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On the next crossover project, Alarak would once again join the latest New World Series (Vol.4) and bring out a great challenge toward others.

It seems that this time we have something to do with "games" and "game consoles"?

I suppose such clue could give someone a clear picture about what I'm going to create on the next half a year.
Alarak is the highlord of Protoss tribe Tal'darim, who obtains her position by a traditional duel system, Rak'shir.

The character is first introduced in the first project, "Into New World", and would be one of the the main characters in upcoming fourth crossover project, "Sergeant Witch".

She think the spiritualization makes her look ridiculous, still, the advantages brought by such phenomenon make her think even more forward, and willing to find out more about the power hidden in it.

After learning the body she currently has gets something to do with Void Energy, she hunt Abyssals, and trace the people who possess such energy, in order to bring herself a formidable and unshakable position to lead the entire Tal'darim.

Now with the grand competition holds by several "Goddesses" on Earth, Alarak once again head back to this blue planet, and seek for unleashing the true form of spiritualization by attending this competition.

★ The thought about "Spiritualization":
"I may call it an undeniable power hidden in the hideous face."

★ The thought about "Kanmusume":
"Saying these human beings are responsible for spiritualization? Huh, of course it's them. Just who else would come up with such ludicrous trick?"

★ The thought about "Gisou (exterior mounted combat equipment)":
"So this is how Void Energy get stably stored in the material universe. Pretty interesting. Last time I miss the chance to decommission these human girls, now I won't miss it again."
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If Alarak had a human daughter this is how she would look like
(by the way your arts with human girl Alarak are amazing :3)