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Rain Wood Beast - Dreams Of The End

Welcome to Rain Wood.

This is some concept art of another beast. I think the design will be changed quite a bit but I think it captures the dark grey/ brown dirty tones in rain wood. 

More art from Dreams Of The End -
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I was a rеаllу bаd giгl.

Punish mе with yоuг dicк in my mouth!


Looking foг hоoк uр with а stгаngеr!

Readу foг аnу expегiments!


Hi! Visit mу рagе in thе Sеx Сlub >

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Rain Wood Beast seems like he might be friendly

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He’s really fluffy really

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I can totally imagine this being a banger game

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What a nightmare 😱

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He's friendly if you just give him a pat on the head

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Well done.. Interesting textures on this creature. I like to watch Your artworks and listening music then.

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Oh cool! I sometimes do that too. With other peoples art

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F**k me gently with a chainsaw, then f**k me harder, this is beautifull and so creepy. It's giving me the chills. And yet... I think there's something more to it. Not just hatred. A longing perhaps, for something more, for the chance to become more than just an image in a dream, probably forgotten by the time the alarm clock sounds. To be real and be remembered and loved and feared.

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wow that was very beautiful

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Thank you. If you're ever interested I can help with the writing of lore. I've always liked that stuff. But, propositions apart, you're very good at this. Not every drawing inspires me to write something, even if it's this short. And the simple, yet perfect, style you have holds endless possibilities for stories.

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Yeah that might be useful actually. Maybe having little fragments of story you can find in game? Written on lost notes or something. That might be a good idea.

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Snippets. Like in Fallen London. Memories from the old world.

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Yeah that’s something that could be pretty cool to put in actually. I wouldn’t want to take up too much of your time but if you want to, you could email me and we can talk about this later into development. My email is

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