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Wanges Diary: Jul. 7th 2541.

"Heard of the word 'Curry Generator' before? Well, if you don't, you should be now.
We use these generators to power most electricity components: from a little light bulb to gigantic mining cranes. Sounds crazy right? Well, I actually feel so when I first look at it.

By understanding the underground curry (a.k.a. rock curry) gets its fuel cycle being similar to nuclear one, now we need to be more cautious as we deal with it.
Since rock curry only come to be edible within a certain period of time, here's what we've managed to know about this mysterious brand new resources by now:

The fresh rock curry is highly flammable and has no averaged taste to call it "food" at all.
Well, I don't want to write how it taste... anyway, pretty awful.
The curry in this stage we call "raw curry", which is a contrast to its next stage.
After the curry keep staying underground from 3 to 6 months without getting dug out, it would turn out to be ripe and ready to be served on the table. 
And yes, we call it "ripe curry".

I remember it took me lots of time to convince Amatsukaze the curry in this stage won't explode in her stomach by any chance, and of course, it tastes superb. But she seemed to be the way too petrified after Tokitsukaze blew out an entire well-dug curry well on the other day.
But it's a fact that raw curry can be the material to manufacture weapons like nitroglycerin; that's why I kinda worried about the reason for Odin to reach rock curry.

The ripe curry would then come to its final stage after another half a year, averagely.
But if it is kept not properly, the length of the time would be dramatically shorten to a week. And because the curry in this stage is not longer edible and become harmful to human bodies, so we call it "expired curry" just like every kind of food.

Speaking of expired one, it comes to remind me that Kawakaze once hid the curry under her bed just to ensure nobody would know it.
Just imagine the thing that is supposed to be stored in the icebox or something like that get taken out too long, then you would know that stupid Kawakaze got a serious stomachache after she ate up all of it.

So, mysterious curry with its three stages story, leads us to a possible passage to the better future. 

For a moment I'm afraid of these girls would take me as traitor because I take the liberty of sending them to the future with those hibernation machines. But after I see them, I know there's no time and space for regret.

With I am here now, I shouldn't let them down, and more importantly, I cannot let the world down.

Wow, that's quite a way of saying right?"
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