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Hibiki is the destroyer-class Kanmusume and participated in the war against Zerg's Shelter.

The character is first introduced in the first project, "Into New World".
After received the message from the admiral, Hibiki devoted herself into "collecting" spiritualized individuals to find out the possible reason to cause spiritualization.

Unlike her other three sisters, Hibiki tend to talk less and use action to convey her thoughts.

In the third volume, Hibiki started to understand the connection between spiritualization and underground curry while she was tagging along with Odin.

★ The thought about "Spiritualization":
"Teitoku told me that to know the reason is the way to carry on the job. So, I do studies, and travel with many different kind of people. I suppose this might help."

★ The thought about "Kanmusume":
"I don't know how's my sisters, since I haven't seen them for a long while. When I am alone, it gives me time to think more about something else. Maybe teitoku may think about the same thing."

★ The thought about "Gisou (exterior mounted combat equipment)":
"My combat equipment, very important. Teitoku told me that I have to learn how to repair my gisou when it suffers from some breakdowns. I suppose I know why now."
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