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May 1, 2007
As someone who has made corsets before, I can tell you that they aren't the easiest thing in the world to make. It's a craft that takes a lot of mistakes before you are even able to make something worth wearing, sending lots of hours and money down the drain. But then there are people who know how to do it well, and then there are those who take it to the next level. Dragonslayer Chainmail Corset by *WaistedSpace is that next level as this artist pairs corsetry with chainmaille. Be sure to click the detail shot to see what makes this an awesome find.
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Dragonslayer Chainmail Corset

By WaistedSpace
The corset is custom-made and fully-boned. It is completely functional, and is overlaid with 4 sheets of dragonscale chainmaille (1 front, 1 back each side). Since this weave is very dense the sheets ended up 1/4" thick! Combined with all the layers in a corset, it becomes nearly 1/2" thick in places.

I wanted a very clean look for this corset, so I hand-stitched faux boning channels to secure the maille and hide the raw edges. This was the most time-consuming and frustrating part of the process, as it was very difficult to cleanly pass a needle through 5 layers of cotton and 1/4" of dragonscale. Close-up view

The rings I used were 16g 3/8" and 1/4" aluminum, nearly 5000 total. Even with the relatively light weight of aluminum, this corset still weighs over 5 pounds.

It took about a year to complete, and at least 200 man-hours - probably longer but I didn't keep track. 2/3 of the time was spent attaching the faux channels. Throughout the year there was one muslin fitting, one final corset fitting, and 3 fittings to be sure I wasn't going to stress the chainmaille once the corset was cinched.

The skirt, also custom, is a wool-blend fabric with color-matched satin lining. It doesn't happen too often, but in this case the color matched the rings *perfectly*. The styling is very simple, hanging straight from the hips with a dramatic slit at the side-front seam.

The matching jewelry is a pair of half-persian 3 in 1 earrings, and what turned out to be a very elaborate choker with a single spike in the center (more on the choker here)

I'd definitely like to try other ways of meshing corsets and maille, but I will probably never do it again in dragonscale because of the staggering time needed.
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ringranger13's avatar
This is wicked! Where did you get the boning?
Impybutt's avatar
This is absolutely stunning. :+favlove:
Ravenwings08's avatar
WOW. That is fabulous! I adore the color difference between the "top" and "bottom" layers of the dragonscale pattern!!!

That must have taken ages. 0.o But the resulting awesomeness is WORTH IT!!!
Amazing work! Good choice of rings for you maile.
TwiggViolencexX's avatar
Holy Crap This Is AMAZING
stenpett's avatar

I've never tried making a corset, but I have tried my hand at dragonscale, and that alone takes hours to make. There's no other way for this than to end up in my favourites!

Great work!
punkrockingfaerie's avatar
i'm wanting to do something similar atm , in a european 4-1 style, for a university project, not as detailed as your's (im not that good lol) i was just wondering if you could give me any tips or hints that may make it abit easyer for me or to let me know what to watch out for

but i have to say this is just wow !! and it looks so damn good to
WaistedSpace's avatar
I'd say the biggest thing to remember is to make sure the maille doesn't pull apart when you cinch it up. I'd be weary if you're short on time though, because it takes a lot of tweaking to get everything to sit just right. I've only done this twice and don't know anyone else who has, so there's not much of a template to follow other than persistence. Good luck :)
SerenityinChains's avatar

We are stunned by this corset - it's gorgeous!
xHeartOfLilithx's avatar
absolutely amazing!
Thank you. Of course, but this article will be in Czech language :)
Black-Feather's avatar
Hi, I writing an article about chainmaille and I would like to use photos of your creation. Can I? Of course referring to you.
WaistedSpace's avatar
yeah that should be fine, just show me the article when done :)
JeiThings's avatar
This is amazing! You really have got some patience :omg:
WaistedSpace's avatar
that was definitely the operative word for this piece! I look back and wonder how I followed through on it
Diglette's avatar
Holy hell. You have no idea the staggering amount of respect I have for you for attempting this project... and succeeding!!
WaistedSpace's avatar
Thanks and yeah this took some persistence for sure!
Diglette's avatar
Staggering amount of respect is now MORE staggering, now that I've actually tried dragonscale. Holy snap, it's time-intensive.
Hikitsuri's avatar
OMG as a fellow chainmailler and a seamstress i can really appreciate the time you took for this amazing piece.... congradulations
Tezcatlipoca29's avatar
Fine piece of work, there!
Wukkowrakk's avatar
Wow, this is truly epic! :eyepopping:
FaeTheWolf's avatar
Wow. Just wow. I don't even know what to say to this. It is just so intensely amazing. The amount of effort you put in... I am in awe of your work!
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