelessMask's avatar
you work is beautiful. 
green-eyed-reptile's avatar
I love the futuristic airplanes and the retro ones. This picture is so epic!!!!
Well done. Interesting aircraft designs.
1WeT1PainT1's avatar
If a wing is gong to snap off like that after a few bullets hit it, the only persons to blame are the engineers of that plane...
Warqer's avatar
Well..... Planes don't have much armor (Built to be light) and those bullets are designed to do that.
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I like how this looks so familiar
(e.g, WW2 Luftwaffe) yet it isn't.
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by the powers of the gods, there are no words in the tongues of man to describe how awesome this picture is!
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Impressive concept. Might you come back to this at any point?
Waldemar-Kazak's avatar
I love dieselpunk and sometimes I draw strange devices. Probably, I will draw still something with these airplanes.
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Your best artwork so far in my opinion...
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Waw! Looks like Edgar Jacobs's graphic novel "Le rayon U" in french but much more modern, peace of art, cheers!
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Awesome concept !
noneofurbussiness's avatar
hmmm a authentic retro sci-fyi feel to it
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Outstanding work!
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if I saw any of these in my airspace, I think I'd shit a brick
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