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Of Roses and Embers Preliminary Drawing

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A woman dances around a fire - her dress morphing into a rose while summoning a magical gale of rose petals through the flames. This privately commissioned piece depicts a story of motherhood, love and loss through the birth and destruction of roses.

Graphite on Paper - 9"x12" - Completed in 2018

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Stunning work, I love it :)
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I especially appreciate the high contrast of the piece which can be difficult to do with graphite (heavy hands).  The spirituality of the piece is absolutely brimming.  This is so very well done, thank you for sharing.
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Thanks so much for the comments! I definitely tend to be heavy handed on the graphite. I often end up with some burnishing (it's noticeable if you view it at certain angles in the light), but I love having the depth, so it's a balancing act...
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Very beautiful piece :)
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Unappreciated art right here. Thus needs recognition
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Excellent work Rebecca :D

Is this going to be a painting?
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Thank you! I definitely hope to do a painting in the future. I have a commissioned piece I have to do for a band poster first, but my plan is to circle back around to this one when I can :)
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You're very welcome Rebecca :) Looking forward to seeing it!
 Eli Shane. Salute 
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