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madame marsupial

Madame Marsupial fanpic, from the old cartoon "Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures". She appeared in the episode "The League of Super-Rodents".
I´m not sure if she was a villainess or not... But, it was funny to see her taking things from her pouch...

I normally don´t draw furry art, but she was so hot...!
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I remember seeing her in that episode and noticing she showed her purple undies ALOT!!
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ah man so good
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I knew she sounded familiar. Mighty Mouse... Good times...
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:love: You've done a great rendition of Madame Marsupial! I loved her in that episode!
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Thanks! Me too!!!
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Yeah, God bless John K. and Ralph Bakshi.

I know Madame Marsupial technically isn't a Spumco character, do you plan on doing anymore Spumco characters like this? They might look really good in your style.
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Heeeeeeereeeeee She comes to save the daaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy! (^-^)
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I dunno how I missed this one, but you did nice work here.
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She was a fantastic character, and you really did her justice.
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ela tem uma bolsa na barriga mesmo?
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Ah tinha sim. Parecia apenas a borda da saia dela, mas ela tirava coisas estranhas de dentro. As únicas imagens que cnsegui, foram uns screencaps...
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he he he he h ehe
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Excellent.....I remember this cartoon.
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OOooh she's a hottie! - I love her 'sly mischeivious expression :clap: Very fun pose too sah!
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Thanks!! She really looks great in the episode.
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I never got to see the New Adventures series, except for one episode. I hated it because they made Mighty Mouse into a moron. Also, they gave him an alter ego which he originally didn't have. He was always Mighty Mouse. I'm glad CBS killed that show when they did.
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There was two good episode with BAT-BAT and the Bug Wonder that were f-ing hilarious!

Here’s some fanart by another deviant [link]
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