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At first, I thought if we tear down the plan from that Overseer, everything would go back to normal.

"I don't know Yamato senpai... the word 'normal' somehow become more and more unrealistic for me; so unreal like I can meet my idol in such kind of real life... oh... I even don't know which side is the real life acutally..."
Battlecruiser said with a blushed face, seemed to be drunk for a bit.

"Well, I think I may not be able to fit the word like idol, and perhaps we should stop drinking for a sec."
"Nah, let me drink, please, it is the only way I can say everything out without being clouded by
a single slight doubt."
Since being together with Yamato, Battlecruiser found herself have no such a free chance to sit down with her idol and have some heart-to-heart chitchats.

And when Battlecruiser get drunk with her favorite Kalimotxo (a drink with equal parts of red wine and soda), the way she talks became slightly different.

"Do you know why I name my special move after your name? My respected Yamato senpai."
"I guess you're about to tell me."
"It is because you are the complete exemplary image of 'power', 'absolute control' and 'conqueror'."
"I think I wouldn't go that far... but thanks? I guess... haha..." Even Yamato couldn't tell whether these words are for praises or not.
"Nah nah, senpai, you should be more confident about your born-natural and incomparable qualities. That's why I always dream about being someone just like you!"
Battlecruiser finished another glass, then suddenly burst into tears.
"But! I cannot accept my body to be like this! I mean, I am not tall, and my breast is small too! If God does exist, then this is the most ridiculous joke that he has ever made about me! (sniff) I am all the way far from being a flagship or a woman... oh uh..."
Even Yamato fully understand that Battlecruiser adored herself from the bottom of heart, but there are some details that she had not heard before now.

Meanwhile, Wanges was told by Akashi they supposed to be in the abandoned bar, so she came to the bar to task them with the bandits supression mission.
"Ah, there you are... um?" By noticing the atmosphere, Wanges soon decided to tell them later.

"I suppose it is impolite to interrupt girl's confession time, then I would come back later."
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