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The Fallen of Heptaobelisk

Battlecruiser, Prinz Eugen and Hibiki engaged in the exploration inside the mysterious Heptaobelisk, and successfully recovered the relics, which was believed to be highly possible to be relative to the cause of massive spiritualization phenomenon.
On the way of their adventure, they also met Amatsukaze, who was trapped in the Heptaobelisk and failed to get out on her own.
And thanks to Amatsukaze, their progress proceeded even smoothly by locating the right chamber for preserving relics.
However, as Hibiki tried to put the last piece of relics into her backpack, some triggers were activated by removing it on the alter.
"... I really don't like this..." said Hibiki with a slightly sigh.
On the next second, ground they stepped on, and the ceiling all got shaking violently like earthquake.
Battlecruiser located the nearest exit by her scanner, and led the rest of people toward it with the shortest route.
Even so, the speed of collapsing still got a little bit faster than she expected.
"Come on! Faster Amatsukaze! Aren't you the sis of Shimakaze? Where's your speed-in-proud goes?"
"Even you say so...! But these shoes are not for moving on the ground!" 
It was all because of that pair of high-heels, putting Amatsukaze into great danger again and again. And for most times, she were nearly on the edge of death due to massive explosions.
"Why don't you use 'Tactical Jump' to send all of us to the exit?" as Prinz Eugen saw that she can move instantly to save Amatsukaze from danger, she though that a longer distance move might be available as well.
Of course she had came up with that way, but thanks to Amatsukaze, again, she just noticed that her energy was not enough for long-distance jump.
"Gosh... I can't believe I just made such a mistake."
And Battlecruiser knew that, she must take back all them safely, or...

Looking for the larger size? Here you go! (Pixiv)

And the video for working progress is here:…
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Seriously, just take the high heels off! Really nice picture! I love Battlecruiser's expression.
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Yeah, I think that would be the best solution by doing so.
And thank you again for giving comments on every work, I really appreciate it.
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I would be!
oh, it's always my pleasure! And thank you for saying thank you!