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Taigei is the submarine-tender-class kanmusume who is primarily in charge of weapon and food supplies.
Since being called submarine tender, the fact is that she takes care of entire fleet's daily meals.

The character is first introduced in the third project, "Curry Revolution".
She is the cook in the small camp called Endour, which is built by her and other kanmusumes to served as the trading checkpoint.

As the last order received from the admiral before the reunion, she works on growing crops with the fertilizers mostly made from underground curry, and works with other kanmusumes to reestablish the broken trade routes responsibly caused by Zergs and Abyssals.

★ The thought about "Spiritualization":
"May I take it a chance to meet more friends?. I mean, I understand spiritualization is not natural, but if we can work together, I believe we can find a way to recover the damage."

★ The thought about "Kanmusume":
"Could it refers to us? I guess it is a name to describe what we're doing. Sorry... I haven't think about this so serious before."

★ The thought about "Gisou (exterior mounted combat equipment)":
"Oh, so it must be the tool I am using right now right? I am just curious could the cooker could count as gisou as well? Since I am using it pretty frequently."

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