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MePhiJiCe Wallpaper

A new wallpaper =3

They are (left-right) Mew, Phione, Jirachi and Celebi ^___^

Hope you like it! :dance:

Mew, Phione, Jirachi and Celebi © Pokémon, Gamefreak.
Pic © *Wakki
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© 2007 - 2021 Wakki
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AbsoluteFanTrash's avatar
Awww, how cute!

 \ desu /
 ヽ(* ’ω’)ノ <ぶつけんぞ
    |  /   受け取れ
dororo-lc's avatar
celebi for the win
NickShutter's avatar
I like, I like. :3
eevee12319's avatar
I like manaphy better
signewton's avatar
... but why phione instead of manaphy?
Daddydgk's avatar
ITS ADORABLE! I always thought Manaphy would be in the group instead of phione...
MellyMaltesers's avatar

I know this sounds gay

but you could totally make a transformation stupid anime out of these guys!!!
KittyCatGirl-TBV's avatar
Beautiful job drawing all of them! Fave, definately!
Stephalou's avatar
d'awww how cute!
WorldTraveler128's avatar
wow! amazing! ^^ love that phione 8D im glad to see her instead of manaphy see gets too much attention XC
WorldTraveler128's avatar
Im happy that u put phione ^__^ SO CUTEE manaphy gets too much attention these days. o3o
StarlightSketches's avatar
so cute i really like this pic :)
PsychoMirage's avatar
This is so cute!! :)
Moondiver's avatar
... just a bit bigger would be perfect! I stopped to use a 15 inch 10 years ago!
AnimeLoverAimz's avatar
wow its lovely!!! I :heart: it!! :D

Which do you prefer? Phione or Manaphy? Just wondering lol cuz i see many people doin this and many have done Manaphy

:iconmanaphyplz: :iconphioneplz:
PhoebeHedgefox's avatar
*sets desktop* YES! YES!
Lovely. No words. Too good.
ZommYippy's avatar
que ternurita de lendarios ame a celebi x3, sigue asi
XoXVIETXoX's avatar
NightHuntress7's avatar
Awh this is too cute.:heart:
galacticpink's avatar
Zomg can I use this?

I want this as a wallpaper...*waaaannnttttssssss*

Pizza-niichan's avatar
I never noticed the legendary resemblance..
knilzy95's avatar
They are so cute....
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