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Black Ops

After the reunion with Admiral, the first mission brought by her would soon be launched.
According to the briefing, the mission was to infiltrate a food processing facility located at Viscardo coastline industrial area.

As to Odin, the name "Viscardo" was nothing but a familiar name to her: she had lived here with other people for months before joining the Kantai Union; and that was why Admiral picked her as a member of this investigation team.
"Remember, all we need to do is to investigate the facility: what they do and how they do. Further actions would be strictly forbidden. It's that clear? Especially you, Odin."
"Crystal." Odin replied with a mysterious confident smile, which could really make Admiral unable to easily trust her.

Still, as the mission was claimed to be pure investigation, Battlecruiser noticed that most of the team members, including herself, were all specialized in firepower:
"Odin, are you sure that there are heavily armed guards around here?"
"Before I leave, I teach them how to do combats, along with making weapons for their safety, so yeah, if they turn against us, I believe there might be some blood to shed."
"Blood... I don't like that... hope there are still Odin's friends plip."
"Well, I think I wouldn't call them friends little bunny; and I guess... they may not call me so either."
"Okay girls, chatting time is over, now let's take a picture here for the documentary purpose."
The team of five lined up in front of the minicam on a tripod, ready to begin the mission.

"By the way," Usalia then noticed there was one more thing that surly bothered her since planning the mission:
"Why we all have to literally dress up in black? I know it's called Black Ops, but why plip?"
It seemed that Admiral was waiting for somebody to ask this question for a long time; however, the short answer still kept Usalia being confused:

"Well, I guess that's because I like black?"

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