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Sirin and Alconost

The light bird lives in paradise, she sings a pleasure song. The dark bird lives nearby. She sings so beautifully that souls of those who hears it fly away on heavens.
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Алконост мегагламурен xD
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I love the dark bird..........:heart:
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very nifty idea
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люблю мифологию, здорово увидеть "живую" иллюстрацию!
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Featured this awesomely awesome image this week! :deviation: [link]
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Very intereasting.

Question though: did you try to make the white bird look like Marylin Monrow? If so, then you are beyond awesome!!!
Waldemar-Kazak's avatar
No, did not try. It is too fast sketch to try to use characters. I have drawn MM in other work. =)
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Ah, ok. I just thought that, if you did, it fit perfictly with the description of the White Bird.
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They look great :) I've read about them in one fantasy book by Russian author. Was there a third sister? or am I mistaking something?
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Ну да, - Сирин, Алконост, Гамаюн вроде.
Waldemar-Kazak's avatar
The third bird? hmm, Im not the expert in old fairy tales also did not hear about it. And what name the fairy tale?
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oh, it was "The Secret History of Moscow" by Ekaterina Sedia. It is no fary tale but a fantasy book. A good one I must say :) it tells about some gods and other mystique stuff from Russian myths, and the birds played a role in the story also. But I cant recall were there two or three of them. I'll have to check.
Waldemar-Kazak's avatar
I have understood. It was possible in olden days birds is too many, but with female heads i was know only two.
Dark-Elfka's avatar
Yes, you are right, I've checked the story and there were two birds like this, not three. My mistake :)
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Красавчик... талант твой бесценен!
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This is simply incredible!
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Çäîðîâî, ïðîñòî âåëèêîëåïíî.
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А я тока узрел сию картинку..(( прикольно, коллега!))) вспомнился билибин, уж больно он любил баб пернатых рисовать;))
Waldemar-Kazak's avatar
о да, они все любили. Я просто сидел ночью без цели малевал пятна и чтото намалевалось сексмистическое )))
Чего-то давно тебя не видно было
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Amazing work, love it !! :-)
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