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Usalia is the Overlord and the current leader of Toto Bunny Netherworld. After some yellow prinny exploreres find new underground resources, curry, on the planet earth in Human World, she decides to assemble a mining unit and establish a transport route to carry curry back to her Netherworld.

The character is first introduced in the third project, "Curry Revolution".
The convoy unit gets robbed and attacked by local bandits from time to time, then, she meets S. Civur and other kanmusumes to ask for well-paid armed escort.

By tagging along with these people, Usalia gradually learns the fact about curry's versatile usage, and starts to wondering what else can't curry do.

★ The thought about "Spiritualization":
"News said that the recent Prinny population get decreased dramatically, I think the spiritualization has something to do with it plip?"

★ The thought about "Kanmusume":
"I never meet some people just like them plip! They are pretty strong, and wear fancy clothes as well! I wonder if they're actually undercover from the Netherworld or not?"

★ The thought about "Gisou (exterior mounted combat equipment)":
"It is amazing to look at those big weapons and tools. There might be some classified secret to help them keep in shape and powerful strength plip."
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