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Graf Zeppelin

By Wakaura
Graf Zeppelin is the German standard carrier-class kanmusume who is capable of building aircraft instantly with blueprint cards in her waist packs.

The character is first introduced in the third project, "Curry Revolution".
As being not to be leaded by Wanges, Zeppelin need to find out what's going here with an American battleship-class kanmusume named "Iowa", who waked up with her on the same uninhabited island. 

★ The thought about "Spiritualization":
"I suppose I never have a chance to think about it, since all I was doing before is nothing but missions. Now with the plenty of time to think about it, the name 'duty' may fit it best."

★ The thought about "Kanmusume":
"It is like a job, but only requires more born talent to take it. As long as I am here, the duty would not meet its end."

★ The thought about "Gisou (exterior mounted combat equipment)":
"Not to mention I have referred to Akagi's to create mine; still, mechanism improvement shows the fine works of all."
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