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Kyoryuger logos/Symbols

Kyoryuger Brave Symbols:
PR Dino Force Brave/Kyoryuger Brave Logos/Symbols by Hari--chan

Kyoryuger Logos(old ver):
Kyoryuger Logos Symbols By Waito Chan-d6op8ej by Hari--chan 

EDIT: i fixed the Bragiga´s teeth.

EDIT 2: I updated all the logos.

They are free to use, all of them are fixed now. from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.
This is the list of the zyudenryu logos(Kyoryuger Brave ones are up too):

01. Gabutyra 
02. Parasagun
03. Stegotchi  
04. Zakutor  
05. Dricera
06. Pteragordon 
07. Ankydon
08. Bumpachy
09. Plezuon
10. Bragigas
11. Deinochaser
12. Deinosgrander
13. Kentrospiker
14. Stymero
15. Allomerus
16. Beyonsmo
17. Ovirappoo
18. Igeranodon
19. Tuperanda
20. Gurumonite
21. Archenolon
22. Pukuptor
23. Futabain
00. Tobaspino

And the Kyoryuger Symbol chest.
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so there isn't any Dilophasaurus one?

I think a loyal fan could make a Dino Acid Charger that has a Dilophasaurus on it!

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If that's the case, than forget Dilo, it would be "cooler" if there were a Cryolo

A dad joke? Really?

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Waiting for the American ver. of Deathryuger to appear on Dino Super charge soon. It's like a lottery to me. B-)
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spoilers he wont appear
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I'm so mad from hearing that news. Sorry,that was my response. -_-
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I remember when Kyoryuger was first announced. I was like "Dinosaurs again! Toei is running out of ideas", but as time went by, i startet to realise that re using themes had one big merit: You can do stuff that you didn't do before.
My biggest problem with Abarangers/Dino Thunder was that there were 5 Rangers and only ONE of them was based around a dinosaur that was not featured in Zyuranger/Mighty Morphin. The other 4 were based around the 4 dinosaurs from Zyuranger/Mighty Morphin, which was underwhelming to me as a kid watching Dino Thunder for the first time.
Luckly, Kyoryuger's vast array of Rangers opened a chance to see new dinosaurs and that's exacly what happened
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yes, they used the same theme 3 times and they succeed because the do the  thing you said "You can do stuff that you didn't do before."  the only thing i did not like was the less female sentai on them
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The Symbols Of The Dino Charge's Dinozords.
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Luckily only 11 of them had partners...if they all did then it would just border on ridiculous :p
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Working on Kyoryugers for Deinosgrander and Gurumonite, and I've hit a snag. Does Kyoryu Emerald have tentacles lining his helmet or does he have a beak with tentacles surrounding it?

I'm referring Kyoryu Orange as The Underworld Heroine and Kyoryu Emerald as The Abyssal Hero.

Both are INCREDIBLY creepy.
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10 are dinosaurs and the rest are only weapons, kyoryu orange does not exist  and kyoryu emerald not exist.
SeaofFallingStars's avatar
I know this. I am cooking up an AU fic where they do exist, but were horrendously injured fighting Deboss, so they had to spend a long time recovering. They join the fight around ep. 25.

The snag still stands.
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