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July 20, 2021
Left Behind - Dreams Of The End by WakingOfSkyTree
Featured by Moonbeam13
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Left Behind - Dreams Of The End


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This is a piece of concept art for a game project I've launched on Kickstarter. It's going to be really abstract and dreamlike.

I'd really appreciate if you could take a look -
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AngieImagines's avatar

Absolutely lovely work you have on this account! Adore the blues and purples used in this piece as well as the textures! Somewhat eerie and ethereal and I love it!

FractalCaleidoscope's avatar
Great Work Dino

Spectacular, your skin crawls up. I love it ;)

XevulStories's avatar

Dang really like your art. I also have to say part of me was thinking "this would be a neat animated monster thing or enemy in a game but I don't know if that's even possible".

Then your description got me hyped so I'll probably be watching you like a hawk now lol.

WakingOfSkyTree's avatar

Haha that’s a pretty funny coincidence!

Toranium's avatar

OMG 😳 LOVE THIS PAINITINGGG. U did a great job. 💛💛. Btw, plz check my artwork. 😅 I hope we can chat sometime

WakingOfSkyTree's avatar

your art is fantastic!

Sylphiren's avatar

wow your style is really fascinating :)not something you see all the time. had a look at your game. good luck with it! looks beautiful!

WakingOfSkyTree's avatar

Thank you so much! I found you through your own game design. Looks really cool!

punanilovesass's avatar

dayum this is nicee

abpenandpaper's avatar

Been waiting for a remaster of LSD: Dream Emulator. You just don't see stuff like that hardly.

WakingOfSkyTree's avatar

I'm glad you picked up on that haha. I used some of that game as reference. It's cool to have on in the background whilst drawing

TheNuzComics's avatar

creepy i like >:3

TheKayeman's avatar

congrats on the DD!

LibTheOshawott's avatar

Its so cool looking!!

(I had a nightmare when i was a kid that i was being chased and killed by a monster that looked similar to yours)

Fluchtsalat's avatar

This is haunting, spooky and at the time calming and melancholic. You hit JUST the right spot!

Time for November to happen. :heart:


I cannot get it without a Credit Card? Too bad.

SaltedTheAvenue's avatar

shrike from Hyperion cantos?

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