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CD jacket design

CD artwork "The Navigator"London... with Nipponaisuki

Nipponaisuki say..

this guy's beats are raw, street urban but with a soulful touch and an inspired mix of styles.

The commission was for his new album, out the be released soon (date to be confirmed)
The artwork is street urban, futuristic yet with a ancient tone and representing influences that are present in his music.

The backside sleeve I've collaborated with Calligrapher Hiroko Fukuda of Wakoshi to design artwork with a deep message of the concept of the Navigator in a chaotic world.

The Navigator(ロンドン)のCDジャケットを製作しました。
The Navigator (
website: (
His label myspace (…)
遊筆展 Exhibition of her arts.(10.Mar-28.Mar)
◎Gallery Maple 画廊喫茶メイプル
Hiroko(wakoshi)has an exhibition.(10.Mar-28.Mar)

福田 博子 遊筆展
●時 間:11:00~18:00
●会 場:埼玉県入間市大字野田953-10 ●Map
●TEL 04-2932-3723
New Online art ""
Putting some artworks up on our Society6 account.…


Society6 is where artists promote each others' work, and collaborate with brands to create and sell collectible art.

Artwork is available for sale as a Print!!

*ジグレー版画とは、高デジタル技術で原画をデーター化して、 原画を忠実に再現した複製版画です 。
Collaboration artwork(Blueprint Electronic!!) with Nipponaisuki

Blueprint Electronic!!


Nipponaisuki(Carlos-san) say…

It was originally a painting I did a while ago but been wanting to re-do it as a digital I completely started from scratch and re-worked it, adding calligraphy created especially for the piece by amazingly talented Hiroko-Fukuda of Wakoshi...
The calligraphy reads within translation: "Riding to the dream"
and the front sticker reads: "One chance-one meeting" with connections to philosophy and tea ceremony.

This is a more personal piece with the message of looking toward new age--pushing towards accomplishing dreams and appreciating the moment now.

The character is part of a complex story I have started creating which involves many of my characters. She is the assassin "White Tiger"...which co-incidentally coincides with this new age being year of the Tiger!

So Hope you all like!
掲載!! Nipponaisuki イギリスの雑誌Neo magazine

Nipponaisuki(Carlos-san with our collaboration) artwork's featured in Neo magazine.

「イギリスの雑誌:Neo magazine」にNipponaisuki(Carlos-san)が"Best of Western Talent"としてインタビューされ、

*Neo magazineは、欧米の雑誌としては、アジアンコンテンツ(漫画、アニメ、アジア映画、ゲームなど)として一番有名な雑誌です。

You can get limited edition prints below url .(作品は、こちらから購入できます)……

Neo magazine, the leading Western magazine for Asian orientated coolness, featuring the hottest manga & Uk manga, anime, Asian films, games, plus loadz more!...has featured Nipponaisuki in its "Best of Western Talent" feature showcasing some of my most loved works and a short interview!
New artworks up to New Online art gallery
(@ Gallery Tagboat

gallery TAGBOATインターネットアートギャラリーに参加しました。
Please check below URL.…

現代アート販売のgallery TAGBOAT。

@ Gallery Tagboat has belonged to M-out Inc. which is provided leading services in Internet Gallery of Contemporary Arts, Customization and Reform of Jewelry Services and Kids Base Camp Project. Established in October 2003, @ Gallery Tagboat is Japan's largest online galleries and is currently engaged in sales and purchase of contemporary arts. It deals with 1,300 works, including print art, painting and photographs, ranging from representative works of International famous artists to those of young Japanese artists. We have large inventory, especially print arts.
On September1, 2008, Gallery TAGBOAT Inc, as a wholly owned subsidiary of M-out Inc established and starts the comtemporary arts business taking over all specifications of M-out's Fine Arts Department(@ Gallery Tagboat).
After a long wait and a lot of challenges, LAMINATE is finally happening.

Nipponaisuki(Juan-Carlos Cambon-san with our collaboration) と
日英ファッション誌「ラミネート(LAMINATE MAGAZINE)」の創刊号が出版されました。

You can get below..……
Nipponaisuki(Carlos-san with our collaboration) artwork's featured in LAMINATE magazine!!

Nipponaisukiと合作した稲荷と鶴が「ラミネート(LAMINATE MAGAZINE)」に掲載されました。

You can get limited edition prints by art-meter.(作品は、こちらから購入できます)…

The new magazine is showing new and fresh artists from London & Tokyo...

We have the 1st page, middle page and last page...
this is great exposure

Please check…

LAMINATE is a magazine that dedicates itself to fresh and acclaimedcreators from the Uk-Japan- Art-design-Fashion fields and pretty muchmixing all three together, with its main focus bridging the distancebetween London and Tokyo creatives.

その名も、「ラミネート(LAMINATE MAGAZINE)」。
日本ベースに活動するシンガポール出身のフォトグラファー、レスリー・キー(Leslie Kee)が、

Carlos-san said ===================================
I'm so happy how the artwork works with the magazine as a wholeand represents the UK-Japan Illustrative element with my artworksshowcasing my collaboration with amazingly skillfull Hiroko Fukuda ofWakoshi who has become an exciting part of Nipponaisuki's run up. Theartworks selected for the magazine are "Kitsune" "Grateful Crane""Spirited Akemi"...these are my more traditional Japanese inspiredpieces that I feel sit so well with the traditional /modern Tokyofashion and design elements!

The magazine goes out on sale today and will be in selected stores as well as being sold in stores in Japan!
If its already caught your interest...have a look and check out my artworks!!

Sograteful I have these cool announcements to make and stay tuned forhopefully more LAMINATE work in the pipeline as well as some otherexciting projects I'm working night, day and weekend on!
New artworks of pictures... in two Gallery
Please check below...

1)Gallery in old solitary house constructed at prewar days.…

2)Gallery Inoue(in 1F Hall of )…
遊筆展(Yu-hitsu) Exhibition of her arts

Hiroko(wakoshi)have an exhibition of her arts.
Gallery Inoue(in 1F Hall of )

福田 博子 遊筆展

吹き抜けの天井、1階席、2階席で約134名収容と小規模でお洒落なホール、そこにあるのは、世界3大ピアノといわれているベーゼンドルファー、スタンウェン、ベヒシュタイン、なかでも鍵盤が鳴るといわれる ベヒシュタインが置かれています。

●会 場:埼玉県入間市下藤沢494-1 フォーラム武蔵藤沢ビル 西武池袋線「武蔵藤沢駅」西口駅前
遊筆展 Exhibition of her arts.(7.Nov-28.Nov)
Hiroko(wakoshi)have an exhibition of her arts.(7.Nov-28.Nov)
Gallery in old solitary house constructed at prewar days.…

福田 博子 遊筆展
●時 間:10:30~18:00
●会 場:茨城県筑西市薬師町甲74

308-0021 茨城県筑西市薬師町甲74
TEL 0296-22-3589


New artworks(with nipponaisuki) keyrings...etc

New artworks(with nipponaisuki) Online art gullery  ; 14:26
New artworks(with nipponaisuki) up to Online art gullery.


First collaboration with UK artist. "Juan-Carlos Cambon from Nipponaisuki"

Please check below url.…………
Nipponaisuki(First collaboration with UK artist "Juan-Carlos Cambon from Nipponaisuki) artwork chosen as one of the winning entries!

Grateful Crane entry has been announced as one of the winning entries!

Juan-Carlos Cambon gets to be part of the Japan Matsuri happening soon on the 19th Sept here in London!

There will be A1 posters of artwork posted around the festival as well as a stall and an exhibition!