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At The End Of Everything

And stood there was nothing. And nothing was said about it.
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Old men of old ages have seen the end and the beginning.

An endless cycle for those doomed.

Why can't it just rest?

Why do we play its games?

So goes on the mumbling of a dead man, with people passing by, as they can hear the sorrowful voice. Not many can trust, but the heart will.

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The subtle use of solid lines here does so much. Excellent work!

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thats freakin beautiful

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This is super beautiful--is this watercolor? I absolutely love watercolor, so this is all the more lovely.

I've come to say thank you for the fave. I don't really understand why (it's not the best of my work), but thanks nonetheless. You're a pretty amazing artist and I love your style.

I will accept any critique or questions you may have.

Yours, Willa

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Thanks for your kind words.

I favourited your work because I love lovecraft and you make interesting things related to that.

Its actually digital sorry to ruin the illusion.
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oh, thank you! Yeah, the scripts an uphill battle (writing is harrrrd), but I’m trying my best to get the first episode out!

if anything, the fact that it’s digital is even more impressive, that it looks so ‘organic‘, for lack of a better word.

also, everyone says your figures are eerie or creepy, but I don’t get malevolent vibes? Like, if anything, I just feel a strange peace when looking at the,

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Well done with what you're doing. Keep it up. Yeah I feel like there's more of an ambiguity with the characters.

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