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Deviation Actions

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Recently I started to dig in more functions that DeviantArt could actually do.
And I just realize that it provides more ways to reach other people besides of commenting under others' artworks.
And this can be the first journal I am writing; I am even wowed at myself for this.

For the past year since I started using this site as the another location to share artworks, I merely post and do update about artworks, and nothing more.

I kinda feel that such idea might sound really awkward, but as for me, time is the primary factor that make me decide what to do in almost everyday.

Since I get other things needed to do to keep my life go one smoothly, or I will just stick myself in front of the computer all day long.

And the fact is, I can't.
So once again, I have to make a combat against the time, including making myself do updates on every site I started regularly.
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Do you post on other platforms beside Deviantart? La la la la 
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Actually, I did, including major social sites like Twitter and Instagram.
I guess I can be a pretty silent user on DeviantArt.CURSE YOU! 
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Can you share me the links? La la la la