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Hello guys!

Here with my friend Chochi, we have launched a charity pack in which his best works were animated!

We do this all for charity and these are struggling times and sadly, an extra income is necessary.

How can you access this pack?

Just with a little donation through paypal, you would be helping A LOT!

Here you will find:

-Chochi's best work animated with voice actors and sound effects:

-Mike and Petra, Lovely pets first sex scene, auntie Vixen and MORE!

-3 exclusive pics ONLY available in the pack drawn by Chochi himself! (A normal version, a nude version and the PSD of both!)

An example of my friend's work:

I would like to thank you all upfront!

Without anything else to add, I hope you enjoy this animated wonder and a BIG THANK YOU, This will mean a lot to me!

Paypal link (Once you donate for your pack, it will redirect you to a download link):


In case you don't have a paypal:

Price: 6 dollars

© 2021 wagnerf
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The Gumroad link leads to a "Page not found".

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What's the charity in question?

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Will there be voice acting?