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After decided the location for people to sign up the Gaming World Championship, Noire then saw somenoe standing at the place, seeming to wait for attending the competition.
"How to put it... I feel odd about this girl."
Compared to Noire, Vert tended to entrust this multiple-pony-tailed girl as a qualified participant, because it shows the place which called Earth was still populated with people who have keen taste about digital games.

"I suppose it won't be a trouble to have Gamindustri gain additional shares and more immigrants."
Still, Noire thought the participants should fit some standard criteria, like gaming experience, to be qualified as the contester, and to win the competition.
Plus, such criteria should come to be considered as participants would not cause troubles to Gamindustri and, most importantly, make the sponsors have faith in their investment.

"Well, I agree to the importance of setting up the criteria, but by looking at her face, I don't think she is some amateur you would have to worry about."
Perhaps Vert held different opinion from Noire, she still consider holding a competition would be a fresh way to dig out the reason why Earth would get connected to Gamindustri out of blue.

"Well, since there's finally someone who can help me complete enrolling, shall we start now?"
"We can help you with that, but I think you're failed to know the competition should be signed up with a group."
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