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December 17, 2011
Kind act - dynamic composition, excellent storytelling, and a wonderful depth are all in this great illustration by ~Waldemar-Kazak.
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Kind act

Another work for money
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Backlash91's avatar

Fricken LOVE it when you do mermaids!!!!

do you do commissions by any chance? I'd love to get some more of these mermaids doing nice stuff!

greenman333's avatar
this is beautiful in form and function! you are amazing!
LlmtbLover's avatar
Wonderful image! A totally different take on mermaids, one I like. Thanks for putting mermaids in a positive spotlight...
Nefertirix's avatar
that's very brave :) I love it.
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
SnapCentino's avatar
Does this mean that the mermaids are terrorists? Or are they just the ultimate naval defense?
Ricebran's avatar
I can see at a picture of one piece story.
Still one of my top 3 all-time favorite works of mermaid art. The only criticism is that you don't do more of them; amazing composition, understanding of light and motion. Thank you for exhibiting your talents.
AnAspieInPoland's avatar
And then the torpedo blew up.
ultimatede's avatar
this is amazing!
Brandonstarr's avatar
Your work is amazing!
Sinclair-milo's avatar
This is really a kind act.
sooner-or-later's avatar
Incredible! This give me some inspiration for write something
Neelai's avatar
SerenaVampire734's avatar
Their hair is really fantastic! The lighting is very cool too :D
sandcastler's avatar
Your mermaids have the sexiest tails! I love the look of the upper mermaid with the shape of a human ass under the tail skin. I love how graceful the tails look, too. I wish these mermaids has the webbed fingers like your 'hunting' mermaid!!
OMGGGGGG!!!! great job man
tilwen's avatar
and that, children, is how we won the war...
great concept!
moramike's avatar
woooww! nice!
moramike's avatar
woooooowwww!! nice!
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