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Baba Yaga

Russian baba-yaga travels in stupa together with the cat
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WONDERFUL!   I found this on the internet and tracked it back to here. It is now a favorite of mine!
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Okay... why the cat makes me thing of SS troops?
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Вспомнился при взгляде на арт мульт "Фантазёры из деревни Угоры" - там Баба Яга своего кота звала Мяучером. От слова Маузер, наверное. Этот экземпляр еще мяузеристее. =)
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Anti- Aircraft sight on a Mauser broomhandle pistol; now THAT is hilarious!
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LOLOLOL!! Ohmy! *faints from all the laughter!*
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I really cannot decide what is best part..are that textures-so real,almost like I can touch them-, expressiosn, all those modernised things, or cat!
Also, what political aligment would he be?
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Steampunk-Версия Бабы Яги? Не фига себе!! И где нашол  кот такой шлем?
Waldemar-Kazak's avatar
на военном складе
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Прикольно! :D
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Bombs away, Baba Yaga. A cross between folk tail and tail kicker.

Nice worh.
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боевая бабуля, по-современному боевая)
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After centuries of being hunted by christians for witchcraft and spreding atheism and naytheism ( belief that God exist but doesn't care for us so we shouldn't go in church), and seeing good Jewish children being tortured by Nazi fanatics, Baba Yaga decided to start new movement to battle with them... the communism!
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Ze kat is ein little nazi, ja?

Aniway, good job and, the right eye is like Deadshoot zoom.
Hey is this print for sale by any chance? I tried looking on your website for it, but didn't have any luck. Please tell me it is!!!
Waldemar-Kazak's avatar
Write me about this.
Im ready talk about print.

Thank you
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Not the baba yaga I remember XD
Замечательные работы! Спасибо! Бабу-Ягу спёр себе на аватарку со ссылкой на Вас и Вашу страничку.
так бабка в люфтваффе была? понятненько
Waldemar-Kazak's avatar
кот. Бабка - анархистка
A sort of 'steampunk' Baba Yaga? How awesome!
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Я бы скорее яказал... Баба-Яга в тылу врага... Издание 1942 гг...
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Очень такая технологичная Баба Яга, явно полагается не только на свою волшбу =)
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