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Red Gangsters



They may not call themselves gangsters, still, their formidable existence may have become something above that level.
And because of their outfits and red glowing eyes, the nickname "Red Gangsters" is named after by people living on Earth.

Unlike last time they arrived, Alarak visited Earth along with her tribe members only.
"There's no reason for Artanis and that little scientist to accopmany us this time. We're on out own, as the Forged."
Even Ju'tas had no complaint about Highlord's absolute decision, but the days without Inmie could be alittle bit boring.
"So, what're we going to search for on Earth this time?" asked Ju'tas.
"The origin of spiritualization, and the path behind it."

They had learned the result of spiritualization is simply impossible to be reversed. That is, the Void Energy only put it in active, so putting back the Void Energy to the Void could only stop spiritualization from going berserk and growing to a even larger subject like planets or stars.
Karax called the infintie spiritualization, "The Devourer of Worlds", which assumes the spiritualization could lead to the entire universe to be "eaten" by itself eventaully.

"The path behind it... Highlord-sama means we're here to learn how to utilize spiritualization?"
(It may be difficult for people who affected by spiritualization to notice, but it could also affect one's talking habit, like giving a sufix to someone he or she highly respect; for example, the words like "sama")
"It is an undeniable fact I have a hard time to get used to the all of these unreasonable outfits, still, as long as the fact remains, we have no other better options but to grow accustomed to it faster than anyone else."
"I see... so that's why we pick this pink-haired kanmusume with us, right?" followed the explaination by Alarak, Ju'tas soon realized the plan was to start a open competition against most kanmusumes' current commander, Wanges.

"I don't have anything to against admiral, but if I can learn something from these protosses, I suppose this is the best poistion I could ever have." said Harusame, as she was checking her new outfit created by Alark as the new member of Tal'darim.

"Just to let you know, even though our Highlord allows this on her own, it doesn't means you are a Tal'darim, so know your position." said Havoc, as she stood by Harusame's side with a threatening-like voice.
"I know, I am here because I am your cook, I'd do the thing I should, and nothing more." Harusame calmly replied with a slight smile.

Harusame knew if gaining full understanding about spiritualization was all Alarak wanted, then their may be a way to settle this down.

"By the way, do you know there's a world cup is held on this planet right now?"
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