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Kantai Union vs. Disgaea: Curry Revolution



Hello guys, sorry for the late update, and this time, in "New World System Vol.3", I give you crossovers from three titles: Kancolle, StarCraft, and Disgaea.
Different from previous story, "Into New World", this time, I introduce spiritualized Terran units, and focus on their interactions with Kanmusumes and Demons from Netherworld.
With the subtitle, "Curry Revolution", I suppose some of you might be able to figure out how crazy this would be: and still yes, the unique editable resources, curry, shall play a vital role in rebuilding in the afterworld of the planet Earth.

The mysterious enemy, Abyssal, is believed to be defeated by the alliance of spiritualized Protoss and Kanmusumes (a.k.a Kantai Union); however, how actually does spiritualization work, still remains unknown by now.
And the gate toward a world underneath, suddenly get opened out of the blue, bringing the clues to the answer of spiritualization and the way to rebuild mankind civilization.
Moreover, Kanmusumes have their unexpected reunion with the Admiral Wanges, who is believed to be killed because of protecting her subordinates many years ago.

Shall this indicates the coming of another storm? or the key to hold the prosperity once again?
By digging out the curry buried deep down the earth, the answer should be uncovered, one by one.

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Wow, super awesome! La la la la 
How long does it take to make this great art work? Nuu