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Hyperdimension vs Kancolle n StarCraft



🔔When the grand gate opens... a game shall start.🔔

After six months since the leaking Void Energy has been sent back to where it should be, the results, like spiritualization, still mysteriously remain.

There are some people even believe that the convenient resources, rock curry may have something to do with the remaining Void Energy left on Earth; just like the way radioactive materials do to other objects.
Still, curry shows a clear passage to people and kanmusumes to recover their legacy in a faster and more efficient way. When the fact stands, less of people tend to take curry as something hazardous.

Then, just soon after the electricity has headed back to people's life, the first TV ad is broadcast from the another world, and is believed to be broadcast via satellites.
"It looks like a digital game competition! Sounds fun!" said Tokitsukaze. 
"You want me to believe it is nothing more but a normal game, well, never in a million years." said Battlecruiser, as she pick up a flyer on the ground with the same information about the same game competition.

With this mysterious game held by some people who called themselves "Goddess", Battlecruiser suggested they should do something now, even it may be a trap.

The competition allows everyone who is aware of the game to take part in as a competitor, but not participate in individual, "group" instead. And the group members should be at least 5 people.

And the winners can hold their tickets to become the official residents in Gamindustri.

"We don't even know about this 'Gamindustri' or what they want from us, how could we just believe in just kind of suspicious invitation so easily?"
"Protoss, Zerg, do you think there's anything that we have knowledge about one of them before we met them? uh?"
While Hatsuzuki was strongly against it, Kawakaze seemed to be looking forward to it.

"Are we in or out?"
Hibiki looked upon Wanges, and wait for the order to make the next move with the calm face just like she always did.

"Well, I think..."

Meanwhile, Alarak, the Highlord of Tal'darim, once again head back to Earth on her own to investigate and study spiritualization with her subordinate warriors.

"Why I feel something bad's about to coming..." 
Not to mention, Yamakaze had already been clearly aware of the arrival of Highlord.

Till now, I've created five volumes (incl. vol.0) during these years in New World System Series (please refer to second picture I attach), and like always, I design the representative logos and logotypes to express the image about the story. (I even make the metal pins with these logos I create)
Now I'd like to stick to the half-annual plan to finish New World System Series with a regular update pace.
There're lots of crazy ideas I'd love to share to you via illustrations and narrating, still, time always gets me before I can do more.

Well, I suppose all I have to do is to carry on.
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