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Rainbow Power Ponies by benybing
<span class="">In my opinion, my little pony Friendship magical animated cartoon is a great and interesting.

</span><span class="">across a great story to it because you could go for one who will have to pony princess and friends and gain wisdom from which it will be a great princess.

and friends are masterpieces and wise men and Twilight Sparkle Princess Celestia is taught by great leader of the National Pony Empire.

and also many interesting adventures like Twilight Sparkle, trying to go through in Ponyville and Equestriában.

helping me to Twilight Sparkle Prince Nobe knowledge or inclination of the Friends of Iran and abilities are loyalty

Twilight Sparkle Princess acquaintances with many friends are also great and interesting properties.</span>
<span class="">

Map of Equestria ***For Reference Only*** by tunipeace

<span class="">In my opinion, a wonderful beautiful Equestria Pony National Empire which in my opinion a lot of nice and interesting lives Pony, pony when I boutos ones that you travel all over Equestria amazing.</span>

<span class="">And gets to know many nice ponies, but now I write down my opinions.

This is a great and wonderful and true cartoon series ahpl you can watch a lot of exciting and interesting adventure.</span>
<span class="">2014th 01 01

Today Balazs Beöthy Kat Empire State President holds a new word the first year , which includes the following :

Dear Kat's 2014 Citizens of the Imperial Order and Kat will be the year of reform and political decisions , something the New Testament is a wonderful magic Empire.

Approaching the 2015 elections to announce that I will go to Prospect KNSWPM Cat Empire State President as a poster and ask the rest of Kat's political parties and movements to honor oil 2015 election campaign .

Starting today, Kat and the Imperial Parliament the basis of the present work is also the most for opposition to the more up - Kat's National Freedom Party opposition Nationalist Party ( KNNFP ) and Kat Conservative Party will keep the ruling party .

The Socialist Party will Kat Kat and keep the opposition in Parliament only a few , Parliament will accept pre- Imperial Cat in the 2015 Budget and also some important laws

The Cat Empire Parliamentary Work 2014th February 3 - up . Kat takes after the next sitting of Parliament 2014th He'll be starting September 1, December 1 - up . then

2014 , 01 03

Kat today officially announces the National Freedom Party opposition Nationalist Party ( KNNFP ) that Kat Kat Imperial election alliance with the National Socialist Workers Party Movement ( KNSWPM ) by 2015 - in Imperial Cat Coalition government would then be created

Kat is still the Imperial Parliament , many laws have been adopted in many of the speeches also said the Opposition Kat Kat Imperial governmental parties also submits a bill for a couple , which will then be adopted in September .

2014th 01 05

Today it started the election campaign for all Kat Party the most number of cities Kat National Socialist Workers Party Movement ( KNSWPM ) as lead to additional cities, and the Cat National nationalist Freedom Party Opposition Party ( KNNFP ) at the Kat Democratic Party ( KDP ) and Kat Republican party ( KRP ) lead candidates lagging behind the two most powerful party

2014th 01 09

On this day, the Kat Empire State President Balázs Beöthy the beautiful countryside in a house called Kat speak, the Imperial Conservative Government Ministers and the Imperial Army generals Kat Kat and the Imperial Millicia leaders and commanders .

The meeting will last for 5 days .

2014th 01 15

Today is the Imperial Generals Kat Kat is a military exercise off the Kat Empire State President.

Maneuver the end of the military parade held in the CKat t Empire State President , the Government and Members of the other senior guests.</span>
<span class="">
The Kat Empire Research Center found interesting things in the Music Galaxy , which is as follows:

It rises establish that the universe is vast Cartoon skimming off the other Galaxy also includes a pair of the world like planet Earth , but is there one that you recently found at the Imperial Kat  spacecraft .

The inhabitants of this planet and the Ponies seem a kind of living in the Kingdom or Empire seems to be the country's name : Equestria , it is clear that the popular forces or magic and spells are the most powerful.

We need to kill the Imperial Kat Conservative Government , after careful observation for a few years to rise up and take this Pony diplomatic relations with the Kingdom .


Today's ceremony took place in the National Socialist Workers Movement, Kat ( KNSWPM ) the new party's headquarters attended the ceremony , many of the party members and leaders .

The National Kat Nationalist Party for Freedom ( KNNFP ) announces that it will enter into a political alliance with the National Socialist Workers Party Movement Kat ( KNSWPM ) to the joint election Candidates can start and then the Coalition may occur.


The Kat Empire Conservative Government received a report of the Imperial Observatory Cartoon Kat universe , and as a Government , and as the nation's leading Balazs Beöthy Kat decided that the leaders agree to Kat Imperial Observatory .

The Kat Empire Conservative government who gave the command of the Imperial Observatory Kat leaders to engage in mapping other planets in the universe Cartoon systems.


Today announces the Socialist Workers Movement, Kat Communist Party to disband not reached a prestigious backing ,

The Kat's Democratic Party ( KDP ) and Kat Republican Party ( KRP ) is aware of the Kat Imperial Observatory to cover for and support the link -up opportunity for Pony Kingdom with the support of Balazs Beöthy Kat Nation leader to accept the grants.

<span class="">
Today, the Galactic Empire, the whole Kat Kat Kat Christmas is celebrated all Imperial Civil and Political Parties Kat too.

Every citizen is Kat Empire or the New Year's Eve Kat, Kat Kat Government and all political parties and movements Happy New Year's Eve and New Year wishes for the next year the Evening Celebration.</span>
<span class="">2013th October. 01

Kat was born agreement at the National Socialist Workers Party Movement (KNSWPM) and Balazs Beöthy Kat among the nation's leading Imperial Current Kat Kat will offer the Imperial Imperial Presidency for National Director.

Meanwhile, Kat's Social Democratic Party (KSDP) office where there's a Kat in the National Democratic Party (KNDP) Joint press conference will be held, due to the fact that the Kat Nation leader met with the far-right party leaders and parliamentary candidates is made ​​of two Kat opposition party elite winter in encounters

2013th October. 10

The National Socialist Workers' Party Cat People (KPNSWP) Fuhrer Herman Kat Kat more and more talk of the town and the people and the Kat Kat citizens, and so the party is becoming more and more popular.

The National Socialist Kat People's Labour Party (KPNSWP) Fuhrer Herman Kat it also announced that it was the National Socialist Kat People's Labour Party (KPNSWP) 100 basic organization of the Kat  Empire Main planet and the party also plans to make the occupied areas and Found grassroots organizations.

2013th October 25

Today, the Socialist Party of Kat Kat wrote a letter to Reich Minister of the Interior styling to act hard all ears Ultra-Kat against the National Socialist Movement and associations.

If you do not want to take up certain that the far right will be in power in the 2015 elections Kat

</span><span class="">2013th October . 30

Today there are two parts of the city Kat also held a public forum as a new Fascist Movement Party ( KNFPM ) and Kat Democratic Party ( KDP ), the police ensured both Kat Kat Peace event assistant .

According to the news from Kat Kat was a citizen of the new Fascist Movement Party ( KNFPM ) public forum like Kat Democratic Party ( KDP ) public forum.

The answer Kat Kat Reich Minister of the Interior wrote to the Socialist Party Presidential Cabinet , which includes the following :

Dear Kat Kat Socialist Party Presidential Cabinet of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is able to take action against the extremists Kat if you offend it has not happened yet.

2013th November . 05

On this day, the city had two Kat Kat National Socialist Parade and speeches as well.

The Kat Mezőföldi town, where the National Socialist Mayor Kat Kat there is a parade in the National Socialist Workers Party Movement ( KNSWPM ) and held talks

The other city Kat Kat Kat foothills Conservatives in the city where the Mayor , the National Socialist Workers' Party Kat People ( KPNSWP ) speeches and a parade is held .

2013th November . 13

These more recent events in the Sun's atmosphere Kat National Socialist Workers Party Movement ( KNSWPM ) announced the Nep Kat is as follows: Dear Kat Kat and Néptáraim People's Co- nőim 2013th 10th 01 - I agreed the national leader of the Movement for the Imperial Kat Kat the National Socialist Workers' Movement ( KNSWPM ), it will then be marked and Kat Reich President for 5 years .

But unfortunately this is not like the Socialist Party Kat Kat and the Social Democratic Party ( KSDP ) Kat the National Democratic Party ( KNDP ) - for

Only the Kat Democratic Party ( KDP ), the Republican Party ( KRP ) and Kat New Fascist Movement Party ( KNFPM ) support the proposal.

2013th November . 19

The Kat Empire Parliamentary Working January 2014. 01, 01 - I begin the next Kat Kat House Party, there are :
- Kat Conservative Party, the ruling party
- Opposition Socialist Party Kat
- Kat Liberty National Nationalist Party Opposition

Many important bills will then Kat Imperial Parliament adopted in 2014 - was

2013th November . 28

Today, the National Party renamed Kat Kat nationalist National Freedom Party ( KNNFP ) .

And Kat is one of the most interesting research spacecraft has found a solar system based on the signals it is asking a great Cartoon Universe skimming off the Imperial Research Centre for permission to Kat Kat Kat and Head of Imperial Nations Imperial Government in the further research.

Balazs Beöthy National Director Kat Kat and the Conservative government to support the Cartoon Universe for mapping .</span>

<span class="">2013th November. 30

Today, the National Socialist Workers' Movement, Kat (KNSWPM) announced that due Kat collected money to the Imperial Court of New Party House are able to participate in the capital, the New Democratic Party Headquarters Renovation takes time in 2014 - will be all ready to go.

The Socialist Party, it was a Kat Kat Kat's response to the Minister of the Interior Reich Party is not satisfied with the answer.

Today, the Deputy Head of the National Kat opened the first conservation area in the Kat Empire.

Earlier today in the Imperial Kat Kat Aviation Minister unveiled the Conservative government and Balazs Beöthy nation's leaders have yet to develop 200 new and Kat Imperial starships and space fighter ships.

Kat was the Conservative government and the nation's leading Balazs Beöthy satisfied with their presentation.</span>
<span class="">2013.Szeptember.1

Today at the alapítódták Kat Nazi Movement is a group of radical right-wing radical Kat, Kat the Nazi Führer Movement will soon be reported in the Movement.

Kat each party<span class="">, which</span> is not in the Imperial Parliament Kat when Kat is stored in the Nazi Movement, onwards.


The Kat's Conservative government who gave the command to Kat Interior Minister to take all possible steps to ensure that we are soon to be banned the far-right Nazi Movement Kat.

The Nazi Movement Kat announced Führer of the Movement who, in the name of Herman Kat

The Fuhrer Herman Kat Dean of the Inaugural Congress of the Movement 1:

Dear Kat Kat and fellow Néptársnőim People's Movement members and on this day it was a great movement, whose aim will be to win the 2030 election and into government.

2030 will be a lot of basic organization of the Nazi Movement Kat 2029 - and will be in the Kat Kat is going to become a Nazi Movement 2 Movement Party Congress but until then will have a lot to do.


Kat brought up the Nazi movement in coal-base organization that Kat 20 counties and seems to stem coal is currently 119 members of the Nazi movement in Kat

</span><span class="">2013th September. 12

Kat's National Socialist Workers Party Movement (KNSWPM) Bureau announced that Kat made ​​the National Radical Movement membership, 86 Kat with the number 831 in the National Socialist Workers Party, the largest party Movement for Kat Empire.

Kat's National Socialist Workers Party Movement (<span class="">KNSWPM</span>) Bureau announced that the Chancellor Kat-Kat candidate at the top of this Empire.

2013th September. 17

The Kat's National Democratic Party (KNDP) and the Social Democratic Party, Kat (KSDP) agreed in, you will then start to Kat Kat in the current Parliament elections 2020 election candidates and the Joint Opposition party will launch a separate Kat candidates.

Today it held its first congress of the new Kat Fascist Movement Party (KNFPM)

Kat soon to begin a new fascist movements of the Congress Party Congress one, come all National Socialist Kat main body delegated to the provinces, the counties and the cities of the hotels will be decided at the Congress:

1 Delegates vote to re-build trust his Leader and Chairman of the Movement
2 accept the 2015 election Movement Kat program
3 to vote for who should be the first candidate for Chancellor Kat
4 Kat basic neo-fascist organization elected new presidents

The next decision you reach

1 Delegates vote of confidence in the former Chairman of
2 accept the 2015 election Movement Kat program
3 Kat is a vote for the first candidate for Chancellor, whose name is Attila Herr Kat
4 to 3 Kat chose the neo-fascist organizations fund new presidents

2013th September. at 25

The Socialist Party Kat fears that Kat's 2015 parliamentary elections and the Far Left Wing Movements and Political Parties Dali Kat Kat will be part of the Imperial parliament.

This is not due to start in 2015, the Socialist Party of Kat Kat elections</span>

<span class="">2013th September . 28

Kat the National Socialist Workers Party Movement ( KNSWPM ) huge parade held in the capital city after the procession Kat 's speech have been made of the following speeches were :

Kat's National Socialist Workers Party Movement ( KNSWPM ) Chancellor - designate Joseph Herr Kat

Kat and 5 more National Socialist parliamentary candidate at a speech at the Capital Kat citizens.

2013th September . 30

Balazs Beöthy Imperial Kat Kat rights for the nation's leading security forces and Kat Imperial Parliament will soon adopt the law is more important .

Kat and Balazs Beöthy Imperial National Director receives the Presidential Palace, Joseph Herr Kat Kat and National Socialist Parliamentary Representative 5 - Labor Party candidate and Kat Kat experts of the National Socialist Movement of Workers' Movement ( KNSWPM ) President and candidate for Chancellor as well.

Meanwhile, Kat Nazi movement one more soapbox speeches and the Kat citizens and grassroots organizations also fund the Kat Empire 's cities.

The Kat Kat Democratic Party and the Republican Party is concerned about the look of Kat Kat Far-right party National Socialist Workers Movement, strengthening , but the left wing of the Socialist Party Dali Kat Communist Workers Party movement is strengthening .

Latest News on Kat arrives at the National Socialist Workers Party Movement ( KNSWPM ) delegation Kat Imperial Palace of the President for Economic and Policy Meeting will be held are moving .

More are expected in evening

New news for Kat's name became Nazi movement , the movement now called the National Socialist Workers' Party Kat People ( KPNSWP )

According to a recent on measurements of Kat's National Socialist Workers Party Movement ( KNSWPM ) the most powerful movement in addition to the Kat Imperial Parliament in the second , and the National Socialist Kat People's Labour Party ( KPNSWP ) third Kat Democratic Party ( KDP ) and Kat Republican Party ( KRP ) and four of the new Fascist Movement Party ( KNFPM )

The weakest Kat parties outside the Imperial Parliament Kat Kat Socialist Workers Movement, the Communist Party of the second Kat's Social Democratic Party ( KSDP ) and third in Kat's National Democratic Party ( KNDP )</span>
2013th February. 2

Today, the nation's leading Beöthy Balazs Kat Empire Kat Empire Act shall submit to the Parliament, as follows:

The suggestion that the 2015 elections, the Democratic Kat Kat Kat Imperial People's response to the President, just as the First Reich Chancellor Kat.

The bill to the Party and the Government Kat Kat Kat Nationalist Party supports the Socialist Party, is not supported.

The new law adopted by the Parliament Kat ruling party and an opposition party

2013th February. 3

Slowly increases the Galactic Empire Kat Kat regionals in the National Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Party, Kat, but Kat is still in the National Socialist Workers Party Movement is one of the strongest Movement Party of the Galactic Empire.

The Kat's National Socialist Workers Party Movement candidate for Chancellor Herr Joseph Kat Kat A growing number of public forums, rallies held in cities Kat.

2013th February. 5

The Kat Kat and the Labour Party People's Democratic Party announced that they are not successful dissolved noble citizen to convince Kat to join party.

The two leaders of Kat Expárt also announced that Kat is not starting a new party.

2013th February. 8

More New food factory was built, and where fish and other tasty food prepared teeth.

The Cat food manufacturers, supports Imperial Kat Conservative Government.

2013th February. 11

The Kat Empire Galactic basic organization more, and the basis for Kat Kat Democratic Republican Party, who in 2020 - he will start the Kat elections.

Currently, many members of two Kat Party:

Democratic Party Kat 89 KatTag
Republican Party Kat 95 Kat Tag

The extreme left of the party, Kat Dali Communist Party, the Socialist Workers Movement: 55 Kat is a member of

2013th February. 15

Two of the party, Kat Kat Kat's National Democratic Party and the political alliance with the Social Democratic Party to form a coalition government if the government are going to morphology.

They also agree on a common first Chancellor Kat-Kat candidates will be launched in the 2015 elections.

2013th February. 27th

The Kat's National Socialist Workers Party candidate for Chancellor, Herr Josef Movement campaign kőrútra Kat Kat starts every city and province will hold public forums and Kat Kat rallies will be held.

2013th February. 28

Today Beöthy Balazs Kat to send the nation's leading Imperial Kat Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Avian Empire to negotiate a Galactic Alliance.

The Cat Empire after the Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Birds of the Democratic Republic of the Lion goes to negotiate with the local government on the Galactic Alliance.

2013th March. 4th

Latest news from the Lion's Democratic Republic, the military government announced that State joins Galactic Alliance.

Recent News Bird Empire Republican Government announced that State joins Galactic Alliance.

The two heads of State, the President of the Democratic Republic of the Lion and the Bird of the prime minister Empire to sign the Federal Kat contract the Galactic Empire's capital.

The two state leaders 2013th March. I signed a 10 contract.

2013th March. Ten

Huge celebrations of the Kat Empire Two of the Head of State, Head of State of the two honor guard Kat received.

Marched up to the podium in front of the armed forces and Kat Kat Millicia, and Balazs Beöthy Kat Empire Two of the nation's leading announces head of state, before I opened the city's two main Kat state's first embassy.

The Pact is a Federal contract or evening, the President of the Imperial Palace, Grand Hall, Kat was signed.

2013th March. 15

A Kat Kat polls show the Socialist Workers Party National Movement for a chance to form a government after the 2015 elections, Hassan.

Kat get into the Imperial Parliament for the opposition parties in the next Kat:

- Kat's National Socialist Workers Party Movement, the ruling party as Kat
- Kat's New Fascist Movement Party (opposition)
- Kat's National Democratic Party (opposition)
- The Kat's Social Democratic Party (opposition)

Next to the parties and shall not be included in the 2015 parliament Kat Empire:

- Kat Conservative Party
- Kat's Socialist Party

2013th March. 18

Kat Kat 10 important city in the National Socialist Movement, Labour Party's candidate for Chancellor Imperial Citizens vote for Kat.

But Kat does not like to see Kat Kat's National Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Party's candidate for Chancellor would win.

Perhaps the new fascist movement Kat Kat Party candidate for Chancellor has a great chance of winning, and if that fails, you will be offered the Kat Coalition National Movement for Socialist Workers' Party to form a government, if it occurs.

2013th March. 20

Kat is now the Socialist Party and the Communist Party's political alliance with Kat to 2020 - will be launched in a joint candidates in the elections.

Today is another mass meeting held in the National Socialist Workers Party Movement, Kat, Kat where many National Socialist parliamentary candidate, and the National Socialist Workers Party Movement Kat Chancellor - are also spoken.

                        The story continues in September
First Kat to clean the Legislature of the extreme parties.

Second Kat recovery of Public Safety

3 Kat Paramilitary militia organizations ban.

4th to reform the army and the Kat Kat police.

5th Kat cry out in the Republic.

6th Prohibit all Kat Kat and the National Socialist and Communist parties.

7th Social Democratic Party of Kat Kat to establish the Constitutional Court.
8th NEW Kat diplomatic relations in construction.

9th Kat is the President of the Republic elected by the Parliament.

10th Kat's new Constitution Making
First Kat cry out to Imperial Republic
Second National Democratic Party of Kat Kat is Start-Chancellor candidate, whose name is Francis Kat
Third What if the National Democratic Party, Kat is the government doing everything to the extreme right of Kat Kat and the extreme left-wing movements to keep Kat Off Prescription hozástól.

4th if we ban the National Democratic Party, Kat Kat Paramilitary militia movements, and who built the Imperial Galactic Republic Kat lawful police.

5th it is converted to the Statutory Boly Main Kat Kat National Citizens'

6th permissions will then be given to the Government of the National Democratic Kat Kat is the first Imperial Chancellor of the Republic.

7th will decrease and the Government of the National Democratic Kat Kat military spending

8th Democratic elections in 2015, Kat Kat hopes to tip the National Democratic Party, will be able to work with other democratic parties and the Parliament, Kat, Kat and if only the National Democratic Party and the Democratic Party will be there, all the co-operation in the Democratic instructs others are not, befriend.

But I know the National Democratic Party, Kat, Kat there is only one right inside the Democratic Party is outside of us in this Parliament, Kat, Kat and the Social Democratic Party, and with whom we will work.

9th will improve and the Government of the National Democratic Kat Kat public transport

10th Kat at the National Democratic Government will reform the military of the Republic of Kat Empire.
Kat is one of state power to gain.

2 remains a person of the President Kat Kat and Prime Minister.

3 New Kat Fascist Movement Party also promises to set Kat will lead the Racial Laws.

4 a crow minority koncetrációs camps or to instruct them in the areas of Kat's Galactic Empire.

5 of Kat's new Fascist Party Movement will continue its war of conquest in the Kat Galaxy.

6 all opposition parties to Kat Kat will disable the Galactic Empire.

7 We will improve public safety for Kat.

8 of the Statutory Public Security Kat Kat Millicia above will keep the whole Kat Galactic Empire.

9 will increase and the fascist government of Kat Kat war industry level.

10 All Imperial Kat citizen, you will keep the laws and the Constitution of Kat Kat Imperial Fascist Government.

The Socialist Party Parliamentary Kat Kat Imperial dissolving with retroactive effect requires the Conservative government to step up to the hard-Far Resistance Kat Party National Socialist Movement.

They claim that the Socialist Party Parliamentary dissolving with retroactive Kat Kat Imperial Government on Conservative Home Secretary to take all legal Kat spleen, the cross that we are soon to be banned Kat Party National Socialist Movement.

The Kat Empire Conservative government has issued a notice which includes the following: the Ministry of the Interior Kat Kat does not deal with the demands of the Socialist Party.


Kat will soon begin to National Socialist Movement of the Congress of three Congress of National Socialist Kat come from all main body of the Delegates from the provinces, the counties and cities also will decide about the Congress:

First change this name to the Movement
Second Trust vote again on his Leader and President of Delegates of the Movement
Third acceptance of the 2015 election Kat Movement program
4th to vote for who should be the first candidate Kat-Chancellor
5th Kat base 3 National Socialist organization elect new president

The decisions on your next

First Kat is the new name for the National Socialist Movement Labour Movement
Second Delegates to the vote of confidence from his Leader and former President of
Third acceptance of the 2015 election Kat Movement program
4th to vote for the first candidate Kat-Chancellor, whose name is: Mr. Joseph Kat
5 elected to the National Socialist trusts Kat 3 new presidents


All provinces and cities Kat Kat is preparing for the Christmas and the new year, the Presidential Palace, Imperial Kat made  new year's celebration, which participate in the following parties and movements:

The Kat's National Socialist Workers Party members and leaders of the Movement
Kat's new Fascist Party Movement Leadership
The Kat's Nationalist Party Presidential Cabinet members
And a leader of the Liberal Party


The Kat People getting ready for the evening festivities Kat Empire series and the Presidential Palace are preparing for the New Year celebration, or even at the banquet.

The New Year's celebration, or there will be a banquet at the Imperial National Beöthy Balazs Kat Martin Kat Sandro leader and Deputy National Director and the other to be called Kat.


Kat Kat inform the Government of the people, that what they are there for Couples Kat Kat Imperial Parliament.

Kat and the Conservative Party is the ruling party
The Nationalist Party Kat
The Socialist Party Kat

The Kat Empire's ruling party will soon be in new laws approved by the Parliament, Kat.

The Opposition Couples Kat is to be submitted, bills.


The Kat's National Socialist Workers Party Movement more Kat public forums held around the Kat Main Bolyai and the rest of Kat ranges, so Kat's National Socialist Labor Party Movement 1 Air stronger Movement for Kat Galactic Empire, two of Kat's New Fascist Movement Party, 3 Kat Social Democratic Party and Kat Liberal Party of 4


Today, 15: 00 - at a huge rally will be held in the National Socialist Labor Party Movement, Kat, and I will speak to the leader of the Movement for the President and the Chancellor, Herr Joseph Kat Party candidates, and a few control too.

The general assembly of the Imperial Guard and Kat Kat Millicia members will be provided

On this day, the Liberal Party today Kat 2 enforces their congress at which he gave the name of a new opposition party, Kat Kat is the new name of the National Democratic Party.

The New Democratic Party Ideology:
national conservatism
Christian Democracy

The Kat's National Democratic Party. All it does to 2015 - included in the legislation or the Kat Kat Imperial Parliament.

The Kat Empire Election Commission Communication to the 20-point election program must not sufficient for the 10-point program, but the Electoral Movement Party or if you want to create a 20-point election program.

3 Important held today Kat Kat City Mayor and the Parliamentary Election.

Now news is good for all 3 languages ​​over the city is a high Kat wins the National Socialist Workers Party:

Kat pointed to the Earth's cities: Kat National Socialist Mayor
Represented by the National Socialist government representatives Kat 5, Kat 3 Kat 4-fascist National Democratic Representative municipal government representatives.

Seaside town Kat: Kat's National Socialist Mayor
Represented by the National Socialist government representatives Kat 5, Kat 3 Social Democratic government representatives, local government representatives Democratic National Kat 4.

Kat Leisure Valley City: National Socialist Mayor Kat
Represented by the National Socialist government representatives Kat 5, Kat 3 Social Democratic government representatives, four National Democratic Kat Kat 4 Fascist government representatives and government representatives.
First The National Socialist Movement for Kat tries to answer the special, Kat Kat Imperial Imperial President and the Prime Minister's post and think it is creating a new post, and the post-Kat Reich Chancellery.

Second Improving Public Safety in New Kat Kat Empire State Security Ministry to bring up.

Third Kat created a new Imperial Guard Bringing whose names will be to: Kat Imperial Guard Movement.

4th Any Kat Party will be banned who do not Kat Empire State side.

5th If we get any government of a minority group who harms the citizens of Kat Empire, it will be toloncoljuk the Galactic Empire, the territory permanently Kat

6th and if government is, if you keep all the areas in which the nation's leading Kat and Kat's what the Conservative Government of the conquerors.

7th The Agriculture Cleanup Kat Kat and rich natural resources to defending at all costs.
8th Kat, the more we will support primary producers, if government is.

9th when it comes to creating the National Socialist Government Kat Kat by referendum, and decide whether to continue their conquest of the galaxy.

10th Every citizen has the right True Kat Empire proposals will then hand over the coming National Socialist Government Kat.

11th Kat People is a legitimate election in which the independent monitors can participate at will.

12th All Kat Imperial citizen to the same rights and duties.

13th Kat the a Kat Empire State shall ensure the Kel establishment of a system of public education.

14th any and all newspaper editors to all employees, which appears in a language only Kat Kat People's Companions, be.

15th National demand for Kat needs of land reform laws imple mentation on the market, the world public purposes.

16th We demand ruthless war against anyone who violates the public interest activities of the Cat People Against Community toloncolása a crime punishable offense.

17th with the elements to prevent further migration of the non-Kat Kat Galactic Empire.

18th Ing the National Socialist Movement is convinced Kat People's happiness is only on the grounds that we can ensure that the best interests of the community to prevent with individual interests.

19th Kat's powers to the new Parliament will vote on the first Chancellor of the Galactic Empire, Kat.

20th the Imperial President Kat Kat Parliament dissatisfaction with the operation of the law will be dealt with effectively by the Parliament and Kat Kat enter new elections.

The Imperial Parliament, the Opposition Kat Kat Kat Parties or the Socialist Party and the Liberal Party is not supported 3 Kat Kat Törtvényt ruling party.

Two of Kat Kat Opposition Party of 5 bill in the Imperial Parliament Kat.


Beöthy Balazs Kat Empire to Nation leader named Aaron Straw called Kat Kat was the Imperial Army brigade Commander People who came up with the proposal for a National Kat Empire minority leader of the crows.

The crow Minority emigrate to the Bird Empire 109 Imperial citizenship Kat asked what Kat Reich Ministry of the Interior will accept it.


The Kat Empire Aaron Straw People's Army brigadier The following suggestions Beöthy Balazs said Kat Imperial Nation Leader: re-education camps would be established there are varjúkat, sending people who commit some crime and the Kat People Kat Empire state.

Beöthy Balazs National Director at Imperial Kat Kat thinks the brigadier's proposal, the proposal shall contest the Conservative government and the Minister of Kat as well.


Today Beöthy Balazs Imperial National Director Kat Kat is a huge rallies soon will the Kat People.

The Kat Empire Ministry of National Minorities of 55 members allowed the crows to the establishment of the Galactic Empire, Kat field, the crows will watch Kat Minority Reich Security Main Office and the Imperial Guard Cat.


Imperial Kat Beöthy Balazs nation's leading organization Sandro Martin celebrations Mighty Kat Imperial Deputy National Director honor.

The imperial capital Kat Kat and the other towns and villages and colonies were also great festive events held in honor of the Deputy Director of National Kat .


The Kat Kat and the Imperial Parliament Conservative Government will soon be in the process Minority Laws


The Kat's Conservative Government and the Ministers discussed the proposal of brigadier Kat reeducation camps, and supports the proposal of the nation's leading Imperial Beöthy Balazs Kat and Kat's Conservative Government and the Ministers are supported.

The re-education camps are entrusted to protect and manage it Millicia Free Kat Empire Team Aira the Imperial Guard is Kat.


The Conservative Government Kat Kat Marks spend a total of two million in the construction of Detention camps.

The building itself is supervised by Kat brigadier.


Today Kat Kat Imperial Parliament decides on the Detention Camps establishing , for which two thirds Majority with the Opposition by Kat said that would vote 'no'.

The Conservative Party parliamentary group leader Kat Kat spoke in Parliament.


The National Socialist Movement Party Chairman Kat is also supporting the Government Brainwashing Kat camps and feel that many of the 2015 elections, the National Socialist Kat Representative will enter Parliament.


The Kat's National Socialist Movement, a new name will have it, and the National Socialist Kat Labour Movement, not a lot of Kat's National Socialist Movement to hold the three Congress by a number of party leaders also will sound and the Congress will be to answer the Movement for a new name as well.

Latest News

3 Important Kat Town Mayor and Assembly elections are coming soon, in the next municipal elections, the political parties and movements begin:

Kat Conservative Party
Kat's National Socialist Movement
Kat's new Fascist Party Movement
The Social Democratic Party Kat
The Liberal Party Kat

The Next 3 Kat Town Mayor will and the Parliamentary Election on 01/10/2013

Kat Pointed Fold City of Seaside City of Kat, Kat Leisure Valley, City of
today 09/30/2012 New Kat Kat's Party and the Movement founded by Empire, which of the following parties:

The Kat's Communist Party, the Socialist Workers Movement / far-left Democratic Party
The Democratic Party Kat / center-left Democratic Party
The Republican Party Kat / center-right party
The Labour Party Kat / center-left Democratic Party
The People's Democratic Party Kat / center-right party

This 5 New Party and the Movement of the 2015 elections, they did not start in the 2020 elections, and then depart.

The Kat Empire Election Committee announced that all the Party and the Movement, who started the 2015 elections with a 20-point election program of work.

The Election Programmes 01/09/2013 - up. to work with.
The Kat Empire People's Army Oath

The Kat Empire military oath as follows: St. oath accept that unconditional loyalty I serve Kat Empire nation's leading Beöthy Balázs and the Kat Empire Armed Forces Commander in Chief, I accept that there is always a brave soldier as I serve and the oath or my life at the price, keep it.

My country in the Galactic Empire and the Kat Kat peoples all possible means to defend against the enemy.

Imperial Kat ministerial oath

Solemnly to swear to it, Kat Reich minister of the Kat Nation For the benefit of a virágoztatására fractions based on the outside to swear to that set Keeps the Kat Imperial Constitution, support the President, the Prime Or Off nominated Kat nation's leading and honors in the Kat Empire, Laws of God I be on welfare.

The Kat Empire Millicia corps oath

What the Kat Empire Millicia team members are free I pledge allegiance to the leader and the National Kat Imperial Kat Imperial Government.

Our oath not breaking any image, the Kat Empire State to protect all citizens no matter what the enemy of God all are on welfare.
Today 09 01 2012 Kat is now the Imperial Diet was passed Ceremonial Oath frames between the first National Head Kat Empire State.

The ceremony at the Imperial Kat Among the extra-parliamentary parties and movements, and one representative may be present at the Festival of the oath:

Kat The National Socialist Movement leader, President of the Democratic Party candidates were represented

Kat is one of the Social Democratic Party member, who is also the Parliamentary Candidate

The Kat's Liberal Democratic Party nominee for Vice President Deputy leader, represented

The Kat's Fascist Movement Party New Democratic Party leader, President candidates were represented

I swore after all the parties and movements Congratulations to the new Imperial Kat Nation leader.

The Kat Empire march in front of the Presidential Palace Kat Empire after the People's Army, retiring members of the Imperial Guard and Kat Kat Millicia Finally, the corps members of the Imperial Beöthy Balazs Kat and Kat nation's leading generals and several high-ranking politicians and Representatives before.

Beöthy Balazs Kat Imperial Nations leadership issued the following statement:
01/09/2012 Today is now the Imperial Parliament Kat Kat combines the Imperial President and the Prime Minister post so 2015 - up. up comes the Kat Empire Nation leadership positions.

Beöthy Balazs, who was appointed by the National Assembly Kat Kat Imperial Imperial Nation leader means the following: the National Imperial Kat Kat is a leading post of the 2015 presidential election in the National Assembly - until. will.

The Kat's special election period and will be separated from Kat Kat Imperial Imperial President and the Prime Minister post.

But until then, everything I do to be a good leader for the National Kat Galactic Empire
And announces that he is the nation's leading Kat Empire instead of the new course and Kat Imperial Ministry of Interior as well.

And soon it is called the new Reich Minister of Foreign Affairs and the new Kat Kat Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs, Deputy well.

A good news came from the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kat outgoing Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that an agreement on non-aggression of the Galactic Empire, Kat Fish Bird and the Empire, and even a military alliance with the Kat Empire State.

The Kat Empire Kat First Nations leader will make a visit to the Empire, and the two will be talking to the two kingdoms of the Prime Minister and head of state or government and president.

With regard to the Galactic Empire, the path of peace Kat spleen.
But the nation's leading Imperial Kat Beöthy Balazs I promise you that by 2015 - People's Army from the Kat Empire will be invincible.

It is one of the two persons, who are two very important Reich Ministers Kat is one of the posts will be filled

Reich Minister of the Interior at New Kat ~ DollyTheKAT
The Kat Empire itself Deputy Minister of the Interior Reich Minister of the Interior of the new Kat is going to be called.

Kat and the new foreign minister Empire: Zob ~ Bob-Le-

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the New Reich Foreign Minister, Kat will be called out.

                              An era ended and a new one begins
                                             Era has
Today the 30/07/2012 of the Reich Security Main Office, Kat said to me, Kat Imperial Prime Minister, that the Bird Empire successfully tested the first space szódáját, which is directed towards the area of ​​the Galactic Empire, Kat.

The Kat Imperial Space Fleet assigned to the border with three well-equipped Space Cruiser, which will be the first space probe Empire Bird, the Kat Empire Minister Beöthy Balazs this act as a spy Kat Galactic Empire.

The Kat Empire Kat in the Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a written warning to the Government of the Empire of Birds, which includes the following:

Dear Bird to the Imperial Government knew that you were fired up a space probe, which is directed towards areas of Kat Galactic Empire with this act of espionage and war implements it, we call you to translate back to the probe.

It seems that you understood the message to Bird's empire, and turned back to the Bird Probe area of ​​the Empire.

After this incident, the Prime Minister's Kat Imperial Beöthy Balazs who gave a command, the Reich Security Main Office, Kat is now to monitor each step of the Bird Empire.
A typical day starts with and be well at breakfast together, collecting the important papers, Kat and I go to the Imperial Prime Minister's Office.

What when I am on the capital to view the wonderful Kat countryside and mountains, when it came to the Kat Imperial Prime Minister's Office has advised you to Kat my secretary that all new Kat Act and other important paper brings to me, what you are brought in Kat secretary of documents away, I began my work.

In the middle of the day to have done the courses to fit a large portion of time a call, I got Kat Empire from General, that you respect me, if you look at the Kat Imperial Army in a military exercise, I do so I said that okay even approach the Kat Imperial Army in a military practice.

The Kat Empire army exercises three hours was great was the Kat soldiers well in their work on this Army can be proud of, I told you my opinion on this Kat century, command of my mind and very dissatisfied was the answer to my I have said, keep it up.

The Closing of the Maneuver Kat Kat Imperial Kat Imperial Army on the retired prime minister and several senior generals and politicians before.

The day after I decided to go home early and rest for you.
News Today 07/20/2012

The Kat Empire Office of the President announced that President Amy Commander Kat on September 1, resigns post of President of the Imperial Kat back, Kat Imperial retire from politics.

The Kat Empire news of this Prime Minister will propose Kat Imperial Parliament, to September 1 - tol join the Kat Imperial Kat Imperial President and the Prime Minister post, so the emergence of the nation's leading post-Imperial Kat .

Balazs Beöthy Kat Imperial Prime Minister welcomed the Kat Imperial Kat Imperial Parliament in the National Manager position.

Latest News

The Kat Empire Prime  Minister Beöthy Balázs Who named Herr Heinrich Sándor Reich Propaganda Minister from Kat.

The first Kat Propaganda Minister promised to all of you doing a good rife Kat describe the Galactic Empire.

It is a new Ministry is Kat, Kat and the Imperial Ministry of Propaganda.

The Kat Empire Propaganda Ministry about the Kat in the Imperial Army to get more posters Incentive Kat Kat enter the Imperial Army.
Today 07/10/2012 Who leaked the information that Amy Presidential Kat Empire - Commander and Commander of the President to say you will resign.

And it seems that he will come up with a new Kat Imperial ministry.

Kat and the Imperial Conservative government announces that crude-rich asteroid fields were discovered in the Galactic Empire, Kat Kat Imperial Majesty space in the mining company, has registered the asteroid mine field, and it started out in production.

Brushed on by the conqueror, which is the Provincial of the Order of the Galactic Empire, Kat finally restored to the Prime Minister's Kat Imperial Guard command station can continue to Kat provinces, and to intervene as a last resort.