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This is a little bit different. Just a bit of fun. Not sure if I'll do anything like this again.
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Look at the gud bois

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Well i mean they were based off of Slenderman

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It's wonderfull, is like see a destroyed world.

if you want Minecraft to be a horror game

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you have triggered a panic attack. good job!Thumbs Up SPN

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This is terrifying and I love it

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Ender men vs V01D would be rad


Lol imma animate it

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thats really cool cant wait to see it

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Thx! I'm posting it on my youtube channel it's called Mangomationzzz! I haven't posted on it for a while because Im getting better at animation lol! I'm now pretty decent :v

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I like how you captured the endermen in your style, since it actually fits quite well. You managed to make them appear creepier than they do in the game itself. Great work!

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i can hear that noise.

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and I thought the they were creepy in the game they look even more now! great work by the way!

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Thank you so much!

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Niiicee :D

Would be awesome minecraft inspired horror survival videogame -nod nod-

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Darn, this is really spooky
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