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The eyes stare back. I felt hatred towards everything. With just one glare, the eyes shut. No one dared to look at me. And as I wept, they look with pity.

Then that figure, whom they call the "Mother of All", came to me. She heard my cries, and comforted me. I wanted to make her my ragdoll, my dummy to vent my rage. I had a clawing feeling to tear every essence of her as if I wish for her to die for letting me suffer.

But I can't.


Why can't I kill?

Just... why won't she cry? Cry, for all my pain? My hate? Why won't she cry when I try to torture her?

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Alone in heavy breath

I stumble across a light.

No thought of mental health

Now I see truth in plane sight.

I called but no answer.

I yelled but no answer.

I begged but no answer.

I felled but no answer.

Alone in front of many

I go with nothing to say.

As I turn back she smiled.

Then she show me the way.

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That was really interesting to read. I loved it. Thank you so much!

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Thank you :)

Your work is very interesting. To me it's the picture telling the viewer then the other way around.

If there are other characters of light in the background then the viewer can't be alone. I believe the light character is representing a monument of understanding and guide. That's why I add a nice ending to the poem. It's a fantastic piece, I love it, and you're welcome!:hug:

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You have no idea how nice that is to hear.

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This is simultaneously beautiful and sad, and the phrase "They will not answer me." is a nice creepy/lonely touch. Good job^^

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Thank you so much!

Your picture is nice and creepy.

a peaceful and lonely vibe

I should have said solitude-

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I like the contrast of value in this piece. It serves to create a comber mood, and further to create a sense of story. I got quite a 'lonely' vibe from the piece, and I appreciated the fact you managed to convey that vibe very well. Overall, nice work!

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very well thought comment xD

I agree!

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This is beautiful!!

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This is beautiful. You have a very unique style.

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mystically beautiful

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So pretty. I get a lonely feeling from her.

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