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halloween 2010 2

I decided o draw another Halloween pic... Happy Hallloween...!
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(I don't hate this piece or anyone who enjoys it so please don't burn me at the stakes like an actual witch) Anyways it's kinda creepy not the art but the comments on this art piece are.
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absolutely, no problem.   I´m glad getting your comment.
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Disclaimer: I know this is older than most drawing: That is the sluttiest witch I have ever seen (but it's still unique)
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can you make more of massy dressed like this
Rowlo88's avatar
Sloppy As fuck
The-Satsui's avatar
sem comentarios docaralho!!!!
AngelsKarith's avatar
thats one lucky broom
kissofdead06's avatar
hahahaha looks like my cousin jessica ... hahahaha
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Great drawing, terrific perspective.

PiTY91's avatar
wow! :O nice views xd
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Make my dick happy
SomethingIGuess898's avatar
(Again I know this comment is old) But anyways was that really necessary?
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Nice to see a chubette bewitchily us.
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A pretty witch,been show in a very interesting way! :drool: The coloring also is superb! :D
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Halloween continues to be the best season for showing off some the best looking gals and finally a sexy witch to awe at, thank you sir!

Have to hand it to how natural she seems here and again those awesome angling skills of yours as you get a very nice shot of the busty figure of this girl, hey is this one of your own characters?

Regardless a nice touch on the carefree attitude with the bubblegum and even the way the stocking just hang out even on the tips of her toes, hats off to a damn nice piece man.

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Praise thy witches for thy skimpyness.

Great work Wag.
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Can't be comfortable sitting like that
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Wonderful! Great job yet again! :D
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Wagner, I do love the way you give them muscles in pretty much ever part of their body. But the way the broomstick's sitting in cameltoe must be uncomfortable.
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