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Walk on Water



🎶Do you believe that you can walk on water? Oh, oh🎶
🎶Do you believe that you can win this fight tonight? Oh, oh🎶
Sorry, wrong channel...

Anyway, Kanmusumes get bunch of new terrains to get to used for, so Protosses would be no chance to an exception as well.
With light equipment, Kawakaze, Tokitsukae and Hibiki would going to tell them how to "walk on water".
"Like this, you can have your balance better while moving toward. Right! You are doing so great! Artanis! You bet to be a quick learner!"
"But still the balance handling is a difficult task for me."
While Kawakaze was in aid of helping Artanis to do her training, Alarak seemed to had gotten to used everything already.
"Water-sailing training? What is that? Can't you see it is obviously unnecessary to do such kind of lame training? See this, and you shall understand it."
Then, Hibiki just saw Alarak easily casted a "destruction wave" on the sea without breaking a sweat.
"I mean... does she really need our help to defeat enemies...? Since we have same enemies though..." Hibiki whispered when she saw a gigantic red waves toward far far away, blowing anything away.

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So cute! Alarack is so funny!