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A strangely artistic nigga who does art for a hobby. Hiphop lover, gaming enthusiast, Waka Damon.... bitches....

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Osamu Tezuka, Hayao Miyazaki, Jack Kirby, Akira Toriyama, Naoto Ōshima, Goichi Suda, Suzuki Kenya, Yoshitaka Hatakeyama, JO Yongseok, Yongje Park, pretty much anyone, but Depends!
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AVATAR, Citizen Kane,but depends
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Bob Marley and the Wailers, LJones, Nujabes, Flying Lotus, Action Davis, Etheral Universal, Crush 40, Eyeshine,Third World,but honestly depends
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BIBLE, Last Book In The Universe, but depends
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Sonic The Hedgehog, Contra, Street Fighter, Popful Mail,Any awesome game really
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depends, I love all,but maybe PC
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Can't pick one but, My Pencil,or scanner, maybe Game Maker
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Game designing ,story writing, anime and manga creating
I work 7 days a week, have mercy on me for not being the fastest responder... sorry.
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pulmonox drew Laura... Im happy
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[2021] 24 Comic Pages in 24 Hours Announcement


im so sorry, bout everything

Hey, Waka. I've been doing a little behind lately, and a little sad because I got laid off recently. The good news, because I did quit that instructional design program. In return, I have to let go to my student jobs because you can't have a student job if you're not a student. A week afterwards, I got laid off of my graphic design job because they're previous graphic designer came back, lol. So I was in a bit of a bind, but the local community college that I currently tutor for is giving me as much work as they can, because they're absolutely awesome people. One of the middle school specialists they're told me "things find a way of falling into place to become a tournament solution, Buu." she's referring to how I'm always trying to grasp for the next step, but in reality, something's just fall into place instead of me trying to manipulate it into place. That type of concept is unfamiliar to me, but she talks about how she ended up as a middle school specialist despite having a pretty solid job at the University. She just really loves it.

Thus, because of the unfamiliar turmoil for a bit, I decided to look back at my old planners or things that inspired me. There was this one planner with the brand "Premier" can always have these really inspirational quotes and will tell you things like, make sure to rest today. Resting is important so that you can make logical and official decisions for the next day. Or sometimes, the plan would take out a full page to ask me what my goals are. You would ask me to rate how well I'm listening to people randomly during one of the weeks. It was a really well designed planner. I finally looked at the brand, since I last got one for free from high school, and they only sell to schools and in bulk.


A lot of younger people will get career advice and everything, but what about the older people? Some of us haven't figured it out yet. Even when you're 72 years old, it would still be nice to have some of that encouragement. So I decided to buy the planner despite having to buy it in both. It cost $43 just to get 10 copies of the most recent 2021 to 2022 planner. They said they only saw it in bulk and they don't sell it singles. However, literally about 3 days after the large box came into the mail, I saw on Amazon that they opened up the same 2021 to 2022 planner for just $11, lol. CURSE THEM. CURSE THEM FOR NOT EVEN KNOWING THEIR OWN FREAKING BUSINESS MODEL!

Anyways, your advice under this comment really helps me. I accumulated it in addition to talking to other people. It really was the best decision. Even though it put me in a bit of a questionable position, especially since I got laid off afterwards, what that middle school specialist said was important. Something's fall into place. But there needs to be some momentum or push to make it happen. And that has a lot to do with the person who lives the life. Anyways, just wanted to say thank you for your advice! A local schools have finally opened up vaccines for younger people now! What about you in your local area? Hope you've been doing all right!

JEEEZZZ It always takes me forever to get to this! Im sorry!

Anyway, im sorry to hear about the laid off part, I kinda feel guilty now, but im glad ur still having such a level view of things.(I can only imagine the amount of times u were cursing my name when stuff didn't look so good lol)

As for the topic of this falling into place...this is a lil tricky, because you could end up pushing where u needed to pull and vice-versa. So this is a puzzle. I'd say you need to press in areas that won't flare up in ur face. Helicopter parent ur future, Im basically saying. Always let ppl know that ur work life going forward is about as stable as a stack of dominoes and about as visible as how you can see the back of your own head. You are walking to a pot of gold in the dark...with thorn bushes

I know im being very abstract, but im taking into the account that the local community college won't always have work for you or it might be too few and far in between.

You should also find low-key, temporary, one off graphic design jobs on the side that won't effect the path you going now.

Alright, bless up...talk to u later.

also...if u drink coffee...lay off of it...drink tea. You need ur brain working naturally not pushing itself.

WAKA, I NEED YOUR OPINION RIGHT NOW AT 1:00 A.M. CST. I DO NOT ENJOY MY INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN DOCTORATE PROGRAM. I'M INTERESTED IN INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN, BUT I AM NOT INTERESTED IN BEING TAUGHT IN SUCH AN UNINTERESTING AND UNDER STIMULATING WAY. IT HAS BEEN ABOUT 4 MONTHS, AND I'M JUST ABOUT READY TO PACK IT UP AND GO ON TO THE NEXT THING. HOWEVER, I HAVE A FULL TUITION WAIVER FOR THIS. THE DOCTOR IS ONLY 3 YEARS COMPARED TO OTHER DOCTORATES. THAT MEANS I HAVE 2.5 YEARS LEFT TO GO. ACCORDING TO MY ADVISOR, THAT'S NOT THAT MUCH. BUT HEY, I CAN'T EVEN DEAL WITH THIS UNDER A YEAR. THE PROS ARE GETTING THIS DOCTOR IS TO GET A DOCTORATE IN CHECKMARKET. JUST GET THE ENDING TERMINAL DEGREE TO SAY THAT YOU'VE GOTTEN IT. MAYBE IF I WANT TO TEACH HIGHER EDUCATION, I WOULD NEED A DOCTORATE. I'VE CERTAINLY CONSIDERED IT. BUT JUST ADJUNCTING IS FINE, AND I'M CURRENTLY TUTORING AND GRAPHIC DESIGNING, AND I QUITE ENJOY IT. HONESTLY, EVERY TIME I WANT TO WORK MORE, AND MY JOB'S ASKED ME TO WORK MORE, I TELL THEM "SORRY... I HAVE TO WRITE A DISCUSSION POST... AND THEN REPLY BACK TO TWO PEOPLE... AND WRITE 400 WORDS... ABOUT AN INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN THEORY... THAT I ALREADY KNOW ABOUT... THE LOWEST LEVEL OF BLOOMS TAXONOMY, JUST DEFINING SOMETHING... NOT EVEN BEING CREATIVE." AND I'VE TRIED TO REACH OUT TO MY COHORT, OR PEERS, AND THEY'RE SO ANAL RETENTIVE. NOT ONLY AM I NOT IMPRESSED WITH THE PROGRAM, IT DOESN'T SEEM LIKE THEY EVEN COMPREHEND MY CONCERNS ABOUT THE PROGRAM DESPITE ME VOICING IT, AND THEY'RE ALL ABOUT JUST GETTING THE GRADE OR NOT OFFENDING ANY TEACHERS. WHAT TYPE OF EDUCATION IS THAT, WHEN YOU'RE AFRAID TO GIVE YOUR OPINION, OR YOU'RE JUST GOING TO LISTEN TO THE INSTRUCTIONS WITHOUT USING YOUR BRAIN TO A CERTAIN EXTENT? I FEEL IF I WALK UP ON THAT GRADUATION STAGE, I WOULDN'T EVEN BE PROUD TO GET THAT DOCTORATE DEGREE. You know, I'm pretty good at knowing what's Good for me, and I usually do it. I guess I would really like a stranger who's unbiased to give the general okay or another point of view I haven't put into account. And I've certainly put into account that the program's doing the best they can, but it's honestly... If that's the best they've got, it's not enough for me. many of my cohorts said they're getting this doctorate for the pay grade... I don't even need that. I mainly chose this doctor because I felt I should go the highest I can. I don't even feel that high up doing these discussion post nonstop remotely. No synchronous sessions, no ability to really get to know my peers. No ability to get to know a friend. The people I have reached out to say they're busy, or they spend so goddang long on their homework assignments, four times as long as me, and their priorities are just different. School's not going to be 100% my life. And I kind of don't want to surround myself around people who think this is that serious. I know this is a lot, but it's a lot in my head, and it's best I write it down to someone.