Grown up Vanellope Von Schweetz pic in my blogger!

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  Suggested by Rabbids4life

 To get my blogger link Just send me your e-mail in a note. Don´t worry, I delete your e-mail adress as soon as I send the e-mail to you, I don´t keep any.


I can´t write the URL of my blogger here in deviantart... I was banished once, because it is considered a link to a porn site...

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awesome work as usual! have you ever thought of making a tumblr by chance or twitter? it seems to be where artist are migrating to. not as heavily regulated. so you wont need to email people all the time your blogger.

just a thought
here s  mine for example
I feel like i dont see you post as often, and if censorship is the problem, this isnt perfect but helps!

either way take care!
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sent me on my email then, your blogger
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Sent email address in note.
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I'll send you my E-Mail via note.
mine is
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Kinda suck you can't post some of work here :(
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I will sent it over note or note me the blogger.
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I sent my email over note 
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You can expect lots of spam in the near future.
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