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Edward Isar by wagontamer, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

Tappity Tap Tap by wagontamer, visual art

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My Bio
Current Residence: ::Room V::
Favourite genre of music: ::Indie Rock::Trance::O.S.T.::
Favourite style of art: ::American Anime::
MP3 player of choice: ::iPod::
Favourite cartoon character: ::Jim Hawkins::
Personal Quote: "The world needs a soundtrack."

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
::Minority Report::V For Vendetta::Contact::
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
::Shiny Toy Guns::
Favourite Writers
Tools of the Trade
::Lots and lots of imagination!::
Other Interests
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:thumb39603458: Issue 001: Savage Paradise (I Of III) Issue Summary: After opening with flashbacks of Pulse's life as he grew up, Pulse washes up on the shore of Savage Paradise Island, where the goddess Arielle removes his memories to spare him the pain of them. :thumb39973094: Issue 002: Savage Paradise (II Of III) Issue Summary: Liz, a castaway on Savage Paradise Island like Pulse, becomes friends with him after he is forced to save her life, unlocking the beginnings of his new powers in the process. :thumb40720868: Issue 003: Savage Paradise (III Of III) Issue Summary: Liz and Pulse begin to form a kinship, only to have it shat
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Drawing Requests Update My apologies to those of you to whom I still owe "free sketches". I haven't forgotten you, but because I no longer use Flash for my art, it has taken me some time to make the full transition into Photoshop. I promise I'll have these finished before they've been owed for a year, though. =) 0.  (Reserved for SlothGirl (https://www.deviantart.com/slothgirl) )  - Lines - Any one of her characters. (100%) https://www.deviantart.com/deviation/41557861/ 0.  (Reserved for kitty-eared-girl (https://www.deviantart.com/kitty-eared-girl) )  - Lines - Any one of her characters. (100%) https://www.deviantart.com/deviation/41583643/ 1.  Donnis (https://www.deviantart.com/donnis)  - Lines - Donnis & Kiba Inuzuka (100%) https://www.de
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The big 19! Yep, as of 11:00 AM this morning, February 20th, I am nineteen years old! God, I feel old. :XD: There ain't gonna be a big celebration or anything, just getting together with some friends (I think Xael-Amari (https://www.deviantart.com/xael-amari) will be there) to celebrate, because this year my birthday also happens to coincide with the date for Mardi Gras. Imagine that, huh? Anywhoos, I'm not expecting any gifts from anyone (as usual) but I appreciate any happy birthday wishes. Or you could ignore me completely - no hard feelings. =) Thanks for all the wonderful years I've had here on DA, guys. Hope there'll be many more to come. Gaia Account FA Account AM
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Inviting you to a Tournament!

Digital World Championchip 2012!


I hope you enter *--*
Man,I wish you would come back.I really enjoyed reading your comic and I really miss reading it :(
I have a Invitation for you to join our Project "Digimon Neo"

Please Visit here : [link]

Hope you acept and like it ^^
And now first in 2011. Still wondering where you are. I hope nothing bad happened. :(
I'm a friend of wagontamer's in real life and I assure you he's alive and well. He just doesn't use Deviant Art anymore, though I've been trying for the past couple of years to coax him back online. His new art is quite a bit different from the stuff you see on here, but it's still pretty amazing. Also, he told me if he were to come back to DA, he would use a different account (for what purpose, I don't know).
Glad to hear he's doing well! ^^ I hope if he ever decides to share his artwork online again that we'll be able to reconnect. He was a good pal.
That's good to hear that he's alive and well. I'm not so much of a DA user anymore, myself, so I totally understand where he's coming from. If he does end up coming back to DA, I hope to know what his account is! I don't mean to be a creepy stalker but I like to think I don't forget, that's all. =P