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Character Designs

So, here's a couple of early ideas for the player character in my game. You can find out more here -

None of these designs are final. In fact the latest version actually has a hood and a moon on their forehead. Any ideas or critique would be much appreciated.
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I really like the antler design for 2 and 3, but the glowing horns of 4 made me wonder if maybe the character's appearance might change as the story progresses? Or perhaps as you unlock different abilities (hidden behind puzzles or as rewards for exploration) the details might change and adapt.

I saw--in the video you posted on the Kickstarter page--a chase scene with an enormous shadow monster and maybe as the player takes damage, the details on the antlers (flowers, vines, moss, etc.) might wither as your health drops, kind of a subtle way to show that you're in trouble (unless taking damage/getting caught just kills you outright xD )

The little birds hanging out on the antlers are really neat, too! Would they just be environmental entities that land on you occasionally, or do you have a companion that maybe flies to points of interest sometimes? They could even fly away, signalling danger whenever they're gone.

Just throwin' some ideas around. >v<

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Wow, these are actually really good ideas. They'd be a lot of work to implement but they could be really interesting. Withering branches to show your health is a really cool idea. Imagine the antlers grow another branch when you get stronger. It's not impossible but it means creating a system that can control these things which is going to take quite some time.

The idea with the bird was that you could take control of it to fly over obstacles and explore areas you couldnt get to on foot. For example flying over a river to pick up an item when you cant get to it on foot. Still working on this though.

I do love the idea of wild birds flying around and landing on your antlers.

Thank you so much for your ideas they're really useful

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Sorry to add more work x_x I can only imagine how much time making a game like this would take, but I'm glad you like the idea!

Ah okay! That make a lot of sense. I imagine that the grounded character would be left behind while the player goes off as the bird to do various things. Would the grounded character be in danger during these times? Like you would have to go and finish retrieving an item quickly or the other character would get caught or spotted by something? Just curious xD

It could be a little idle animation! Just stand around long enough and a wild bird nearby will come perch on an antler for a little while. Maybe the character would even glance up. Those are the kinds of little details I like looking for in games anyway.

You're welcome! If sharing the rambling thoughts in my mind helps, I'm more than happy to share xD

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Oh the idle animation is a nice idea! Yeah I've still got plenty of room to add and change things so getting more ideas is really helpful and I think will make the final game better. So I really appreciate any ideas even if they're not doable

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CE sam and dean shock

That ain't Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer, Sammy! Head for the Impala, then grab some holy water and angel blades .

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i think a combination of 1s antlers and 4s design would look really cool!!!! im sure whatever you do will be awesome tho :] maybe a color scheme change when they move to new areas, like theyre effected by the landscape n stuff

just throwing some ideas out there, good luck with everything!!!

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That's a really good idea. Maybe the antlers grow flowers in more happy areas, leaves in wild areas and they're dead branches in dark areas. Thank you!

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yeah!!!! ooo thats gonna be so cool, cant wait to see!

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You gonna keep just one version or the player will have the choice ? Did the main character have a name ? a power ? a background ? I LOVE THE ATMOSPHERE OF YOUR GAME !!!!! I really like the last one ! And for the first with the moon, he don't have color. I mean, the other have a special color, but the first no. He look kinda dead (plz don't be sad, it's my opinion, i don't wanna hurt you ;-;)

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As of right now I have one version of the player. It'd be possible to add other versions of the character with the way I have it set up. It just complicates things right now. I'm going to get a build of it working with just 1 character and then think about adding extra character options I think. In terms of the character it's supposed to be a bit of a mystery. Thanks! I appreciate your ideas and opinions I wouldn't be upset by anything.

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I really dig the antler design on the third character... and the little birdie on the first! The twigs on the shoulders give a nice twist too, like the collar of a cloak or something...

The idea of the almost glowing antlers in the last is cool too, though I would say a softer transition from the black of the head to the bright yellow of the antlers would be nice.

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yeah I'm really into the bird. The idea was that the bird would be able to fly around and show you areas you cant quite reach. I'm still unsure as to whether it'll work as I want it to. Yeah I think a fade from black to yellow would look way better. Thank you so much!

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I'm in love with these.. how to become this beautiful?

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I suppose you'll have to grow some antlers

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got it, won't be a big deal!

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I like the shape of the antlers of pic 3, and the glowing antlers and the chest bones in pic 4. And yes, the bird is a good accecoir, assecior? Ascissors? ... What a word. X( (Sry, I hate it to use a translator for every single sentence I write.)

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yeah I've got some ideas for the bird but they're still being worked on right now. Thanks for your advice though!

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I think you were trying to say accessory hshhshshhss

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Oh, yes, indeed. ^^;

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this just says something to me but i dont know what it is...

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